I am so happy

I was just at target buying pokemon cards and i was looking at the trading card wall and there were these two little boys there maybe 5 years old 6 at the most and they were there with i think their grandfather. And i recommended a set of pokemon cards to them and the grandfather goes “Oh its another pokemon guy”. And me, a 22 year old man, looks at these little kids, smiles and goes “Oh yeah! Ive been collecting pokemon cards and playing the games since i was your age!”

The look on this child’s face. He looked like he had just met a rock star. He seemed so shocked and in awe and he looks at his grandpa and back to me as if this is the most incredible thing he’s ever heard. “I have a raichu card! A shiny one!” He’s trying so hard to impress me its incredible. 

I wait patiently while they pick out their cards before I get mine and as they’re leaving the grandfather shoes them off and the little one who was really amazed tags back a bit and goes “Bye bye pokemon master!” 

Im smiling so wide and Im almost in tears. There it was, suddenly his shock made sense. When i was that kids age all I wanted to be was that. A pokemon master. And this kid who is the same age I was when I got into pokemon was looking at me like i was the coolest guy in the world because he believed i was a pokemon master. Im still so happy because pokemon means so much to me. its such an important part of my childhood. And at first i was really over-flattered but after thinking about it i think this is really what it means to be a pokemon master, I know everything pokemon has to offer and I love it deeply and i can share it with anyone whether they’re 5 years old or 50 years old.

So here i am having achieved this childhood dream. thanks for telling me kid because im not sure i would have realized. 

Right before he left i told him “Be nice to your pokemon and do your best! Im sure you’ll be a great trainer one day!” 

And i think thats one of the best things thats ever happened to me. 

Also can I mention something I love in the difference in the intros? In the first intro everything is very bright, over saturated and sterile. All the characters are rigid, closed off and far apart.

In the new one? Everything is softer and warmer like a sunset ,with characters more relaxed (not batting an eye at Gregs shitty driving or Connie carrying a big fuck off sword) and interacting with each other. It feels softer and more like a community.

I don’t know if that was on purpose but I like it.


So… based of this nice graphic by expression-over-impression, i tried 2 do a little arty thing

  • im an abysmal photographer it looks cooler irl i swear
  • 3mm wide paper and black thread used 
  • its about 13.5cmx6cm so the microphone is about as big as my fingernail
  • …i tried

more notes about the thing if u clickk on the pictures

Rooting for “Boyhood”

Nathan Heller on Richard Linklater’s movie:

“Boyhood” had a budget of about four million dollars, over twelve years. There was no big Hollywood producer behind it; the movie had no major studio distributor in the U.S. Even if you don’t especially dig the film, you’re not remiss in honoring the standard its success has helped to establish in an increasingly moribund industry. It is no great thing to make bad profitable movies cheaply, and just a little more impressive to make good, cheap, and successful films. To make a cheap, high-profile, wildly popular movie that perfectly channels its author’s vision, though, is a creative superpower. Hollywood should probably honor that work where it can.

Photograph from IFC Films / Everett

ok also:
Murdoc generally doesn’t rly like kids that much. they’re annoying to be around and ruin everything with their sticky little hands
so when noodle first came around he was like I don’t want a damn kid in my band!!!!!!!!!
but she grew on him so fast and he was super impressed by her skills and she’s just rly fun and cool to be around so he was like ….okay this is The One Kid I can stand….
but he actually rly cares about her rly hard deep down and he always likes to do cool stuff when she was little
like he’d give her candy after dinner even tho she probably shouldn’t have it or let her stay up really late watching scary movies (that probably didn’t even scare her tbh)
and he rly respects her as a musician and everything bc she’s so talented and works so well in the band

and in turn some of Murdoc probably rubbed off on her like
‘noodle u haven’t showered in five days wtf is ur problem’
'hey that’s only a third of how long Murdoc has gone without a shower I’m trying to beat him’

You can now check out what’s in my camera bag over on the popular site Shotkit.

Recently my friend Sean told me about the site- I was impressed with its look and with a little bit of luck my submission was accepted. Shotkit is an updated take on an aspect of photography that has been around ever since someone pointed the second camera ever made at the first one and snapped a picture. Gear photographs have always been popular but what sets this site apart is its level of professionalism and quality. Not only are the images well done, placing links to purchase featured items of gear seen in the entires is a very clever way to help readers.  

The whole thing is run by Mark Condon, an Australian photographer who apparently has some very interesting memories from living in Japan.  You can read about his thoughts and plans for the site in a recent interview.   

(BONUS MARK CONDON FACT:  His mother was a stewardess for JAL in 1966- If you’re a Beatles fan you will enjoy this great story on his blog:  WHEN MUM MET THE BEATLES )

Thanks for featuring my Shotkit, Mark! 

The One With The Scrabble

Rating: T

Word Count: 2,879

This next part of the Tayvin Friends Series is a little late, and I apologize. But I also would like to announce that there will be three more after this, leading all the way up to the six-month mark of August. Stay tuned…

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a STRANGE MAN just impressed me

which takes a lot

we were walking back from the bus stop and this dude walks out from like a side road and starts walking a few paces behind us and then! bless his fucking heart! he crossed the street and walked on that side!!

its too bad that it wouldve been weird to thank him for doing that but emma and i both like immediately relaxed i appreciated it so much

artpharos  asked:

N for the character ask XDDDDDDD

First impression: I gotta be honest when I first played Black and white I felt sorry for the cabbage child but I didn’t get invested in the story until I replayed it shortly after. AND OH BOY DID I GET INVESTED
Impression now: The definition of a cinnamon bun, its been five years and I’m still not over that hippie cabbage. 
Favorite moment: N’s farewell; that scene makes me cry but its so well done and it brought out emotion so I do really like it
Idea for a story: N finally reunites with the Protagonist and they live together in a little home in Alola (Nintendo please put N in Sun/Moon)
Unpopular opinion: I can’t think of one
Favorite relationship: I love both Ferriswheel and Isshushipping.
Favorite headcanon:  N can’t really buy you nice things but he’ll definitely make you gifts like flower crowns and seashell bracelets (Credit to Pokemon-Scenarios) I also have a small headcanon that N loves it when someone plays with his hair or runs their hands through it ;w;