w/ that post about trans kids being allowed to use the bathroom they want in japan its HUGE and something that is honestly surprising. despite all the yaoi/yuri shit that goes around japanese people are usually on the conservative side and what the media portrays is usually fetishism of gays/lesbians and there are very, very, few media representations of transgender individuals its just so amazing ok

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OH my god, I dont even know where to start, I just stumbled over your art and its so fucking amazing, I am beyond words, I know you deserve better words and compliments for this fantastic artwork, but I cant right now, I love how you draw GoldenBonnie, I love it, so gory and creepy and sometimes this very cute ones, pls keep up drawing him, its so wonderful to see him getting drawn like this, you got some wonderful skills there, just breathtaking.

Thank you for your comment! GoldenBonnie I’m imagine view, I like to be compared with the spring trap!
I’m sorry, may words is wrong because it uses the translation software.
But I’m glad your words!



I love playing really strung out characters, and characters that are really pushed to their limits and losing their mind. I think that’s wonderful. To be able to lose it, in many ways, is just great fun to do.

I have always said that the whole world should be in love with Louis Tomlinson and I am a little emotional because I think it’s actually starting to happen.

here are some videos of dan singing bc why not



Honestly? This one is my favorite piece of Myuuji’s so far


iris + barry :)