society’s anxiety deprived of all that we’re blessed with

Can ya’ll maybe not sexualize the stranger things kids in fics??????

JFC people calm yo tits, a guy can have a woman friend as much as woman can have a man friend…not every two people seen together have to be in a relationship. But no, you are right, Jared has a new girlfriend in France and he makes long distance calls every day to listen to her talking about her croissant while he’s stroking his baguette.

When will fandom stop blaming marinette for keeping her and chats secret identity a secret

When will fandom stop blaming marinettes supposed insecurities for keeping chat at arms length (something she doesn’t even do in canon???)

When will people accept that marinette is just listening to tikki and being smart about her secret identity because it’s dangerous otherwise?

Seriously. The narrative in fics where chat/Adrien is the poor precious child who is hurting because marinette is being stubborn about her identity for no reason physically hurts me. Like I can’t take much more of fandom putting all of this on marinettes shoulders like this was her lofty decision made up in response to insecurities about herself that she doesn’t even have. Or even worse, having her push chat away because she’s afraid of caring too much for some reason. This wasn’t even shown to be the case. Please let it end. Ladybug/marinette loves chat. He’s her partner. She’s not pushing him away for personal reasons, she’s just being smart about their identities. Isn’t this shit like super hero 101 stuff?

hey petals !! just a quick note that i will never remove anything any quicker and more mindless than the nasty hate because of my “obsession with 5sos who look like nasty children with facial hair” or whatever the hell that anon decided to use as wording. if you are so bothered by me reblogging stuff of the people who make my life better on MY blog – the unfollow button, dear. plus – i always tag my posts appropriately with their names or 5sos. if you don’t want to see their “ugly faces” on your dash, just blacklist them. it’s easy peasy, dears. and it saves you the effort of sending me hate because 1) i will only remove those messages because 2) you have no right to tell me how to run my blog and who i can and cannot reblog things off. if you think you get to me by sending me these messages – you won’t. this is the first and last thing i’ll say about it. alrighty ?? i am not in the slightest mood to deal with any hate or loss of followers because i reblog stuff about the band i truly love for several reasons – which is my good right, everyone is a fan of whoever the hell they please – and these messages just make me want to log off again. so yeah. this is just a quick heads up – don’t bother trying again, because your message will be gone quicker than you can say 5 seconds of summer. alright, end of rant, hehe. hope everyone will have a great day/evening !! xoxo

you know, it makes me really sad when luke girls are so quick to turn their backs on him and write him off as so many bad things for the sake of hate trends that happen way too often with my stardust boy like lukes made me pissed, annoyed, sad - whatever, i know he isnt perfect but thats just being human and even on the worst of luke days (which really rarely happen despite how many days ppl choose to hate on him) hes still my favorite boy in the world™ i have so much love in my heart for the amazing, soft, sweet, gentle giant that is luke hemmings and i just dont understand how anyone could have even an ounce of hate for him let alone ppl who are meant to stick by him even through the hard times