I have to win and stay on the court! | Kageyama Tobio Haikyuu!! 20

“What a small world.”

I like to think that God melts
when children write Him letters
and maybe He’s not as raging
as I like to believe He is
maybe He is as real
as my desire to be held
but I push and I push
knowing He has better things to do
than sit with me in my loneliness.

but maybe God is as contradictory
as the peacefulness of rushing waves
as complex as a man who filled
His lungs with bloody, ravaging sin
and all for us, all for love,
a perfect sacrifice for imperfect souls
so lost they don’t even care
that He rose to save them from death.

maybe God can save the world
the hero of New York
the savior for the sinners
maybe He can judge us all.

but also be a ruler of the universe
that feels as much as us
and just as He is wrath and anger
He is also love and comfort
and just as I am hurting
so is He grieving.

maybe He sighs in awe
at the wonder of a baby first born
or watches us glow in admiration
as a sunset burns on our faces
maybe He likes to laugh
until His stomach hurts
maybe He cries just as we
when someone we love rejects us.

I like to think that God melts
when children write Him letters
just as He rejoices
when someone new enters heaven
maybe He is more than
a deity that hates impurity
that damns the sinners
and cursing mouths
and anything else that doesn’t
fit in our boxes well enough.

maybe He loves us all
maybe He adores our souls
even when we are doubtful
and fleeting, maybe He enjoys
our existing.

in my chapbook The Morning After Relapse


                      ありふれた恋の話 7 | ニモ

1989 inspired polaroids of the How To Get Away With Murder cast (insp.)