I’ve been inspired lately by pixel RPG games along with watching the new walking dead trailer (more than once), getting extremely pumped about it, so this was born

it isn’t supposed to be good, I just wanted to do something fun aha

and fun it was not

props to pixel artists, I don’t know how you guys do this stuff

He edited his post multiple times to lengthen his statement!!!!!

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honestly I think the jungle biome has been my favorite since it was added

Favorites on

Sorry I didn’t get this posted last night as promised, but when I was about halfway through, the post disappeared. It literally disappeared. So I had to start over. At 10:30pm. So… that’s why its here now and wasn’t last night. Thanks for your patience!  As with the previous list for AO3, on a scale of 1-10, these all rate 11 or higher. Click on the titles to go directly to the fic. Authors are linked to their profile on ff. Most of the authors are on tumblr and their tumblr pages are tagged at the bottom of the post. All of the names written here are their names on ff, not necessarily the same as their tumblr names. All of these are complete unless otherwise noted. Hope you enjoy!

From So Much Tea, Kings and Queens is a modern AU where Killian and Emma are actors on the same tv show. WIP 25 ch so far. Rated T

From flslp87, The Beach House is a modern AU based on the movie The Lake House. Can Emma and Killian overcome their separation by time to find their happy ending? 19 ch, rated T

From A Whisper of Grace, Breathe Out (So I Can Breathe You In) is a canon-divergent where Killian is under a sleeping curse, but TLK has a twist. Rated M, 3 ch. 

From blowmiakisscolin, Your Case or Mine is a modern AU loosely based on Criminal Minds. WIP with 3 ch so far, rated M.

From Cynthia03, The Usual Story is a modern AU with a meet cute, Boss!Killian/Employee!Emma. Rated M, 23 ch.

From SpartanGuard, A Rose in the Deeps of My Heart is a CS AU where Killian is an imortal fae. 5 ch, rated T.

From PetiteCafe, A Friendly Wager is a canon-divergent in season 2 where Emma and Killian make a bet. 4 ch, rated M.

From Scheherezade06, Ten Hours is a canon-divergent 2 shot from season 2 where Emma owes Killian 10 hours. Rated M.

From Slimac, Gold Medal T-Shirt is an Olympics AU, 2 shot, rated K.

From SmeetheRat, Payback Has Its Rewards is a canon-divergent from season 3. Emma realizes that Hook has been keeping watch over her at night and she decides to give him a show. Rated M 1 shot.

From xerxesrises, Wrecked is a season 4 canon-divergence where Killian is the only one who can save Emma from the incubus invading her dreams. 20 ch, rated M.

From PoeticJustice96, Legend of the Phoenix is a soulmates AU WIP that will be completed this Monday. It will have 20 ch. Rated T.

From once-in-a-life-time1, The Swan and The Scribe is a modern AU in which Killian is a writer with writers block, until he starts to write the story of himself and his beautiful neighbor, Emma Swan. 24 ch, rated M.

From TheGladElf, An Open Heart is an Open Wound is a canon-divergent season 1 fic with Cursed!Killian. WIP with 9 ch so far, rated T.

From Dancing Doula, An Age Cannot Sate Love is a canon-divergent, time travel fic in which Emma is sent back and meets Killian before he becomes Captain Hook. Will she be able to preserve the timeline so that he can someday find her? Rated T, 39 ch.

From Kjb2609, Hold the Elevator is a Modern AU 5 ch 1 shot that had me grinning from beginning to end. Featuring a meet cute with Rock Star!Killian. Rated K+.

From Las-Botas, Treacherous is a historical fiction AU WIP set after WWII. Emma is undercover to bring down escaped Nazis. 14 ch so far, 2 more left. Rated M.

From Optimistic Girl, The Not So Neighborly Noise is a Modern AU neighbors 2 shot. Rated M.

From killians-dimples

 Hey Santa is a Christmas AU 1 shot in which Henry calls in to Killian’s radio station with his Christmas wish, a boyfriend for his mom. Rated K+. 

Put Me In Coach, I’m Ready to Play is a modern AU where playboy shortstop Killian Jones makes PR Director Emma Swan’s job harder. WIP with 5 ch so far, rated T.

