Magnus is one of the most powerful warlocks I’ve ever known.

okay so everyone talks about Kevin the Exy Machine Without Feelings but I don’t really think that’s true?? like??

  • kevin worries about neil. a lot.
  • when neil gets injured, kevin tells him to take it easy.
  • when neil pushes himself too far, kevin tells him to stop.
    • kevin, who grew up around the ravens. 
    • who was never taught to stop. 
    • who was never taught to take it easy. 
    • who grew up learning to play through sickness, broken bones, and exhaustion because exy was More Important.
  • but kevin doesn’t force neil to do the same. 
  • why?? because he cares. kevin cares about neil more than he ever lets on.
  • he shows it the only way he can: through exy.
    • kevin grew up in a psychologically and emotionally abusive environment okay??
    • he’s doing the best he can.
  • so kevin asks neil to give him his game.
  • so he helps neil become the best player he can.
  • so he keeps holding night practices even when he knows neil isn’t planning to live through the year.
    • (bc at that point it’s not about exy anymore. it’s about neil.)
  • because while neil may give andrew something to build his life around, kevin is the one neil shows how to start living again. 
  • andrew and kevin give neil a life, but neil gives them both something to live for. 

anyway kevin day is a boy full of feelings he’s just shit at expressing them.