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In your gif of Jonny holding the small skates? Are those his?

yes! That’s what I assume from what he says anyway.

He says (in the vid): It’s just funny to think that I’m living my dream and this is where it all started right here. So, it’s pretty funny to have these little skates here, and that it really all started at Canadian Tire.

So yeah, I assume those are his first skates. The ones he wore to bed and never wanted to take off.

Seems like Jonathan’s mom Jonathan is sentimental ;P


My favorite part in this episode. Look at my son being cute and shit.

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Well I had my first full blown breakdown in a while, not to mention it was in the middle of the school day. So yeah *ha haha ha* my day was Greeaaaat.

awww im sorry:( do you wanna talk about it?

heres a cute gif of tyler to help you feel a bit better (its not my gif)

So I’m watching The 100 together with my mom. She’s almost such a big fan like me, but she don’t understand the english dubbed version so well… We want to look the first episode of the new season together, but there aren’t german subs yet… So I’m waiting and trying to avoid all spoilers -
By now I think I already know everything that happens in the first episode just by gifs…