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Any of the Whatpumpkin team going to be a Katsucon next year?

beats me but i know i wont. I don’t really like conventions! i only go to AX because its like.. i always have a friend in town who is staying at my place who wants to go so i have to go with them. i dont even buy a ticket.

twitchcon is happening like less than a mile from my house and one of my favorite streams will be there but i am absolutely not going lmao. 

though if anyones in town i’ll let them buy me a drink.

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Honestly one of the #1 ways to get me intrigued by the story. Whether it’s a guy, girl or otherwise, if they idolize their mom or female relative and want to follow in their footsteps, you’ve got my attention.

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I’m sorry I’m not thinking straight so this is blunt but it’s past midnight here, I’m listening to Flicker and I tell you Harry better get on his knees and thank God that Niall’s album qualifies for the next eligible year cos this album is just... like HOW DID NIALL NOT WRITE MOST OF THE MUSIC FOR 1D DAFUQ ITS ALWAYS THE QUIET ONES like each song gets better and then I get angrier because Niall deserved better when he was in 1D pretending to be blonde but shit I’m proud he’s doing his thing now


He really deserves all the praise he’s going to get he worked so so so hard to get where he is and to get where he’s going. IM SO EXCITÉD

demis documentary is interesting, it really does shine a light on how much teams, labels, etc. hide the truth of what is really going on bts from the gp - like she was promoting how much she changed and how her drug problem was in the past only to find out she was back using at that time and was worst than what anybody could imagine she couldve killed herself, i rmbr that era, i used to write stay strong on my wrist like her, i felt for her but it was all a lie she was still struggling with her demons but put on this show because its what she was selling (along with the theme of the album) i had no idea like nothing and its just … its alot, its always hard to process when you watch documentaries like this because you believed it all before the truth has been exposed to you and then you sit there after like, “what else am i being lied about” … tbh it also made me realize that im probaley never going to be emontially ready to hear the true stories about what happended to the boys because im so emontially attached to them and have been for years now so i know already that ima be a hot mess of tears and anger so i hope i wont hear about til im older.

i have a weird relationship with names where i feel like nothing really suits me and half the things i’ve gone by are either nicknames given to me by friends that caught on or me just switching up my middle and first names/their derivatives or just me taking a name i see and think sounds nice but that feels like Stealing and like. there’s always a disconnect

the one i currently go by fits me the most out of anything so far tho, especially cause it’s something i chose 100% on my own, but. always feels like something’s missing


his hands were made for holding