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Hi! I dont know if youre still taking prompts. If you are can you write a fic killian teaches his and emmas son(s) how to be gentlemen and emma and the family think its so cute when they do something courteous?

Oh my goodness, this is adorable!

“Why, thank you, Charlie,” Snow said as the six-year-old held the door to Granny’s open as his family filed out of the diner.

“You’re welcome, Gramma,” Charlie replied politely.

Since their family was large, Charlie ended up acting as a doorstop for a good few moments without a word of complaint. Snow turned to Emma, a smile on her face and her eyes shining. “What a little gentleman.”

“Yeah, Killian’s been imparting all his gentleman-ly knowledge on the kid,” Emma replied, a matching smile on her lips. “Charlie holds doors, he pulls out chairs at the table. He even takes things from me if he thinks I’m carrying too much.”

Snow came thisclose to letting out an audible, “Awww.”

“It’s the cutest with Leia. He gets her toys and wraps an arm around her when she’s crying.” Which was often; Leia had recently entered her terrible twos and Emma was beginning to understand exactly how the age got its name.

“He’s going to make a special someone very happy someday,” Snow said.

Killian was the last to file out of Granny’s. He ruffled his young son’s hair as he took the door and told the kid to head down the stairs with a, “Well done, lad.”

Emma smiled lovingly at her boys while shifting a squirming Leia in her arms. “He sure will. After all, he takes after his dad.”


Its Going Down- Behind the Scenes Special

Watching the affair days,, it’s not really an affair as such, it’s a love story. Right from the beginning it was never “let’s meet up for sex” it was ALWAYS more. They both cared so much and especially Robert was constantly trying to impress and make Aaron happy. That’s not just someone you see for sex, that’s someone you see because you want to spend time with them, want them to like you. He was so far gone from the very start. I don’t think Robert had ever fallen in love so easily, if ever like that before so he really didn’t know just how much he cared until it came down to the very end. He was kinda oblivious to it all and then it dawned on him just how much he needed Aaron and that’s when he got scared and denied it all!

It’s amazing to watch though. It’s by pure chance and luck that we have Robron and I will never let go.

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My dad's best friend passed away a few weeks ago unexpectedly. He loved Lackadaisy and had followed it for years, as have I. It was something we loved discussing together! Since his death, I've been rereading the comic and it's helped ease the pain and made me feel closer to him. I just wanted to thank you for creating something that brought me closer to someone I might not have gotten to know as well otherwise, and it's always going to hold a special meaning for me because of that. Thank you.

I’ve been sitting here for a while trying to think of how to respond to this, but I’m still mostly flummoxed.  Some days, the stupidest of frustrations pile up and you get to feeling sorry for yourself, wondering, “What am I doing?  What am I even doing?”  …Then someone says something like this to you, and everything shifts into lucid perspective with such suddenness, there’s really nothing much you can do but burst into tears.

I’m so touched to hear that Lackadaisy was some vertex in space at which you were able to connect.  If it has proven to be any sort of help to you now, then I’d argue it has stumbled into territory beyond its own worthiness, but I am very glad and very humbled to know of it.  Thank you for writing and sharing this with me.  

Most of all, I’m so sorry for your loss. I hope you find whatever comfort you need amidst your memories and the people dearest to you.


Tom Bagshaw


“My piece for the next Supersonic Electronic Invitational (SE4) show taking place on 10th January 2015 at Spoke Art gallery in San Francisco, California. This is a 12x16” (excl frame) piece on cotton rag stock, embellished with antique gold paint and some added acrylic texture, varnished and framed.

