Kagune are just magic now
  • Shinohara and Dr. Chigyou, when explaining Kagune to Juuzou: Kagune are liquid muscles made of RC cells
  • Matsumae: can generate walls several meters away from her
  • Nuts: can set motion detecting spring loaded booby traps in the walls
  • Eto: can generate a 3 story tall flesh mecha
  • also Eto: can inject her abilities into people and maybe preserve their almost dead bodies
  • Eto, again: can make her kagune float and carry someone
  • Eto and Kaneki: mouths and eyes seemingly capable of semi-independant action and thought
  • Noro: ???
  • Kurona: possibly absorbed her dying twin?
  • Noro and Kurona(shiro): can eat through their kagune
  • Kaneki: can regrow entire body parts with full structural and mechanical function in under a minute
  • Yomo family: can shoot goddamn lightning
  • Banjou: can just fucking heal people, apparently