13th september, this little leprechaun was born. He has been through a lot, bad & good things, he’s a wonderful person & I’m so happy that all this is happening to him. He’s kinda insecure but everyone loves him. Everything about him is special & I love him pretty much. I hope he has the best of the days with his 4 best mates & family too. He deserves the best, so yeah. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIALL JAMES HORAN!


Let’s all take a moment to appreciate this kid.~

This dork has stolen our hearts.

He’s kept us smiling…or crying.~


We love you Armin Arlert!!

Happy Birthday, hun!~

[I think it’s his 16th? I dunno.]


People can take everything away from you.  But they can never take away your truth.  But the question is… can you handle mine?

Happy 20th Birthday to the love of my life who is also me, Jess Laurelances​!


Happy Birthday Specter! I remember when I first played Ape Escape and I saw you, I fell in love with you instantly. Your evilness coupled with your passion behind taking over humankind led me to love you. You will always have a special place in my heart as my favorite villain of all time <3