The SEI shows are always amazing but this show in particular looks like its going to be something special, check out this incredible artist lineup: Alessandra Maria • Alex Pardee • Allan Innman • Amy Sol • Bezt • Brett Amory • Cahill Wessel • Cam Floyd • Camilla d’Errico • Casey Weldon • Charlie Immer • Charmaine Olivia • Christian Rex van Minnen • Christine Wu • Conrad Roset • Dan Christofferson • Daniel Danger • David Slone • Edwin Ushiro • Erik Jones • Fumi Mini Nakamura • Glenn Arthur • Hanksy • Hannah Stouffer • Haunted Euth • Henrik Uldalen • Hikari Shimoda • Hsiao-Ron Cheng • Jason Edmiston • Jeff Ramirez • Jen Mann • Joanne Nam • Joao Ruas • Joel Daniel Phillips • Ken Garduno • Ken Taylor • Kikyz1313 • Lauren YS • Lucien Shapiro • Matt Ritchie • Matthew Woodson • Meryl Pataky • Mike Mitchell • ONEQ • Ozabu • Peter Adamyan • Peter Chan • Rebecca Mason Adams • Robert Bowen • Sail • Sam Wolfe Connelly • Sarah Joncas • Seamus Conley • Sean Newport • Sergio Lopez • UYU • Stella Im Hultberg • Steve Kim • Tatiana Suarez • T.S. Claire • Tom Bagshaw • Winnie Truong • Zoltron

A huge thank you to Zach at SE for inviting me to this show- im really looking forward to seeing the other works!! Please get in touch with Spoke art for purchase enquiries.”

Loco - Little Tease [originally posted on my closed blog]

Anon said: Can you write Loco smut ? Where you are in public and you feel so turn on

It was a long week to say the least. Work was stressful and your boyfriend had been away. To say you were feeling lonely was an understatement. You missed waking up with his arms around you and getting to kiss him when you came home. But you understood his busy schedule and wanted to support him.

“You’re coming tonight right jagi?” You switched the phone onto your other ear, applying the finishing touches to your makeup.

“Of course. I’m just getting ready to go to the venue now. I’ll be there to see you perform and after we can catch up.” You could hear his sigh through the phone.

“That sounds so amazing, jagi. I can’t wait to get you in my arms.” You couldn’t help but smile. This was the first time in the months that you have lived together that he had to go away for work, and it was more difficult than ever to not get to see him everyday.

  “Just remember that you have to perform first, Oppa.” You were biting your lip and selecting the dress of the evening. You could hear who you assumed was Jay telling Loco. “Look, jagi, the bouncer has your name at the club. But make sure you get a good spot for my performance. Its going to be extra special.”

“I can’t wait Oppa.”

  An hour later you were at the club, right in front of center stage waiting for the performance to start in a couple minutes. Sipping your drink, the lights started to dim. Loco and the boys came up on the stage. You were immediately smiling when your eyes landed on your love, and when he saw you his eyes opened wide. He gave you a once over and was biting his lip, clearly enjoying the short, tight, emerald lace dress that you had bought for this night.

The boys were hyped on the stage, going through the set flawlessly and bringing everyone in the club to their feet. You noticed the whole time Loco didn’t take his eyes off of you. You were getting majorly turned on and then Loco came forward, dancing slightly with his hips. As the performance went on you got majorly turned on. You couldn’t wait until you got him alone.

The show ended with you pulling Loco onto your lips. “Oppa, that was amazing. Your best performance yet!” You pulled him down to you, gently nibbling on his lower lip until his tongue started to fight yours. His hands found their way to your ass, gently giving it a squeeze as he pulled you flush against him. “How about we go now?” You whispered into his ear, nibbling while you finished the sentence. He nodded, pulling you back stage to say goodbye to the guys and get his stuff.

The guys were making comments at the way Loco was walking behind you, arms wrapped around you stomach. 

“I can see someone missed you. Probably standing like that to hide a hard on,” Jay joked, although you and your love both knew it was true.

The whole ride home you spent trading kisses and gentle touches. “I missed you so much, jagi. It was so hard to be away from you.”

“Oppa, you have to make it up to me since you left me all alone in the cold nights.” A smirk came across Loco’s face, “I more than plan on making it up to you ten fold tonight baby.”

Closing the door to your shared apartment, Loco pushed you against the wall, attacking your neck with bites and kisses, dragging you to the bedroom.

“Oh, God! LO…..CO!” He pushed you onto the bed, tugging his pants off while you tried to catch your breath. “Oppa, please. It has been so long,” you complained while climbing onto you, his girth pressing against your heat. “Don’t tease me.”

“Oh, but jagi,” he said kissing his way down your neck while he worked your dress off. “There is more than enough time to tease you tonight.” You couldn’t hold back any more. Wrapping your legs around his waist, pulling his member against your core.

