“But it might not matter,” said Ty. “In which case I would have failed. And I’d rather no one know.” He began to murmur under his breath, the way he did sometimes.
“I’ll know.”
Ty paused in his murmuring. “I don’t mind,” he said, “if it’s you.”
Kit wanted to ask him why not, wanted to ask badly, but Ty looked as if he wasn’t sure he knew the answer himself.
—  Lord of Shadows

okay but Victor and Yuuri casually strolling until they arrive on a street where they could hear a music that is coming from some house. They start talking and laughing while they listen to the song but starts to rain and instead of running out of the rain, they laugh even more and start dancing and singing on the sidewalk at the sound of the song + at the sound of the rain 


Don’t you know, know, know,
It’s love?


I’ve watched this way too many times!

Love… is nothing like the fairy-tales you grow up dreaming of. Love is weird; love is dumb; love is strange, and that’s what makes it love.

Galavant; lyrics from “It’s love”.

Never a truer word spoken.