;;like this if u think the robot on the right is just as pretty as the robot on the left……

my updated mettaton makeup from the cosplayers at home shoot this weekend (WHICH WAS. SO MUCH FUN)! and then things got even better when ms. alyssa edwards, the drag queen responsible for the reference on the left, fucKIN FAVED MY TWEET OF THAT PIC…. god bless america. happy munday! 

[CLOSED] 1998

Pepper sighed and looked at her watch as she waited in line at a coffee shop in downtown Malibu. The whole thing seemed utterly ridiculous to her. There she was, standing in line at a store, waiting to get coffee for a man who could have bought the whole damn chain if he felt so entitled. He had plenty of cars. He could have driven there and got it himself. Had it flown in. He could have paid someone to do it…

Oh. Right. That was her.

She groaned and let her head fall back against the wall with a soft thud and glanced at her watch again. 5:53. Technically she didn’t have to be in until 6:30, but she was off her schedule, and it was making her antsy. She’d only had her job a week and - as much as she was heavily regretting taking it due to the prodigious amount of issues that had to do with alcohol and women she’d already had to deal with - she wanted to keep it. The money was good. It could serve as a stepping stone in the company. That’s what she kept telling herself. She picked her head up and made her way to the front when the barista called out, “Virginia?”, and picked up the drinks, heading out to her car. She unlocked the door and then got in, nestling them in their respective cup holders before putting the thin green plugs into the lids to prevent coffee from spilling on her very clean - albeit, old - car, starting the car, and taking off in the direction of Stark Industries. 

She clocked in at 6:19 and nodded her hellos to fellow staff members as she passed, walking briskly through the halls, heels clicking with purpose. She reached the private elevator that went down to his workshop, rode it down, punched in her access code (106), and then stepped inside cautiously. When she didn’t see him at first, a bit of hope sprang up inside her chest, thinking she may have successfully avoided seeing him that morning. When she went to work for Tony, she already knew one thing: she didn’t like him. To her, he was everything wrong with the world. He was loud, cocky, narcissistic, brash, crass, rude, self-centered, conceited, arrogant, ignorant, spoiled, reckless…essentially, everything she hated. “Mr. Stark?” she called politely, taking another step in. “I brought your coffee.”

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Over the weekend I was given the chance to visit the Dali Lama, representing Steven Universe fans from all over the world.

As customary, I presented the Dali Lama with a gift - what gift did I choose? The Steven Universe episode Jailbreak.

Why? Well not just because it’s a great episode - it was a message. A message that we, as Steven Universe fans, are more than just fans of a cartoon. We love this show because of the way it completely changes what we expect from most modern cartoons.

There are no talking dogs, no pop culture references, no fart jokes - Steven and his family feel like real people. When they’re going through tough times, they react as we would. They get hurt. And we hurt with them, because these are characters we can relate to.

Cartoon-watchers are one of the most oppressed groups on the planet. But many people just see us as nerds - grouped in with the  weeaboos, bronies, Whovians, and people who watch Game Theory.

But no more! Thanks to me, as the self-appointed ambassador of all cartoon-watchers, I presented the Dali Lama with a copy of Jailbreak, to show him that we’re more than the world thinks of us. 

And that is why I gave the Dali Lama a copy of Jailbreak.

… Also ‘cause ‘Stronger Than You’ is, like, SO good, y’know?

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Connor Mcdavid has six points in only two games.

Auston Matthews scored 4 goals in his NHL debut.

PK Subban scored his first goal as a pred off his first shot of the season (and almost fell down during his celly because he is the cutest human alive)

A fly landed on the camera during the Edmonton/Calgary game and someone promptly made a twitter account for it.

Chicago have lost every game they’ve played so far.

I know it’s only been two days but hockey is honestly killing it right now.