From lenfaz

The Pirate Chef is a modern AU in which producer Emma is being forced to work with the networks rising star. 8 ch, rated M.

Of Thieves, Smugglers, and Reformed Hearts is a modern AU where Granny takes in reformed thieves and smugglers to help them get back on their feet. 6 ch, rated T.

From OnceUponSomeChaos

Leaving Neverland is a canon-divergent from 3x9 where Emma asks Hook to help her forget her nightmares. 7 ch, rated M. And its sequel Missing Pieces picks up immediately after Leaving Neverland. WIP with 15 ch so far, rated M.

From Alexandra Lyman

Between Heaven and Hell is an Angel!Emma/Demon!Killian fic. WIP 18 ch so far, rated M.

Liner Notes is a modern AU with Rock Star!Killian/Actress!Emma. 4 ch, rated T.

From Hooks-and-Happy-Endings

Her Master and Commander is a CS AU in which Hook buys himself a pleasure slave for his long voyage ahead. WIP with 11 ch so far, rated M.

Bless Me, Captain is a somewhat canon-divergent AU that utilizes Dr. Jekyll’s serum with elements of season 1. Priest!Killian WIP with 8 ch so far, rated M.

The Crooked Hook is a canon-divergent 1 shot in which Hook visits Emma for payback for leaving him at the top of the beanstalk. Rated M.

From PhiraLovesLoki

Rescue Me is a modern AU 1 shot featuring a fake dating app. Rated K+.

The Fix-It-Sisters is a Modern AU in which Emma and Mary Margaret help Killian remodel his home for their tv show. 3 ch, rated T.

Capture the Flag is a CS AU in which Emma is roped into a competitive match of capture the flag. Rated T 1 shot.

From Lizzyc807

Cafe Love is a modern AU where Killian has just moved to town to help his brother and sister-in-law open their new cafe, right across the street from Emma’s family’s cafe. WIP with 18 ch so far. Rated K.

Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire is a firefighters AU. 31 ch, rated M.

From Wordsmith-Storyweaver

His Dark Beauty is a CS AU in which Emma is brought to Killian’s manor to tutor his daughter. 28 ch, rated M.

Bean There (Brewed That) is a coffee shop AU. 5 ch, rated T.

I Die Anyway is a LieutenantDuckling AU in which Killian saves Emma from marrying Neal. 3 ch, rated M.

From Rhianna-Aurora

Come Unstuck is a modern 1 shot AU where Emma is set up on a blind date by David and M&M. Rated M.

Butterfly is a canon-divergent 1 shot. If small changes to the past can have devastating consequences, what if there’s a big change? Rated T.

Second Star to the Right is a CS AU based on the Tarot’s Major Arcana. 22 ch, rated M.

From shipping-goggles

Rude Awakening is a modern AU 1 shot. Neighbors AU with a twist. Rated T. And its sequel Some Sort of Neighborly is a WIP with 7 ch so far. Rated M.

The Laws of Attraction is a modern AU 1 shot, rated M that is a prequel for Guilty, Your Honor. Lawyers AU with 7 ch. Also rated M.

From Hookedonapirate

Toilet Paper, Tampons, and the Hot Guy in the Checkout Lane is a modern AU 1 shot. Rated T and is a prequel to Sweaters, Lingerie, and Sex in the Fitting Room. Also a 1 shot, rated M.

Sweet Salutations is a modern AU in which Killian is the new deputy in town and he is quite smitten with the sheriff’s daughter who owns a bakery across the street from the station. 20 ch, rated M.

Tangled Up in Blue is a Doctor/Patient modern AU. WIP with 13 ch so far. Rated M.

From Katrina

Just Tonight is a modern AU in which Emma and Killian don’t realize the depths of love they have for one another. 5 ch, rated T. And its sequel Just Forever, a rated K+ 1 shot.

Glimpses of Love and Affection is a canon-divergent fic with each chapter a different letter of the alphabet. Rated T, 26 ch. And its sequel No Quarter is a WIP with 6 ch so far. Rated T.

