Pietro loves Christmas, he loves the music and the Christmas spirit. He loves to watch the lights sparkle on the the tree. But Pietro Maximoff cannot stand the snow. If he goes anywhere near his top speed he slips and crashes. A cloud of snow puffs up around him and he sits there for a moment, covered in snow flakes; pouting as his pride is wounded. So he stays inside and sulks.

That is until Clint finally manages to persuade the speedster to come and help him make a snow man. Pietro pretends that it’s the snow boots the archer holds up that finally convinced him. Of course it’s really the look of excitement in the man’s eyes.

They spend hours in the crisp white snow. Carefully constructing and sculpting their piece of art. Pietro can’t help but admire the way Clint’s gloved hands mould the snow which a firm but careful touch. Clint, in turn, loves the way the cold air has made Pietro’s cheeks flush a deep red and the bright excitement in his eyes. Once their work is complete it doesn’t take long before they are hurling snow balls at each other. For once Clint has the advantage as the icy ground slows down the Sokovian.

Eventually they return to the tower; covered in snow and shivering. They huddle together for warmth under blankets whilst they drink hot chocolate, topped with marshmallows. The soft voice of Bing Crosby floats through the room. Yes. Pietro loves Christmas.