So I met a guy for rishta and he said he is trying to avoid marrying someone with a gov job because in case he get transferred to another city and he won’t be able to ask them to quit their job because it’s not right??? And if I can ask them to quit their job she also has the right to ask him to leave his job for her???? I didn’t know guys like this existed ??? And everything he is saying he’s putting his future wife first? like will she be able to live with him and his family ? And not even once he mentioned that the girl needs to compromise ??? And he said we gotta start a side business and she will be the one owning it and not him ??? I think I have a crush on this guy ???

gaaraofsburbia asked:

I am also a libra who loves Gamzee as a character but has thought at times that he is indeed, the Worst Person. Now, I've heard the arguments, and I get what people mean when they say he's black/poor/neurodivergent coded, and I've actually had long conversations with ppl about this. My take is - The lack of attention and dialogue from him recently helps Goddamn None. Cal has obviously affected him, but we all agree Bro is at fault in a similar situation; Cal just exaggerated his worst traits.

See folks, now this is a good argument, take notes from xem.