I woke up in the middle of the night and thought “I’m so glad a man is the summoner”

like ok in FFVIII anyone can be a summoner junction that shit you gotta junction that shit and in FFXIII everyone does it then there are character-only summoners like Yuna and Garnet and Eiko who are also the white mages which is like a passive function over active (and you could call that a sexism thing too whatever) and then you also have jobs it’s very customizable

what I’m talking about here is the character specific summoning yeah you’ve got your one character and it’s a dude????? WHAT?? you got Noctis summoning that shit????

I mean of course yeah you can say that deviation from female-assigned summoning is due in FFXV to a) how your party is male and b) how your only playable character is in fact a man so what else would they do anyway they could only break the pattern if they wanted summoning to be a function but I still got really excited about it

FFXV is not a problem-free game or anything clearly but I think it’s cool that Noctis is your summoner

starfieldcanvas asked:

I wrote you that fic you asked for! Or, well, I started it and there are two parts done: [my url]/post/115197207051/shakeitout-1

Like.. you just blessed us all!!!!

Guys, remember that post about Derek bumping fists with Stiles (that sounds dirty) well.. HERE GO READ THIS SHIT OMG! (seriously, it’s so good! I can’t wait to read the rest! You are a real hero!)

So I’ve been thinking a bit about Mario canon stuff, specifically rules about magic. There’s definitely a distinction between innate and acquired magic - the difference between Bowser’s control over dark magic, for instance, and Mario’s use of powerups. It seems that for the most part, these two skills are separate, as certain characters tend to specialise in only one (it takes special effort for Bowser to use powerups, to my understanding… though Peach would be an exception here) - perhaps due to the different ways they operate, or that they’re channeled/controlled differently. This would mean a character could have a magical affinity of one kind over the other, which is possibly genetic or linked to race.

For example: humans are not native to the Mushroom Kingdom, and thus have no innate magic within that universe. This causes them to rely on and develop skill in channeling forms of acquired magic - powerups, power stars and the like. Toads may have an affinity for naturally-grown powerups for perhaps having a biological connection to mushrooms (presumably, goombas would be similar).

Koopas have been shown to generally have more innate magical skills (Bowser, fire bros, magikoopas) and Bowser specifically has displayed unique difficulty with attaining powerups: he only succeeds in using them on rare occasions, and in the case of the SMB3 cartoons he needs a special item to use them at all. Bowser’s Inside Story showed us Bowser’s special adrenaline-induced growth, which is biologically-rooted inside of him, but personally I would describe as a magical ability. Perhaps this proves that koopas are native to the universe and that they have a natural, biological connection to innate magic that makes it difficult for them to comprehend the nature of acquired magic. Perhaps in a similar manner, koopa wands are a specific kind of magic that magikoopas have an affinity for.

Yoshis have powerups that are species-specific. They may have evolved from the same island that they exist on, in a Galapagos-esque manner, so that non-indigenous members are outright incompatible with things like blue shell wings or dash peppers.

This also makes me wonder about Peach clearly having innate magical abilities - is she a non-human creature that is native to mushroom kingdom? Was this power bestowed upon her by divine intervention from the Star Spirits? I like the idea that she somehow earned or was granted her magic thanks to the Star Spirits, honestly.

In general I think that with practice, certain items and perhaps meditation or divine blessing, other schools of magic can generally be used by someone born without any natural talent.

An unusual take on the Beholder by Chris Johnston.  Artists usually show the Beholder practically jumping off the page, full of hatred and dynamism and intense colors.  That’s why it’s strange to see this Beholder in earth tones blending into a tranquil background of stones and roots, its small, unevenly-placed eyes staring mindlessly in many directions.  Even its foxfire-like magic seems understated.  Not my favorite Beholder painting, but a welcome departure from the norm.


okay, i know i have seen the shape of stan’s portal before… but where?


remember this from paranormal activity 3? yeah, me neither, that movie sucked. this bad boy is solomon’s triangle, or the lesser key of solomon the king. 

you know what this thing is made to do? compel spirits to do your bidding. why they listen? those names you see written there are supposedly the three true names of god.

but this thing’s totally useless without a magic circle to summon shit first!


are those constellations???? ahahahaha that’s hilarious you only put symbols like that in a circular formation when you’re drawing a magic circle to summon shit -

oh, hell.

Cause you are my best friend 
And you are where my heart is 
And I know at the day’s end 
I get to come home to you

Men win wars, not magic tricks.”


Hiccup, now 20, is the tenacious, spirited son of Stoick the Vast, chieftain of Berk. No longer a runt, but still lanky by comparison, Hiccup is the island’s ace flier and resident dragon expert.

Once thought of as the “unholy offspring of lighning and death itself”, Toothless (20 in dragon years) has proven to be much more of a giant, winged pussycat than the stuff of nightmares.


“I remember looking at Pete and Patrick and telling Pete, “You’re the luckiest guy in the world because you found this guy.” Patrick laughed. Then I turned to Patrick and said the same thing to him. They fit together so perfectly…They’re just really lucky they found each other.” - Bob McLynn


"we must not look at goblin men / we must not buy their fruits / who knows upon what soil they fed / their hungry thirsty roots?"

a mix for thoroughly modern fae - vengeful, inhuman, all sharp-toothed smiles and beguiling words and half-truths twisted into lies. beware their beauty and power, beware the promises they make, and beware the tangled webs they weave…


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