seventeen as christmas things

seungcheol: the snowman that u just finished building outside when the snow started !

jeonghan: the little angel twirling in dat little crystal ball thing with the beautiful droplets of snow

jisoo: santa claus tHERE IS NOTHING ELSE lEFT TO BE SAID

hansol: the gingerbread house

seungkwan: tHE wRAPPING PaPER

junhui: the artificial christmas tREE

wonwoo: the hot chocolate :-)

mingyu: thE FIREPLAC E :-)

chan: the christmas cookies in shapes of stars and hearts and circles and cute little houses !!!!

seokmin: the iridescent christmas lights!!!!!

soonyoung: the mISTLETOE

minghao: the cANDY CANES!!!

jihoon: the wreath hanging outside yOUR DOOR as a form of saying mERRY CHRISTMAS bUT NOT RLLY????/