They’re trudging their way through the Storm Coast, and of course, this being the Storm Coast, the skies have opened and rain is pissing down relentlessly. He supposes he shouldn’t be surprised; one of the first things he noticed about the South was its ever-present dampness.

Gal’s boots are squelching with every step, his war paint is more of a grey smear all over his face, and strands of his hair are plastered to his forehead. It would almost be hilarious, but Dorian’s sure he himself is in just as much of a state. 

Generally he might expend a little mana on a minor barrier, just something to keep the cold away. He does for a while, but then he finds himself distracted. He spends half a mile trying not to remember the soft look of surprise Gal had given him; and then lips against his, and those big, gentle hands on his hips, pulling him closer. He utterly fails, of course, even when he attempts to recall Alexius’ entire first experiment from memory, and the seven humours (they teach them differently here, in a way which seems utter nonsense), and the vintage of the last wine he liberated from the Skyhold cellar. Oh, he manages to bring them to mind - his brain is a little more complex than that, thank you very much - but beneath them there’s always an inconvenient current of thought. A sense-memory he won’t quite let in. His mouth tingles.

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we had it all, yeah

who could’ve planned it?

okay its late so im gonna bea dick but what the fck my dad divorced my mom like just some time ago and now hes got a girlfriend half his age like waht thefuck is this a movie when do i get the dramatic plot 

Dudes it is a fine balance of giving your significant other time for themselves, free to go do life as they need and then wanting to be with them 24/7 knowing you can’t.

Listen… there’s only one story in this whole god damnworld in which the interactions between the two characters has made me want to be in a romantic relationship everytime I continue reading the series and die at the same time in frustration; and that’s akatsuki no yona.

10 people have unfollowed me this week and my only guess as to why is because they don’t appreciate Katya Zamolodchikova like they should.

So, tomorrow’s the Day of Silence. Let me explain why, as an LGBT+ person, I hate the Day of Silence.

I have participated in the Day of Silence once in my life. And I ended up going home and crying because I felt like I couldn’t say anything to the people who were giving us grief. Some of the other kids broke their silence by screaming before the school day had even finished.

So here’s what I’m getting at. Why do we have a day that silences a group that is already systematically and violently ignored and spoken over? I understand the intentions behind it, but I don’t want to be silent. I want to be loud. I want things to change for me and my brothers and sisters and everyone in between. I don’t want anyone else to suffer in the same silence that is suffocating me.

Silence isn’t a protest if that’s what the status quo expects of us.

what my fandoms are doing currently:

Steven Universe: literally crying over the stream of endless episodes,, full of character development and actual pure wholesome goodness™; (may contain small traces of additional angst)

Over the Garden Wall: excitedly waiting on the release of more merch!! a vinyl record of the show’s soundtrack! a hardcover book of the comics! Wirt and Greg plushies! hot dog, it’s raining collectables!!

Star vs the forces of evil: BACK FROM THE DEAD FOR SEASON TWO BABY!!!!!! WOOOOOOOO!!!!!! wE’VE be eN WaiTING 10 MoNTHS FOR tHisS!!!!1!!111!!11!

Adventure Time: waiting for the hiatus to be over……again…..

Gravity Falls: huddled in a diner till 5am, trying ever so hard to piece together a puzzle to find a treasure their madman cult leader left for them to find with elaborate, coded clues.

hey spanish / july 2016 / Karolina Koryl