millin21  asked:

I think what made me really proud of Leo in this episode was when Karai was trying to convince him amd Leo pushes her away and says "sorry Karai but (what did he say? Flattery? Flirting? Charms? Yeah) your charms won't work anymore"

My mama side is proud of him and what he did, it showed a lot of strength to do that towards someone you strongly feel about. 

But my fangirl side is wanting to beat the crud out of them both. Do you know how close they were from kissing??

So damn close! ughhhh. Lol. Its been four seasons already, Leo needs his kiss too dang it xD

God these two are getting so hot as a couple. Like this is coming from a girl who never saw the chemistry, but boy keep it up and I may pledge my soul to the Leorai shipping! Lol.

Okay sorry I just had my moment xD