• Their Light is Ours
  • Monica Eich

And though my world view has faded away
I can still see your smile every single day within my mind
I never thought I’d find you
Here in the dark
But you touched me with your stars
And their light is ours

So every time I read Touched By Stars by @carmillasleatherpants I still get really emotional. I read it and the second part again last night (for like the 15th time because it’s so good) and I got really inspired to write a song about it. All credit goes to pants for creating this beautiful au. 

Have to answer @mizjoely‘s questions since they are so important and serious  and made me introspect and look into deep things and answer questions like do I really like Benedict Cumberbatch!

1. What fantasy world would you walk into without a single backwards glance?

Harry Potter. Wait, what tells you it isnt real, even if its in our mind.

2. Do you like rabbits? If not, why not? Have you not heard about our Benevolent Rabbit Saviours? Can I give you some literature to read at your leisure?

Yes. NA.? You already have.

3. Do you like Benedict Cumberbatch? If not, why not? (See question 2 above re: literature) 


4. Are you sure you don’t like Benedict Cumberbatch? He’s awfully pretty.


5. No seriously, why don’t you like rabbits?


6. All right, fine. You don’t like rabbits. What kind of animals DO you like?


7. Which of my fanfics do you like the best and why, 500 word minimum. (Just kidding - you can do it in 200 words or less if you want)

Torn. Coz its so amazing and hot and happening and action packed and you have two Sherlocks (Do you hear me complaining?)

Amongst wips, its Life Interrupted. Coz its so sweet and nice and real omgineedtovisitydentistagain.

(you did say less than 200 words is fine….)

8. Are you ready to smack me yet?

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Drag Me plss: Aqua Sun, Leo Moon, Libra Rising

Oh look there we have our Special Snowflake, really youre not stop acting like youre more worthy than others. Oh and btw people can read your fucking mind so if you dont tell them shit, they will not know shit about you


(Disclaimer: dont ask me to do this if you’re going to take it too personally and you know its actually going to make you feel bad about yourself)