The use of earrings and other jewelry by Slavs in the early Medieval Period.

  • Skull found in Poltava, Central Ukraine
  • Illustration from the Bible of Wenceslaus (Bible Václava IV)
  • Skull found in Pomerania

From the book “Review of material culture of the South Slavs” / Преглед материјалне културе Јужних Словена (M. Garašanin and J. Kovačević, Belgrade, 1950)

I’m still working on some of the larger scale requests from you guys so here’s a warm up sketch of sho that I wound up really liking

Thank you all so much for your support so far, everyone’s requests are a lot of fun!

I’m really happy that apparently Aaron is definitely aware of how weird Robert has been acting…and that he more or less sees this confession coming.

I think combined with the convo in prison, he has put it together and has had time to kind of…prepare himself. So yeah he is gonna be upset and they will have a row, but I think his knowing something bad was coming helps him in being able to sit down and have that “let’s work on this” conversation.

i distinctly remember that one time in english class during my last year of school (english as in an english class in a german school) when we were reading a short story which i don’t remember much about but the thing i do remember was that the author was polish and wrote english fiction and my teacher asked us if we could ever imagine writing a novel/short story in a secondary language and literally all of us went “hell no” including me

and now i look at the 150k words of fanfiction i already posted in my secondary language aka english and remembering that moment always makes me smile bc i honestly did not expect this to ever happen tbh