my drawing made for Amrâlimê: The Hobbit Fanart Anthology !

as the title says the main topic of book is love so i made happy royal mirkwood family in all their loving glory before sauron and shit happened

you can purchase this glorious book here , all proceeds from the fanbook will go towards The Eden Projects aka planting trees and watching them grow so buy it bcause trees are awesome and theres shitload of great great artists in there . -for more informations visit this post-

the artbook will be available for purchase until September 12, 2015 so buy it here here HERE!


@jccaylen @KianLawley how bout u get ur lazy ass outta bed & come to the gym w me. Subway after. then after that get ur ass beat at Mario kart again

I DID IT, I FUCKING DID IT. I bought a custom Big Boss Dakimakura I REGRET NOTHING

*edit* I got this on You’ll need to use your own images for the design, I used the render of mgs3 BB from the metal gear wiki for mine! It’s big enough for a daki and it came out really well! Just be wary though, because the site got some bad reviews, but it might be worth it for the price.


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