The Red Knights

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Dave: “–and god you shouldve seen the look on egberts face when he saw what i mailed him.”

Dont forget to tag #swears (bc i don’t know what else to tag the finger of fuck you)

It took me so long to decide Year 1’s layout.
What DID happen on their second year though?

today we started learning about schizophrenia in psychology and our teacher asked us to write ‘people with schizophrenia’ instead of 'schizophrenics’ because they are people just like you and me who just happen to have an illness which affects their mind and you wouldn’t refer to someone with a broken leg as 'broken leg’. she asked us to do the same for any mental illness and idk it just made me happy

I’ve found my first dA account (I know, shame on me) while looking back some old drawings after feeling some discouragements about myself and my art in general. So I decided to make a redraw of one of those pieces I used to love back then to remind myself why I love drawing ever since I can remember. Roughly 3-4 days of work but I didn’t let myself half-ass it, so there’s that.

Redraw of this 2007~2008 piece (I apologize for the potato quality I don’t have the original anymore)

Being a Leader?
  • L: I tried being a leader for the first time today. It's very hard/tiring and leading everyone else wasn't easy. I felt the greatness of what he did for us.
  • Hoya: "It's a really hard spot" is what I thought and I learned it the hard way.
  • Woohyun: I felt like all this time, Sungkyu has been doing something so big [for us] and it was a time I looked back on that.
  • Sungyeol: At first when I became the leader, I felt really good. But then it made me think about Sungkyu. Even if we were all together as seven, I felt a loneliness that only a leader could feel. I just want to applaud Sungkyu hyung for being so great.
  • Sungkyu: What Sungyeol should know as the leader of this group, is that Dongwoo shouldn't have a conversation for too much of a long time. It's going to be hard for him if he has a long conversation with him. Also, you shouldn't give orders to Woohyun, he has a strong sense of pride. And you really have to take care of Sungjong. This is getting real sad....And I hold grudges.

lbr everyone can pull of crop tops. you’re a guy? no problem. you’re non-binary? gonna look awesome. got big boobs? it’ll look great. got small/no boobs? also fab. got a big tummy? rock that. got a little tummy? that works too. got eight arms, suckers, and covered in slime? might be a little tricky to find one with enough arm holes but why not.