what’s interesting about the symbolism of thor in ragnarok is mirroring what dc is doing with superman ….. in that they are trying to break a god and deconstruct the meaning of what it means to BE a god. dc uses the symbolism of the “god is dead” as well as luthor’s metaphors through his paintings & religious babble, while ragnarok implies it by destroying one of the most powerful weapons in the marvel universe (which is later reconstructed anyways, but this is literally….for breaking thor as a god so ….. they needed it in there since mjolnir is an extension of himself), cutting his hair, capturing him, breaking him, etc. 

and in the unworthy thor, thor’s current run, they are doing this trope AGAIN, stripping him of mjolnir because “gods are vain”, cutting his hair, making thor realize what mortality truly means ………. idk as much as i first was so appalled with some of the direction marvel has been going with his character in both 616 and the mcu, the more i think about THIS the more i kind of love the motifs & philosophies that they are trying to pull because it’s so subtle. 

why i also don’t really LIKE it tho is because they’ve been using thor as a slapstick for awhile now, they’ve BEEN depowering him and underestimating him, forgetting him and treating him like a joke. so it makes the message of stripping him and deconstructing his divinity that much less meaningless as a plot arc, and more like a “oh look what they’re doing to thor again lmfao” kind of thing …… which is kind of cheap ……..

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you ever have that wlw feel when you see a pretty girl out in public and catch yourself staring then feel like a fucking creep and like you're perpetuating the Male Gaze? I hate it

I wanted to respond to this ask but I felt like I didn’t know how to put it into words so here’s some advice from some awesome wlw:
@canaries - I find that remembering there’s a difference between, seeing and internally complimenting a pretty woman, and what men do sometimes. With the male gaze it’s a lot more predatory and unwanted, where as wlw its part of your sexuality, you see a pretty girl and you look for a couple seconds then you move on. in my opinion that feeling of maybe perpetuating the male gaze that wlw can get, is internalized homophobia. thinking its wrong to look at a girl because “its not natural” and it takes time to over come that but its just like any other form of internalized homophobia.
@swanmills - i think the fact that so many of us feel guilty about it, other than a lot of internalized homophobia, is that when wlw see pretty women, it’s more… personal? like even when you’re only looking at her outward appearance, you know she’s a person. wlw see women as people. the male gaze doesn’t.
@officialpilot - i reckon that there’s a good difference between the Male Gaze (objectifying women, treating them as sexual objects) and appreciating aesthetic beauty. knowing that you’re not gazing at the women in a way that diminishes their…integrity? i forget the word is a good way to separate yourself from perhaps unconsciously objectifying women. also? it’s also important to remember that even appreciating women sexually or aesthetically does not make you a disgusting human being. the Predatory Gay stereotype has perpetuated this appreciation into something monstrous, which is something that so obviously needs to be deconstructed by society. internalised homophobia, i think, is a big part of this stereotype too
@leiafemme - remember that finding a girl pretty or attractive is a harmless fact of life. almost everyone has crushes; wlw are no more predatory than anyone else about them. its a natural, normal phenomenon, and nothing to be ashamed of. also you’d be happy if another girl found you pretty, right? thats how most girls would feel if they knew your feelings.