The wolf was anxious to get out.  Its tail swished angrily and its ears perked at every sound.  It paced the cave, little whines of disapproval leaving its black-gummed mouth as it moved.  There were no exits, at least none accessible to the animal, and it could feel the full moon shining high above.  The elevator leading up into the manor beeped, and the wolf barreled towards the opening doors.  Too late the animal realized that it couldn’t stop its own forward momentum, and it made an attempt to change direction that only resulted in it sliding and crashing side-long into the back of the elevator with a yelp.  The wolf shook its head and steadied itself as it looked up at the elevators vampiric occupant.

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The moon was high up, full and shining bright as a silvery midnight sun. Its light was so intense it almost made all the stars look pale in comparison.

Lapis let her gaze wonder in the darkness, heart throbbing from the beauty her eyes were witnessing. She’d had a bad day, and had been feeling off all evening, barely tolerating her her friend. The only presence she seemed to be able to bear was Jasper’s.

The bigger girl had offerede to accompany her home when she noticed how miserable she was. She was probably going to go back to the party after getting her home but even so, Lapis felt happy having her beside her, saying nothing. It felt strangely nice.

She would’ve never wanted that night to end, she realized, as she walked down the road next to the other girl.

When her pupils catched the distant shimmering of the sea she had an idea. A crazy one, considering it was really late and Jasper was only there because she was supposed to accompany her home but she didn’t care.

She grabbed Jasper’s hand, pulling her towards the beach.

“Come with me”, she said, moolight made her teeth shine as she smiled joyfully

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He entered the bar late at night, the full moon was at its peak, throwing its silver light into the bar as he had opened the door. Many eyes looked up, only to lower again as they saw who it was. No need to be alarmed.

When he took a seat at the counter, he noticed a woman with pale hair sitting beside him. She was definitely a new face but her reputation had gotten here days before she had. He grabbed himself a smoke, wordlessly offering her one too.