From amagicalship

Parley is a CS EF AU in which Deckhand!Killian is below deck when Captain Emma Swan commanders Blackbeard’s ship. 4 ch, rated M.

If You Can’t Take the Heat is a modern AU 1 shot where Michelin critic Killian Jones is impressed by restaurant owner Emma Swan. Rated T.

Once Upon a Dream (I Knew You) is a CaptainDuckling AU. What happens when the notorious Captain Hook crashes a royal ball? 7 ch, rated M.

Take My Breath Away is a Top Gun AU. 1 shot, rated M.

I Do, I Always Do is a canon-divergent set in Camelot. 1 shot, rated M.

These Paths Our Hearts Wander is a canon-divergence from 3x10. Her take on the Killian/Emma/Neal triangle. 5 ch, rated K+.

and finally, our last featured author,

From EmilyBea

Within Your Ocean Eyes is a historical AU set in the 1800′s. Pirate!Killian. 22 ch, rated M.

Wedded Bliss and Asterisks is a modern AU in which Emma is an up and coming wedding dress designer and Killian is a magazine editor. WIP with 9 ch so far, rated M.

Accidentally on Purpose is a modern AU married in Vegas fic. 15 ch, rated M.

To See You This Way is a modern AU where Emma is a physician and Killian is a best selling author. 12 ch, rated M.

Souvenirs is a modern AU where Killian tracks Emma down after 1 night with her. 14 ch, rated M.

Hope Springs is a modern AU where when Ruby comes home from vacation married to Liam Jones, Emma meets Killian. 20 ch, rated M.

Lifted By Love is a modern AU where the group of girls meet a group of guy on a ski vacation. 8 ch, rated M.

Sorry again for not getting this out yesterday. I finished typing it up a 2am with no links yet. I hope you enjoy all these as much as I have! Go follow these ladies on ff and/or tumblr! Come talk to me and flail with me!

Tagging all the authors mentioned who are on tumblr. @artandteaandstuff, @shipping-goggles, @hookedonapirate, @flslp87, @seriouslyhooked, @alexandralyman, @blowmiakisscolin, @hooks-and-happy-endings, @dancingdoula44, @killians-dimples, @killians-sex-hair, @lenfaz, @lizzyc807shipscaptainswan, @optomisticgirl, @phiralovesloki, @wordsmith-storyweaver, @legendofthephoenixcs, @xerxesrises, @amagicalship, @onceuponsomechaos, @thegladelf, @bromfieldhall, @spartanguard

this break is so good for youngjae?? im so happy hes like on his own and experiencing things for himself and its not like being with other people is bad but!!! its so cool that he’s able to be by himself and learn like how to do things himself and he’s going to have SO much fun at that concert and he’ll probably get chipotle after and then sleep for 12 hours and im just so!!!!! happy hes able to have a lil break and live how he wants to, and even if its not forever it’s just so wonderful.. as far as we know he’s only there because he wanted to go for vocal lessons + the collab with sanjoy and now hes going to a concert and just IMAGINE all the other fun things he’s done.. im just so happy he gets to enjoy life like a normal person for a while with nobody constantly following him and taking pics of him and stuff like that, it just makes me so happy

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What are your favorite sims 4 bloggs?

You know, I usually don’t do this ‘cause when I see these lists by other people and don’t see myself on the them I kinda feel upset and left out so I don’t want to make other people feel this way. Although, when someone asks me to do this I make a list of newly discovered blogs I like. I think there are two of them, but for some reason I could only find the most recent one [boop]. What I’m ready to do is the list of people I’m not happy with. People I tend to dislike most of the time. Generally annoying people. I will call it The Unfollow Forever List.

1. The people I dislike the most is @beverlyallitsims. She’s my Guy Gavriel Kay. Have you heard about Guy Gavriel Kay? He wrote an awesome trilogy called ‘The Fionavar Tapestry’. There was this sexy prince that I fell in love with, Diarmuid, so G.G.Key just went and killed him. Bang, and there’s no Diarmuid for me. It’s been like ten years but I still haven’t forgiven him. If I met him, the first thing I’d say would be, ‘Guy Gavriel, you’re a jerk!’. @beverlyallitsims ruined my life. She’s awesomely talented person, but no, just no, not after what she did.

