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Maybe you should take a science class instead of wasting a period on "fashion institute"? For someone who is in a lot of AP classes, you are not that smart..

maybe bc its gonna be my senior year and i know that i’m going into communications and fashion advertising/design (not a science field) and i wanna built my portfolio

“MAYBE ITS NOT MY WEEKEND BUT ITS GONNA BE MY YEAR” I scream into the never ending void. beensigning this for42 year.s its a cold winter night all my friends are missing I lost thme to the bittrness in this world.. ,…its dark and I can no longersee.but don’t fear kids.. BecaUASE IT COuld still be my year

  • Me, 2014: Maybe it's not my weekend, but it's gonna be my year
  • 2014: sucks
  • Me, 2015: maybe it's not my weekend, but it's gonna be my year
  • 2015: sucks
  • Me, 2016: maybe it's not my weekend
Maybe It's Not My Weekend, But It's Gonna Be My Year

Prompt: Jack b when you’re best friends and your on your period and he comes over (he has a key because he practically lives with you hes here so much) and wakes you up by jumping on your bed and you tell him to piss off and he leaves and comes back with tons of candy and tampons up his nose and pads and he says he worked out it was your period by the way she was acting then they cuddle and watch films then he tells her he loves her? then she loves him too then awww kiss<3 Thankyou x

I just about died when I saw this in the inbox. It’s so cute and just ugh /u\



            Jack unlocked the door and entered your apartment, stopping in the kitchen to get a glass of juice before he went into your room. He set the glass down on the nightstand and jumped on your bed. “(Y/N) wake up!! It’s morning, and the sky is awake so I am awake so we must play!” he yelled excitedly, continuing to jump on your bed.

            You groaned loudly and rolled over, one hand clutching your stomach. “Go away, Jack! I’m not in the mood for your crap today,” you grumbled, burying your face in the pillows. He stopped his attack on your bed and looked down at you. He pushed the hair back from your face before walking out of the room. You sighed and rolled over, smiling a bit when you saw that Jack had left you the juice on the table.

            After about fifteen minutes you heard the door open and close again. You looked up; ready to apologize to Jack for the way you talked to him earlier only to start laughing manically. He came in carrying a plastic bag, where you could see a box of pads and a box of tampons, along with multiple bags of different chocolates and sour candies. Jack had a tampon up each of his nostrils and had somehow gotten some or your red Kool-Aid and used it to stain the stings on the tampons in his nose.

            “Jack, what are you doing?” you giggled.

            “I brought you a period survival kit. Pads, tampons, candy… I kinda figured you’d need it considering you only ever snap like that when I try to wake you up unless you’re on your period. No biggie,” he said, smiling when he noticed the horrified look on your face at his explanation for knowing when you’re on your period. “C’mon,” he said, lifting you up against the pillows, “let’s watch a movie. Also, Doctor Jack says you need cuddles.”

            You smiled gratefully at him and nodded sheepishly. He turned the TV on and put in the first Harry Potter movie. You adjusted the pillows and blankets so that you would both have a nice cushion against the headboard before quickly going into the bathroom to take care of some business.

            When you got back to the bedroom, Jack had taken the tampons out of his nose and opened each of the bags of candy, pouring them out into a huge bowl for you to eat out of. The movie was about to start and you lay in bed with Jack. He wrapped his arm around your shoulder and pulled you into his side. You smiled and nuzzled your head into the crook of his neck and he kissed the top of your head.

            You tried to pay attention to the movie but you just couldn’t. Not with the way Jack was holding you and occasionally kissing the top of your head. Finally you looked up at him just as he was about to kiss your forehead, causing him to accidentally kiss your lips. You blushed and looked back at the TV, whilst Jack just looked at you in shock. Eventually he too turned back to the movie, but he stopped kissing your head.

            You continued to cuddle him and rub small circles with your fingertips on his chest. He smiled each time he looked at you, attempting to work up the courage to kiss you again. At the end of the movie, you were starting to doze off a bit and Jack was staring to get upset with himself. “(Y/N),” he whispered, gently shaking your shoulder.

            You hummed a bit and looked up at him. He brought his free hand up and cupped your cheek. “(Y/N), you have no idea how much I love you. I’ve loved you for a while now, but I never said anything because I didn’t want to ruin our friendship, but after that accidental kiss today I cant, refuse, to keep it bottled up anymore. I love you, (Y/N),” he said. When you failed to immediately respond, he pulled you closer and pressed his lips to yours. It took you a moment to react, but when you did your lips moved in sync with his.

            When you pulled away, he pressed his forehead to yours and you smiled softly. “I love you too, Jack,” you whispered. He smiled and pecked your lips once more. He got up to put the next movie on, and when he got back in bed with you, he pulled you flush against his side, a huge smile on his face.