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i hate fuckboys as much as the next morally correct person does, but saying that "White people and men hold the power in today’s society" is completely ignorant and just proves that you're a pawn of the stupid media. so, yeah, nice job falling for the same ploy that you so seemingly hate. obviously you're trying to appeal to a certain demographic and CONGRATULATIONS, you have. soulless.

lol ok person

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Do you have any new thoughts about how the coming out staging will continue going now that they've released a single and it has this much attention?

No new thoughts. I thought they were aiming for an overall rebranding to an older audience (which a CO would be a part of), and music would be a very important part of that, so I was predicting a summer single. Still wondering if we’re going to get a good music video too. A CO can’t stand on its own, they need to rebrand to an older audience, which means they need music that an older audience would like.

The whole reason why they couldn’t come out before was because their marketing depended so strongly on appealing to the romantic fantasies of young girls, and Harry pushed as the face and depicted with an endless parade of women was a part of that. That whole marketing strategy has been undergoing some major dismantling.

They have a lot of attention on them and increased quality of press coverage, and we’ll see what exactly they choose to do with that.

  • what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:a RE2 Remake is imminent Capcom has been openly talking about it asking for our opinions and teasing us this is it y'all we're almost there it is so close I can smell RPD's station scent in the air can you imagine all the possibilities tho the best RE game in all its modern graphics and high resolution glory this is too much think of all the goodies we're going to get we're gonna revive all that awesomeness and the fans that didn't get the chance to play the original will see how perfect it is RE2 will be in the media again and everything will be beautiful and nothing will hurt and I just--

I don’t talk about this too much on here and I don’t want to make this post into a sob story so I’m going to keep this short. Basically my mom was permanently disabled in a really bad car crash 18 months ago. Since then, we’ve been able to get by and pay the bills while she was applying for disability. I even bought the house so we could get a lower mortgage payment that she would be able to afford on a disability check. However, she keeps getting denied by SSDI even though the doctors all agree she can’t go back to work and we are now scrambling to make sure she can pay the mortgage until her hearing to appeal Social Security’s decision (that’s in September – we’re in the home stretch).

This is where you could come in. My mom sells jewelry (similar to your local Avon makeup sales person) and she is having a jewelry party today with a 50% off sale on her entire inventory to get the money for next month’s bills. You do not have to be at the party to get this deal - just check out her inventory if you’re interested in jewelry – she has tons of different styles so whether you like big statement pieces, small understated pieces, or even pieces that can convert into different styles and be worn several different ways, she probably has something for you!

If you don’t like jewelry or can’t afford it, please reblog this so other people can see it and if you know anyone with a birthday or anniversary coming up, these are all at great prices and I know y’all love a good sale so check it out!



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So I few months ago I came across an ask you answered about going to med school. Someone said they didnt get good grades and didnt think they could get into med school and you shot it out of the water by saying if you're determined enough its possible because med school is for the stubborn and hardworking. And I wanted to say thank you, I gave up on med school because I didnt think I could make it, but I'm going through with it, so thank you so much for that message.

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Good on you, anon!! I’m so happy you’re going to give it a shot! :D

you know whats my ultimate dream, that i run into ot5 on a hiking trip on the side of the mountain and theyre actually fighting because emotions are still raw and i walk up and i ask whats wrong and niall mumbles something and liam kicks a rock and zayn turns away and harry and louis ask me to leave this is a private conversation but then i ask them again and this time its more calm and this time niall raises an eyebrow and zayn sighs and liam and louis and harry starting talking all at once and then i ask everyone to sit down well figure this out and so we all sit down on the side of this mountain and everyone has their say and more tears are shed and basically i counsel ot5 back together and within two hours everyones smiling again and we share a group hug thank you so much they tell me were so glad we met you on the side of this mountain and i say me too and hand them over my bill bc you know therapy doesnt come cheap and i really need to pay off these student loans

Destroy the idea that it’s lame to ask someone’s permission to touch them, that the question “May I kiss you?” is something to scoff at. 

Yes, being seized and swept up by passion is sexy, but having someone check with you to get an explicit okay, a clear signal of consent, before they touch or kiss or hug you, that’s just as sexy. That’s sweet and respectful and I will never think someone is lame for asking me that. 

I might say no, but truly, thank you for asking me. That means more than any kiss could.  

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i had a dream in which sega announced a remake of the shadow the hedgehog game and when i picked it up and looked at the box art it was this really dramatic dark drawing of shadow which was definitely done by you and i remember being like "holy shit thats chilli shes famous now god bless" your art is so rad its even in my dreams damn keep it up

i am literally smiling so hard i think this is the best ask ive ever received. thank you so much i really needed this today :’>

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I loved how much was said in the Descendants without being expressly said. There's a lot of subtleties I think people who diss the movie missed. The Villain Kids say A LOT about their home lives without saying it out loud. Their silence (even villains love their kids) and other off comments (where I come from it's prepare to die sucker) speak volumes. Even their dancing differs so dramatically to Aurodon. I think if people watch it a second time, looking for subtleties, it's really deep.

Yes its a really amazing movie. (I just finished watching it again lol).

There a lot of subtleties you realize the second time around. I realized that once I watched it the second time.