2. @neopixiesims. Jeez, she really enjoys causing people pain, I mean she really like actually gets off on that. Sick. She’s also having Danny from the City Living trailer, you may know him as Danny The Commercial Slut, as a legacy spouse. Can you believe this? Danny The Commercial Slut’s genes ruin everything, my life included. Sure, she’s funny and witty, but Danny and her general masochistic ways? No, thank you.

3. @nadinemaee. Gawd, so young and already so sick. You know, I never follow drama-llama simblrs ‘cause they are not my thing, but this girlllll, gawd. I’d unfollow her every day of the week, I swear. She ruined everything and everyone. She killed my OTP with help of a man called Pornstaches. Pornstaches, can you imagine that?? Her screens are gorgeous but… Unfollwed.

4. @neutralsupply. Ton of her followers have been waiting for two of her sims to finally… you know… do it? And do you know what she did? DO YOU KNOW WHAT SHE DID?? She made them kiss and then proceeded with another storyline. I’ve been sexually frustrated for like a week now. I keep messaging her about it but she stays silent. I won’t even say anything good about her, because there’s nothing good about her. Bye-bye, Z!

5. @furiouslydecaffinated. The little shit writes her smut so good it always leaves me horny. I’m a single lady, you know. But she doesn’t offer me a decent man whore, she doesn’t even make a dildo shop out of her tumblr, she’s just fucking leaving me horny as hell. Every damn time. Thank you, girl. See ya in hell for horny people! The music at her blog is toleratable, though.

6. @tinwhistletoo. This one is a total maniac. Like, for real. Sure, she seems to be so lovey-dovey, and nice, and sweet, and her stories seem so captivating, but, mannnnnnn let me tell you, she’s got more gore in her than Tarantino. Tin’s having a new story? Well, prepare to see some guts flying around the neighborhood.


Elizabeth: So, you think you can see something or talk to someone for a few moments and deduce all sorts of facts that everyone has missed?
Jack: Sometimes.
Elizabeth: How Clever.

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Where did Taako from TV first come from? Like at what point is Taako's tv show first mentioned in the show? I feel like it's just been there forever

Okay, so the first time that it was mentioned in the main podcast chronology is in episode 12, when the Boys interact with Gram/Percy for the first time.

Graham: Uh, what are your guys’ names?

Merle: I’m Leeman. Leeman Kessler.

Graham: Hi, Leeman!

Merle: Hi, Graham.

Taako: Justin.

Graham: Uh, I can’t help but notice your garb. Your robe and your hat. Are you perchance a wizard too?

Taako: Yeah, man.

Travis: [crosstalk] [laughs] Totally!

Taako: Don’t you recognize me from TV?

[Someone makes a shushing sound]

Graham: Oh my god, is it really you?

Taako: Justin… [someone laugh-wheezes] …is a stage name. No, wait. Strike that.

BUT! The true first time Taako being a TV star was first introduced was in the Max Fun Donor-Only Prequel episode, which was after Moonlighting and before Murder on the Rockport express.

Griffin: And for joining at that level you get what I think is the absolute best reward, which is - hundreds of, uh, maybe not hundreds, dozens and dozens and dozens of episodes of all of the podcasts at Maximum Fun, including three bonus Adventure Zone episodes. Uh, the one that Travis led, we did have the LA Live Show, where the boys have a beach vacation kind of, and then the uh, prequel episode, which I don’t know that we’ve ever talked about, where you guys uh, first meet. […] Well, that is where we learn about Taako’s backstory, of being a traveling chef entertainer who accidentally poisoned a whole town.

Travis: Oh yeah!

Justin: Yeah.

Griffin: Do you remember that? That’s like, my favorite Taako backstory thing like ever.

Justin: I don’t - I mean, uh, this is gonna sound like I’m fucking with you but I - I do, that’s a big part of why Taako is the way he is, like he is kind of a self preservationist.


