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That photo is Jinki, Minho in front of him and Jonghyun behind him!

dude it legit is!  bracelet & everything!  it looks like ‘09 taemin to me!  wow.  i have never mistaken those two before!   thanks for letting me know, what an incredible mistake to make.  *hides face in embarrassment*  

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Top 5 Taeil Looks™


1. like really i cant stop thinking about this, i didn’t think this would be any more attracted to him, the whole no glasses+short sleeved shirt+ tattoos showing look has me dying. HE LOOKS TOO HOT HERE

2. i fell for him in this look so it’ll always have a special place in my heart#bringbackthemiddlepart, also the lipgloss he wore in jackpot saved my life


Cr: Noblesse PYO

4. I actually really liked his big hats, i know many dont like them but i thought they were really cute

Cr: Luminous 

5. it took its time but this look really grew on me, i like the hair and the whole styling also the fake tattoos are cute since he’s all tatted up now

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Baskerville Hound

And here goes another series off the marathon list, with a final episode that went off with such a bang one day in November 2013 that I realised this series stole my heart once and forever. 

I’ll never stop repeating myself that the title is not a critical research failure on my part and it’s totally intentional, and maybe only needs a better phrasing at most. It’s not the hound dammit, stop side-eyeing me. 

Anyway, here comes the episode that wraps it all up nicely, shakes the irony by the hand, tips its hat off and makes you wish there were more, despite the fact that series was finished perfectly.

My friend Sherlock Holmes, huh

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honestly tony builds personal relationships with machines and other inanimate objects. he never upgraded DUM-E and U’s 20-yr-old flawed software even though he gets aggravated over it. he spent decades tinkering with a vintage car that belonged to his dad. he greets broken tractors with puns and asks them to tell him what’s ailing them. he creates AI with distinctive personalities. he nicknames every single one of his armors like they’re his children. he gave the mark 42 an official introduction. “imminent arrival of your bouncing badass baby brother.” he calls his workshop a “birthing suite” he made party hats for his robots??? he nicknamed the bots

like i know everyone realizes tony loves machines but do they realize that he Loves machines. do the avengers realize tony will talk the sink disposal through its stress while fixing it. do they realize that tony has talked about his day to every piece of avengers technology that they use. again, i know that they know that tony loves tech but like do they Know. do they KNOW. DO THEY KNOW THAT EVERY PIECE OF ANYTHING THAT TONY HAS EVER GIVEN THEM IS CARRYING HIS HEART AND LONELINESS AND CRAVING FOR LOVE AND HOPE FOR REDEMPTION AND SALVATION

tony’s armor was born in fear and nightmares and RESOLVE and the arc reactor has yinsen’s ghost in it and both his AI systems are manifestations of how much he loves and misses a specific person like holy shit do people knoW??? DO PEOPLE KNOW TONY’S HEART IS ALL OVER EVERYTHING, ALL OVER ABSOLUTELY FUCKING EVERYTHING GOSH I’M JUST!!!

Finally got time to redraw what might be my favorite shot in the entire show <3

actual titles of 'fever you can't sweat out' songs

only difference = and i believeEe *passes out*

london beckoned = make us it/hip/scene

nails for breakfast = Sadness™

camisado = kids and fights

time to dance = shotgun wedding

lying is the most fun = fuck

but its better if you do = lap dance

i write sins = everybody knows this one

esteban = stRIKE UP THE BAND

there’s a good reason = overcoats canes and top hats

build god = sound of music


Happy Belated Birthday @psycho4sans! I hope you enjoy this silly twist on The Fantastic Adventures of Papico. :3

If the rest of you understand what I’m referencing, then I am so proud!


for those who don’t know, pinocchio is a pretty different character in russian media than the western disney version. his name is buratino and he wears a yellow shirt with a striped red windsock hat and is usually shown holding a golden key. on its own that’s pretty tame but things get kind of weird in the classic 1975 nearly 2 and half hour long USSR Buratino movie. not that its bad but i cannot fathom what somebody who either didn’t grow up with the movie or doesn’t speak russian would experience when trying to watch it. for example we’ve got things like this scene:

or this personal favourite number, theres just something surreal about it all and i love it. it’s like it was filmed on the moon.


for stevetopsbuckysbottom | Bucky Barnes + personality types

little adhd things
  • verbal filters are a myth invented by the government
  • i went on wikipedia to look up sources for an essay but somehow i ended up reading about the history of meridian cannons
  • “did i eat dinner tonight?” *checks bin* *finds empty microwave meal packet* “wait is this from today or yesterday” 
  • always needing something in your hands to play with
  • okay i know you’re talking to me about something important but i can’t stop staring at that woman’s weird hat and now it’s leading me on a train of thought that has occupied my entire attention span
  • talking so fast you literally forget to breathe
  • i just read three pages of this book and i know i was paying attention but somehow i remember absolutely none of it
  • whoops i don’t have any plans for today so i guess i’ll just Die
  • being unable to remember the names of people you’ve known for months and talk to every day
  • panic attacks
  • “adhd was made up by millenials to justify kids with behavioural problems and underachievers”
  • did i do that thing yesterday? or the day before? or last week? did i do it at all?

I am not sure about AJ but This is not how I wanted to start the new year, You know running through a freezing Blizzard towards wherever this apparent Friendship problem is… hope its not too far away now.

Your Faithful duo Twijack  

P.s holding your hat in ya mouth is prefect, means the thing will not fly away in the storm.