Like how much the Evil Queen’s behavior with Evie contrasts with the other kids parents.

The way the kids behave in general is a very expressive form of their home lives just like you said.

You realize a lot when Mal is suddenly so torn when Ben tells her she isn’t evil.

And when Ben and Carlos are talking the way he sort of trails off when laughing.

When upon seeing his Dad’s statue Jay says “Killer” and being the first one to want out of the room.

The whole thing is a very good way Disney expressed that love and nourishment is required otherwise people don’t turn out the best.

Mal is so disbelieving when Ben tells her he cares (after she realizes the spell is over). Jay is always for himself in the beginning and Carlos is generally very quiet and indifferent. He is used to be treated roughly so I figured that’s why he doesn’t pick fights very often or doesn’t work hard to get out of them. Evie (although its expressed her Mom loves her) is always copying her in everything she can. The girls SAID they were afraid of their moms sometimes.

The thing this movie showed was that 3 of the kids had awful parents. One of the parents wasn’t really that bad of a “parent” but a bad “person” .

I think that’s just as important to show that because people are bad doesn’t always mean they hate or abuse their kids or are bad parents. Descendants explains both things very well.

It touches on a lot of things that are important and what’s interesting is that it expresses it in such a way that kids will understand it better. Why? Because kids are very smart and receptive and if they don’t understand the whole concept they will slowly understand it bit by bit. A child’s mind works differently from adults and they pick up on more than they let on.

I bet some kids realized things in the story even we haven’t realized yet.

You need to have an open mind for new things. That’s what Disney teaches us doesn’t it ? 


anon its okay. just take a deep breath

i can promise you that you wont forget anything important. and youre going to be practicing the music so much you’ll unknowingly memorize it all. it helps especially if you hear the drum parts because for me i memorized all my entrances with the helps of drumline and pit. It’s alright if you arent playing your main instrument. There’s 4 bassoons as bass clarinets in my section now and they have to learn a new instrument AND memorize music AND learn to march.

it’s normal to be feeling this way, believe me :)

okay but but but best friend!!!luke calling you at two in the morning upset over life, and needing someone to vent to. “i just wish i was away from all this negativity and stress and back home with my brothers. and we could get a take away and watch stupid movies on netflix you know” he says from across the world. “luke..luke are you sniffling?” you ask. your phone starts to bleep and you look up to see luke fting you. “hey y/n, i just. i really fucking miss you and i just. i can’t wait to see you again” luke says with tears down his cheeks. you perk him up by trying to talk about what you two will do when your finally together. you dont even realize the fact that you end up dozing off, and before you know it its seven hours later to a message from luke saying “thank you so much for last night. i really do appreciate you talking to me and being there for me. youre my fucking homie😝❤️”


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you draw lovely chinese cartoons.

You f*cker //jokes

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Your art is so cool, I can not get over it. It almost makes me cry its so pretty and cute

;;w;;thank you so much!! But don’t cry pls!!

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Your kirugon!!! IS VERY!!!!! VERY CUTE!!!!!!!!!!! AND SMEXY!!!!!! I LOVE IT FEED ME MORE 

Smexy?xdddd Thank you anywayssss*feeds you more*

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r u a shotacon? like its totally cool, just wanna know cuz ur art is so adorable 

No I’m not xddd but anyways what’s the relation between drawing cute things and being a shotacon xddd?

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did u know that your art style is ammmmazzinngg and unique and super cute??? :D 

;;w;; thank you!!

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Have you heard about homestuck 

Yes I have uvu

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I seriously love all of your Killugon drawings, they are too freaking cute! Thanks for brightening up my dash with your adorable art style ^^

AMGGG thank you so much waahhhh >//////<

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Your art is amazing, and so are you :3 

SDaghasojfsad thank you <3333 This makes me so happy wahhhh

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I love your drawing style!!!!omg 

Ahhh I’m glad you do!! ;;w;;

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Aaa I just wanted to tell u that ur art is super cute!!!! The colors u use &amp; the little effects u add really make it pop &amp; ur style is v distinguishable!! Sorry for bothering (>人<;) 

Ahhh no you don’t bother me at all >////< Thank you very much! I’m so happy ;;w;;!!

Btw for anyone asking why they’re in ny, ingrid recently got a place there so she lives in both la and nyc (i forgot what video she talked about it in, but its on her channel somewhere idk) and she has mentioned that she went to ny a while ago for an extended period of time so she could discover herself and let this part of her come out so i think the fact that she’s in ny with hannah now is just the best thing ever.

Also im very sad that i missed the chance to see them. By one day. One freaking day!

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Also, Idk if people remember or if they were around during UAN & TMH, Harry was close to the fans and everything, but his interactions were limited because he'd be so engrossed with Louis, or the other guys. I think its nice he interacts with fans.

As much as the boys love each other, when they step on stage that’s part of their job and interacting with the audience is a job Harry takes really seriously. He flourishes under it. He loves it. Every once in awhile he taps in to what the others are doing but he wants to make a stadium concert as personal as possible.

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Its like u predicted this. Yuu wanted mika to drink from his wrist but mika ends up losing control and drinks from his neck.

Oh my god……………. You’re right……… I don’t know how to feel about this  i’ll just lie down on the floor  and stare at the spoilers  some mo r e