Look there are a lot of defining moments in Gravity Falls but I think the most defining one was when the exact clone of Dipper was literally dying and said, “Oh boy. Don’t look now. It’s okay, dude. I had a good run.” and honestly, I think that says everything we need to know about Dipper’s personality and I invite you to imagine what would have happened if the real Dipper had actually gotten hurt in the show.

Tao Injured His Leg Today

Some of you may have already heard, but Tao injured his leg today. It’s nothing severe, don’t worry, but it still seems like a deep cut. It bled and even Suho was fussing over Tao a little.

From the looks of it, it happened during practice. Maybe for the Gangnam Hallyu Festival? If so, it definitely is no big injury because Tao was performing just fine later on.

So there’s no need to worry! He’s fine. 

Murasaki B


This featurette is everything I wanted and more, this makes me more in love with him and his bizarre accent