i’m just gonna be sappy for a moment (hey, it’s been a while) and say thank you to everyone that still puts up with me on this website. that follows me, just adds notes to my content, or occasionally chats 

all the friends i’ve made here (sorry we barely talk anymore it’s my fault and i’m sorry), all the lovely nonnies, be it dave, music, whatever, have really brightened my days for the past few months 

it just… it means a lot

anonymous asked:

hey could I ask you for your fave fluffy klance fics please? thank you xx it's just one of those days

Paint and Canvas - short and sweet fluff

Time out of Mind - longer time travel angsty fluff

Nightmares - long lance has nightmares angsty fluff

New Kid in Town - I can’t remember but I bookmarked it so it must be good multi chaptered complete surfer!lance fluff

Love is Blind - Longish injured/Blind!Lance fluff

Summer Campfires and Moonlit Lakes - Camp counselor au fluff

Talk it Out - pretty much exactly what it’s called angst with fluff