Just one ki…*SPLASH*

Greaserlock bonus
(shooting pics under 221boat)


Greaser Sherlock (and gifmaker) - kassna
Nerd John - itsloki
Filming - kassna’s boyfriend ♥

Inspiration - traumachu and her wonderful story as well as the art of archiaart



Here, have a moving version of the not-as-planned kiss. ;)

♥♥ A very happy birthday to you! ♥♥

five times they left (and one time they didn’t)

(my dear friend amy (swallowedsong) is stuck in an airport, so here’s a travel shenanigans piece for her.) 

(the title says it all - captain swan. au.) 


“Are you serious right now?” 


Emma sighs heavily and the clerk glares even harder, if that’s possible. She knows it’s not helping, her attitude - is sure the clerk is overworked and tired and truly unable to offer anything other than another flight in twelve hours, but - 

“Mom, can I get a hot chocolate?” 

“We’ll be back,” she tells the lady behind the counter - who barely grants her another glance before calling “Next!” as Emma ushers Henry away. 

“So, what are we gonna do?” 

“I’m still figuring it out.”

“Isn’t Storybrooke only, like, four hours away?” 


They settle into the Starbucks line, Henry’s brow furrowed in concentration. Emma wraps her arm around him and tucks him into her side. 

“We can always just stay here until the next flight.” 

“Couldn’t we drive?” 

Emma had been weighing the idea in her head. On the one hand, it would probably, definitely be faster. On the other, she hasn’t driven in winter conditions on this coast in years - since before Henry was born. And at night? She’s not sure she wants to risk it. 

She’s just not sure she wants to camp out in the terminal, either. 

“We’ll see.” 

Henry nods, and quicker than she’d expected they’re at the counter, a hot chocolate for Henry and a trenta coffee for Emma (she’s either driving all night or staying awake in the airport all night; either one calls for the largest coffee Starbucks will sell her). 

Henry rushes off to pour cinnamon in his drink, and as Emma’s watching him and taking a blissful first sip, she feels a tap on her shoulder.

“Excuse me, lass, I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation with the lad,” begins the stranger, a smiling man with bright blue eyes. Emma immediately goes on the defensive. 


His smile turns sheepish. 

“Just - I’m headed to Storybrooke as well. I’d been debating just driving, but alone at night, in these conditions? However, if you’d be up for it, perhaps we could carpool?” 

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Inspired by this prompt from castlefanficprompts: ‘we take the same elevator every day and due to a misunderstanding I assumed you didn’t speak english and I’ve been talking to my friend about how hot you are for three weeks and apparently my friend has known from the start but you agreed not to tell me bc you both think its hilarious what the fuck’ au

He’s taken the elevator with her almost every day for the past week or so. Her apartment must be on one of the lower floors because it’s most definitely not his—he’d have noticed her—and he’s already thinking of ways to find out which one it is without blatantly asking her where she lives.

The first time he sees her walk onto the elevator he has to forcibly tear his eyes away from her and look elsewhere so he isn’t staring, but god is she stunning. Chestnut brown hair that falls just past her shoulders, usually in curls but there are occasions where she’ll wear it straight and he loves those days. The curls are perfect, but there’s something about the length that’s added when she straightens it that does him in. He’s only had a clear view of her eyes a handful of times, mostly when she gives him a friendly smile as she steps in, but they’re just as beautiful as she is. Brown and green with flecks of gold that stand out when the harsh elevator lighting hits them, a wonderful mixture of hazel that has him wishing he could just look into them forever.

But he doesn’t, because that’d be creepy.

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happy birthday jen!!!!! (i’m a few days late i’m sorry omg) i had no idea what to draw for your birthday but then i saw your tweets about badminton au. I HOPE YOU LIKE IT SOUYO QUEEN thanks for being an awesome friend it’s funny how we met from twitter search


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The promised follow-up to Kindred, the ‘what if Bog had been present to witness ‘C’mon, Marianne!’-AU that’s laid claim to my heart and soul. This whole thing is dedicated to Kroc, for being its main source of inspiration, but mostly for being such a goshdarn amazing friend who, despite the many hours that separate our timezones, always keeps an open ear to my ramblings <3

Bog/Marianne. Bog usually doesn’t attend the Elf Festival, but he makes an exception this year (and it’s not for the ferris wheel).

You can also read it on AO3 as The Dark King’s Folly

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I'm (Sly) Blue, dabadee dabadie

Dmmd BlueJaku AU (Sly Blue/Koujaku) fic

rating: PG 13 for strong language? idk, its SFW

word count: around 1100 

summary:  Sly questions his identity to Koujaku. 

notes: this is my first fic for DMMD, so I am very sorry if anyone (Mostly Sly) seems OOC. I was inspired to write this after seeing Beniseragaki’s birthday comic . Thank you very much for this wonderful AU, It’s really given me a surge of creativity! Also big thanks to my friend for beta-reading! sorry not sorry for the title I saw the chance and took it

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Every Story Has Its Scars

For underbellamy who makes the most beautiful au photosets. I got inspiration from this one in particular. Bellamy’s mutation is changed (with her permission) but Clarke’s is the same. I hope you like it! It’s only a small chunk of what I intend to write.

Title is from Remedy by Adele

“You’re safe now, Bellamy.”

He scoffed, looking away from the professor. Outside of the window, he could see the students mingling in the yard. Octavia was among them, laughing with her new friends as they marveled over her icy creations.

“We’ve never been safe,” he said, clenching and unclenching his hands.

He could feel Xavier’s sympathetic gaze.

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Mors et Vita

OC X Taehyung 
Soundtrack (x
Warm Bodies R! inspired AU
(a/n) Hmm I was watching this movie with my friends the other day and decided that I would write something based on it and here I am haha.. I hope you guys like it, and yes its still fluffy :) 

Originally posted by bangts

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He’s taken a lot of roles over the years. Lonely loser and doting son, serial murderer and power hungry fiend, reformed killer and best friend, lesbian college student; you get the idea. What he has to do next, though, is his most challenging role yet.

What do you do, when faced with a choice burdened with repercussions? Do you use self preservation, as you always have, or selflessly give up your happiness for someone else’s?

Except it’s not exactly happiness that he hears in her voice. Telling Claire that it’s over, the girl that he’s fought so long for, isn’t easy. Good, then, that the only thing greater than his selfishness is his love for the little blonde.

When she hangs up, he takes a deep breath as the skin of his body ripples into a new form. He glances in the reflection of a window and feels a sucker punch to the stomach. Her watery eyes stare back at him, and he has to look away.

He dials a different number, of some ‘new Danko’. All he wants is Claire, so as he heads to his destination, blonde hair dampening in the rain, he tells himself he’s doing the right thing, no matter how much he hates it.

JeanMarco Week Day 1: Fairytale/Magic

Magic AU where witch Jean and fairy Marco are best friends okay

Jean rescued Marco from some trolls and Marco’s like “I am eternally grateful!” And he’s always looking for ways to pay Jean back but Jean’s like “dude go live your life” but even he can’t tear himself away from that freckled loser

Jean working for tougher wizards who give him a hard time so Marco is like the only good source of light

And Marco loves traveling so he’s always out and about but he never leaves without finding something to bring Jean

And Marco’s always like “I’m about to start a new adventure” and then he JUST KISSES JEAN’S CHEEK and Jean’s like “I’m in” AND THAT’S IT THE END

Also they have flight competitions to see if broomstick or fairy wings are faster and sometimes when Jean gets tired Marco will flip over and let Jean rest on his chest HOW BEAUTIFUL