Griffin: Yeah, there was cool stuff in it, but I tried to keep the story stuff out of it as much as we can, I think that prequel episode - there’s some interesting character development, like, background stuff, stuff that is maybe not as germane to the whole arc, because it takes place like way before it, but um, some interesting stuff about your guys’s characters.

promptis + highspecs babiessss~

(anon asked for highspecs + promptis baby playdate. YOU’RE WELCOME.)

There’s a little back courtyard in the citadel. Not very many know about it, and Noct’s pretty sure that’s intentional. There’s a little side hallway with a little stairwell that leads down here, but it’s otherwise inaccessible. He has fond memories of running around back here as a small kid. It’s got high walls – though not too high for an ambitious teenage prince to scale, as he knows from experience – and is shaded heavily by trees. It’s a nice place to waste a lazy afternoon, when you’re an exhausted king.

Noct steps out into the little area. It’s still a bit of a mess of crumbling pathways and tall weeds, but the corner has been shaped into a little garden, sylleblossoms bright and vibrant, dutifully cared for, though normally they refuse to grow here. Noct’s steps hasten and a little smile bubbles up, as he shuffles over to where Prompto’s leaning up against a tree, sitting on a soft blanket he’s spread out.

“See you got stuck with babysitting duty,” Noct says as he lazily settles down, sprawling on his back and laying his head in his husband’s lap. Prompto laughs, a hand drifting, immediately, to work through Noct’s hair. He hasn’t bothered to tie it back today, and it’s long, curling a little at the back of his neck.

“Dunno if I’d say stuck,” Prompto looks down and grins, though he has one eye open still, focused on the two babies flailing on the blanket. Noct turns on his side, sighing as Prompto’s fingers lazily trace over the shell of one ear, tugging a little at the tiny skull earring he’s got – something dumb they all got, a symbolic gesture, of sorts, to mark the end of their journey – and it’s impossible not to smile at the sight.

“You sound tired,” Noctis points out. “Look tired, too.” The two babies, for the moment, are occupied with two plush toys, a fat chocobo and a moogle with a pom that squeaks. Their son is making happy baby noises, a fat fist stuck in his mouth, drooling happily as he waves the chocobo around. The other baby – fair-haired and green-eyed – is offering up her best haughty baby look, and seems to be trying to negotiate in some vague, baby-like way, a trade of toys. It’s entertaining to watch, at the least.

“She’s almost walking, Noct,” Prompto’s voice is a strange mixture of frustration, terror, and sheer wonder. “She’s gonna be a nightmare. It’s crazy how much personality babies have, when they can’t even talk.”

“Takes after her mother,” Noct says with a smile. Their son, all curious smiles and wide-eyes and freckles everywhere, takes after Prompto, Noctis has decided. He’s hoping that eventually he picks up on Noct’s love of sleep though, because they’re existing in a half-dead state of constant exhaustion.

Prompto nods, but he’s shifting out from under Noctis when the baby girl decides she’s bored with whatever little game they’re playing, and rolls over to drag herself to the edge of the blanket. “No, nope, Gloriosa, you get back here… we aren’t playing roll around in the dirt again, Iggy’s already gonna kill me, your clothes are filthy…”

Noctis laughs, and he sits up. True to Prompto’s words, there’s grass stains all over the little girl’s yellow shirt. She’s giving Prompto a solemn, reproachful look, and reaches a hand up to tug at his hair as Prompto scoops her back up and settles back down on the blanket, the baby in his lap.

“He’s gonna be running around soon, too,” Noctis says lazily, reaching over to pick up their son. He’s still holding onto his chocobo plushie with iron fists, cuddling it close against his chest and chewing on its beak now. Noct tries to disentangle it, but he hears the beginning of a wail forming, and gives up. Whatever. It’s a chew toy now, apparently.

“I hope he starts napping around then, too,” Prompto grumbles, but he laughs, head settling happily on Noct’s shoulder, like it belongs there. Because it does belong there.

“Just wait till he starts warping,” Noctis adds, a hint of laughter in his voice, and he’s well aware that he’s going to have a heart attack a million times over, ensured by fond memories of accidentally warping onto the roof, or escaping Ignis for hours on end by leaping right through him in a blur of blue, swirling magic.

