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One season of bad writing does not invalidate Piper Chapman’s previous character development. The same way that being rich and white does not invalidate her character complexity.

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Honestly, what is BigHit’s problem with Europe? Every single DVD they’ve released is made for each region code except Europe (western Europe at least). Even BTS NOW 2, which was shot in Europe, does not include the region code for Europe. And then the world tour (???). They’re going to every continent except Europe and Africa. Really, I just wanna know why.

fun fact: hazel eyes and brown eyes are not at all the same thing.
people are constantly writing their brown eyed characters as
having hazel eyes because it sounds prettier. but BROWN IS
BROWN. hazel is green with brown rims or vise versa. :’))

rather than throwing these rejected doodles that were gonna be for a merch design im working on i guess i’ll post ‘em as a ‘work-in-progress’.
i kinda like the style i did but eh all i can see is disappointing flaws when i look at it so…i’ll try again! :)

my redbubble can be found here btw

About British heatwaves

I have lost count of the posts joking about how pathetic British people are for complaining about the heatwave we are going through. Its true, the temperatures are nowhere near as high as they reach in some countries - but this is a freaking serious issue.

People are expected to die as a result of this heatwave. 

One thing a lot of you don’t seem to understand, is air conditioning is not a thing for most British people. Our houses don’t have it. Most buildings don’t have it. Not even all cars have it, because for most of the year, it is not necessary. What we do have is central heating, in all buildings, because that is what our climate requires.

Adding to that problem is the fact that our houses are made of stone, brick, concrete and other solid, thick materials. Not wood, like houses in many counties are made of. This means we are much more insulated, and heat is retained more easily. Not good in a heatwave.

On top of that, our climate is naturally humid. As anyone who has ever studied the difference between rainforests and deserts knows, humid heat is much more uncomfortable and feels much warmer than dry heat.

And one of the most important issues? Whilst the temperature might not be that high by your standards, it is significantly higher than what we are used to.

The temperature in London today (1st July 2015) was 36.7C (98F)
The usual average temperature in London during July is 19C (67F)
The temperature in London on Sunday, four days ago, was 20C (68F)

Oh, and these temperatures only refer to the air temperature. They can be higher in certain environments depending on the sun, and the type of building, and the number of people and so forth. When Andy Murray was playing at Wimbledon yesterday, the temperature on the court was 41C (105F)

Can you see the problem?! Can you see why we’re complaining? Can you see how this could be seriously dangerous for young, old, or sick people?!

Its already impacting the country. Hot weather was reported as the cause of a fire that destroyed 30 acres of forest. Our trains are being delayed out of concern that the heat is causing the rails to buckle. Heat was also considered a factor in the lorry - carrying batteries of all things - that caught fire and closed the M1 today. And the heatwave has only just started. It is expected to continue for at least two weeks.

In our last big heatwave 760 people died. And the peak temperature, towards the end of those 19 days, was 34C (93F). So already, at the start of the heatwave, temperatures are higher than the temperatures that claimed 760 lives.

Things might well improve in the next few days. British weather is notoriously unpredictable. But conditions could easily just continue to get hotter. Its nice to know that people in California or Florida or Australia or Brazil can cope with warmer temperatures than this. But this isn’t something you should be making fun of.

EDIT: As has been pointed out to me, it is also worth keeping in mind that it isn’t just the UK going through this right now. In fact, most of Western Europe is experiencing unusually high temperatures. On 1st July, the temperature in Paris was 37C (100F). In Amsterdam it was 32C (91F). In Brussels it was 34C (93F). In Madrid, on Monday, temperatures hit 40C (104F). If you are in Western Europe, try to keep cool, stay hydrated, and stay safe!

I hate that Chris Brown's domestic abuse case is the only one we talk about

There are a million white celebrities that have committed domestic (and sexual) abuse but I feel like it’s always swept under the rug. Yes, Chris Brown fucked up and isn’t a great guy… So I’m not saying he should get more support from the black community, or even less hate, but that we should be vilifying the white abusers just as much if not more.

Sean Penn used to tie up and beat Madonna
Mel Gibson has brutally beat his wife and made public and aggressive anti Semitic statements.
Charlie Sheen beat and held a knife to his then wife. He was also arrested for domestic abuse years prior
Emma Roberts beat her boyfriend.
Ozzy Osbourne tried and admitted to, trying to strangle his wife to death.

These are just a few off the top of the head. Their careers are still perfectly intact and their incidents are rarely brought up. But with CB (and other black celebrities) their flaws and mistakes are brought out constantly and their careers often ruined.

anonymous asked:

LMAO ppl are seriously comparing buffy/xander to bellamy/clarke??? literally what do either of those pairs have remotely in common??

My thoughts exactly. It really just shows a complete lack of understanding of all four characters, and especially the dynamics between the two pairs. I get that they both make/made great teams, they did. I wouldn’t knock that. However, I can’t help but laugh at the fact that there are actually people who can compare the relationships in any way other than that. On a level that goes beyond a platonic connection, the two are completely antithetical.