I hate that Chris Brown's domestic abuse case is the only one we talk about

There are a million white celebrities that have committed domestic (and sexual) abuse but I feel like it’s always swept under the rug. Yes, Chris Brown fucked up and isn’t a great guy… So I’m not saying he should get more support from the black community, or even less hate, but that we should be vilifying the white abusers just as much if not more.

Sean Penn used to tie up and beat Madonna
Mel Gibson has brutally beat his wife and made public and aggressive anti Semitic statements.
Charlie Sheen beat and held a knife to his then wife. He was also arrested for domestic abuse years prior
Emma Roberts beat her boyfriend.
Ozzy Osbourne tried and admitted to, trying to strangle his wife to death.

These are just a few off the top of the head. Their careers are still perfectly intact and their incidents are rarely brought up. But with CB (and other black celebrities) their flaws and mistakes are brought out constantly and their careers often ruined.

for all u Latinxs out there

I’m half Latina and honestly it gets me sO fruStRaTED when people disregard half my nationality (the Mexican part of course) because my skin is white! it’s a reoccurring thing!! this post is for Latinxs to reblog with dumb shit they’ve been told and stupid jokes and stereotypes they always have to deal with. Also for mixed race Latinxs who have to deal with the same thing I do. Feel free to rant and share your story below, or just share this around so that people can realize that maybe what they’re saying to a Latinx isn’t really funny, but instead really annoying and ignorant/disrespectful. I’ll start:

“You’re Mexican? What’s your dad, a drug dealer?”

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whats hr opinion of half the clique 'leaving' because they say the clique is now like 'superwholock' and horrible

idk i mean i think theres a portion of the clique that truly just don’t get it and think its okay to be down right mean people and harass them and for what? 

idk about the whole superwholock but i do understand some of the cringe-worthy aspects it as obtained

i just think its only a portion of the clique that is ruining it for the whole group which is sad because the clique used to be my favorite place in the world, it still is. i choose to look past the few and can still see why i signed up. because i found my home in the clique. I found my friends here and I’ve formed bonds here. I’m not going to let that be tainted and ruined by people that think they have to fight when it’s not a war.

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LMAO ppl are seriously comparing buffy/xander to bellamy/clarke??? literally what do either of those pairs have remotely in common??

My thoughts exactly. It really just shows a complete lack of understanding of all four characters, and especially the dynamics between the two pairs. I get that they both make/made great teams, they did. I wouldn’t knock that. However, I can’t help but laugh at the fact that there are actually people who can compare the relationships in any way other than that. On a level that goes beyond a platonic connection, the two are completely antithetical.

JFC people calm yo tits, a guy can have a woman friend as much as woman can have a man friend…not every two people seen together have to be in a relationship. But no, you are right, Jared has a new girlfriend in France and he makes long distance calls every day to listen to her talking about her croissant while he’s stroking his baguette.

I was on Facebook yesterday and I see the new Emmerdale spoilers and the picture they used for it was Aaron and Robert about to kiss in their suits (which is a pretty fucking hot photo btw).
I decided to see the comments, thinking that nothing bad (or horrible) will be seen.
I was wrong (unsurprisingly).
It’s 2015 and people are still complaining about letting their children watch gay couples on TV.
All I saw was “Yuk” “Ewww” or “Aaron needs to be with a girl”.