“That’s not fair,” Prompto pouts, “I can’t keep up with you stupid Caelums. Two against one.”

Noctis smiles. The matching rings on their fingers are catching the sunlight, through the branches of the trees. Ignis and Aranea’s daughter is restless again, fumbling as she crawls out of Prompto’s lap, and into Noct’s, perching in that swaying, awkward, uncertain way that only a baby can manage, as she goes for the chocobo plushie again, determined.

“Share your toys, Sol,” Noctis lectures idly, as his son’s face scrunches up in the beginnings of a stubborn wail, the two babies both tugging at the toy. Prompto leans forward and snatches up the moogle, and waves it in front of the two babies, and it distracts them for a minute before they’re back to poking at each other with fat little fists.

“You’re a Caelum, too,” Noctis points out, a little belatedly, though he’s now bouncing a sniffling son in his lap as the most cherished chocobo toy changes hands with a good deal of reluctance. “Stuck with us.”

“Guess so,” Prompto says with a laugh, “I kinda signed up for this, falling in love with a king, didn’t I? Don’t think sixteen year old me had any idea what I was in for.”

“Don’t think either of us did,” Noctis laughs too though. “But we figured it out.” Somehow, they did.

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favorite nct blogs?

adhfsjfh someone actually asked me  ´ ▽ ` )ノ thank you anonie ~

okay so here goes

@nctinfo & @nct-u for updates and pics of the boys during their rookies days aduhauhf

@1aeil & @taeiloves my fave fave fave taeil stans theyre the best (and sappiest we all are but) taeil stans and i love them with all my heart  ❤ 

@taebreez my closest friend on here (ily june  ♡)
@starrynct possibly the nicest person i ever met (we dont deserve you zen)
@neocity my mom im in charge of hyping her up and i take my job very seriously ily 
@taeyongshi a cute taeyong stan & her textposts *thumbs up* 
@spicypancakedoyoung shes a fave but i still hate her  ♡

@hqleetaeyong SO NICE OKAY and funny like thanks for making me laugh at 2AM 
@taeyonggi soft ty stan pls enjoy her edits and her

and others i really enjoy seeing on my dash 
@2-tae @chokemewinwin @dofawn @taeyounq @1aeyong @grandpa-ty @nakamuto @teewhytrack @taei @taeyongd @incorrect-nct-quotes @taeiljaeh @doyouta @14jae @icetaeil @tybeoji @nctmark @jonginkims @hey-uta, @rookiies, @lqtaeyong, @taeyonghi, @nakasyuta, @dovounq, @lqmarklee @nctaezen

oh yeah lets not forget the legendary blogs @neotechs & @nakamotens

lmao sorry i turned this into a follow forever (its just i might never make one so might as well answer this like this ~) 
appreciate these blogs i love them all 

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#26? :) xxx {roguewrath}

26: “I think I’ve been holding myself from falling in love with you all over again.”

Wow, I am so sorry about how long it took me to write this. I just went down a fairly sentimental path for this one, and it turns out that’s how I get really stuck on a piece of writing. I’m still not sure this is exactly how I want it to be, but it needed to be published.

I’ve decided to do a throwback for this prompt! A long, long time ago (like, April) I wrote Logos and Pathos, based off the prompt “Temptation”, where Draven just shy of orders Cassian to make his relationship with Jyn official and stop creating drama around the Rebellion because of it. I had several people ask me for a continuation from Jyn’s POV and I swore I was going to do it, but I just… never got around to it, I suppose? My writing brain is weird sometimes my apologies really.

But, now, I DID IT. Have Jyn’s perspective on a proposal that, well, may or mat not go the direction Cassian was hoping. 

Warning: You’ll likely want to read Logos and Pathos first!


“What did you want to talk about?” Jyn asked as she and Cassian slid into seats in the mess hall. Cassian had met her as her ship pulled into Echo base’s hanger – nothing unusual there – with his face lit up by an overeager smile – again, nothing unusual. What had been unusual was his reason why. Cassian wasn’t one for overly sappy sentiments, or at least in public places, but she’d expected the reason for his smile to be different than “something Draven said a few weeks ago.”

Keep reading