“Please don’t tease me anymore. Please. I need you inside me now.” You were were a whimpering mess, fully confident that you wouldn’t be able to last long once he started. Pushing into you, you cried out praises, arching your back to feel him even deeper.

Loco kept pounding into you, grunting with pleasure. “Oh yes, Oppa. I need more,” you clawed at his back, spurring him on. Loco stepped up the past even more, trapping your mouth with his as he tweaked your nipples. This was all you needed to find your release, his name coming out in a chant as he found his release shortly after.

Pulling out, you snuggled into his chest as he pulled the blanket to cover you both.

“Thank you for being in love with me jagi.”

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@akiyama-san said: Oh my God, another person on planet earth that actually liked XY? It’s a miracle.

XY was one of my favorite gens, honestly!!!

It gets a lot of slack and complaints, and I totally understand that, but it was such a fun experience for me and my first dive back into the franchise hardcore after so long… like sure, Flare’s whole thing was A Mess and the story was a bit all over the place but it had character and it’s sad to see it got pushed aside and basically forgotten–until now, I suppose. But it’s just Lysandre and I made it clear to everyone that he is the One Thing I could do without in the game :’D 

The gazette special personal interview Vo.RUKI
  • Interviewer (I): 2014 was a year with all of tour image. Now think back again, how do you feel?
  • Ruki: Actually at the beginning we plant it supposed to be a calm year but look how it turned (smiles) Of course we also had a month before the tour to prepare everything and had 3 tours too. Plus we also took part in Festival show, and making MV "Last heaven", " To dazzling darkness", 2014 turned out a very busy year for us.
  • I: And after finish the hall tour where the main songs from new release "Groan of venomouse cell" with "Toxic" "Division" album were sang,and this time in the live house do you feel any sublimation?
  • Ruki: Yes, i do. There were alot of new discovery for us. Because of the different between hall and live house, we had to fix everything from the start. The atmosphere we made in the hall and live house is not the same, you know. "Ahh, this song, with this song like that...perhaps not suitable to play in the hall, doesnt it?" something like that happened (smiles) and there are also alot of the songs which fans getting like or the songs we want fans like by playing it over and over. Based on those thinking and what we want to impress, i think it was a good combination.
  • I: At the Summer's tour "Pulse wriggling to dim scene" i have the feeling it was a close atmosphere to fans with "touching" (hands)
  • Ruki: I planned to say it in gently way. I feel there were alot of band like that back then. And there also was a band/person who only play in the hall and never understand how the atmostphere in live house is, then there are also the new generation-young people who dont understand even the obvious thing or have tacit understanding. And personally there's some liven-up way i dont like since before and it doesnt change. But this time, with "redefiniton" meaning, its not bad to say about it again. With the meanging of "now or never", we also want the fans who paid to see us enjoy themselve best. At the same time, its also what we want to reach to. With those meaning, "Groan of venomous cell" "03" was born and express our thoughts. And we also hope it will turn out in a good way when we play at the hall. The fact that depending on people, some still cant accept the oppinion of once going to the live show people have to headbang. But we want to tell them the meaning of the joy which we only can enjoy AT THAT TIME.
  • I: I see. And at the final tour "03", March 10th 13th anniversary concert was annouced. Bring back alot of touched feeling when annouced a live show in Budokan and Tokyo Dome in the very first period of Gazette, i think to all the fan, its also the place with full of deeply memories.
  • Ruki: Ahh, think about it...actually we didnt mean in that way. We put the schedule of Budokan on the top concern. We chose Budokan for the anniversary because its empty that day (laugh)
  • I: Obviously indeed (laugh)
  • Ruki: Therefore, when we heard about it and thought "oh, its nice, isnt it, its been a while we havent held the concert there". When we held 10th anniversary, our feeling at that time also has growned up and kinda serious. "thats why in 13 anniversary, we also need to be more serious and make a better concert" (laugh)
  • I: Dose that mean, there will have anniversary every year?
  • Ruki: But honestly we are the band that not care much about anniversary (laugh) But still, comparing to 10th, 13th anniversary bring much more hard-working.
  • I: As expected, this number brings draining, doesnt it?
  • Ruki: Maybe. "something like there also have our 10th anniversary inside" (laugh) When we hadnt created a band, 13th anniversary is something special to us. 13 is not really good number but it is much more like Gazette.
  • I: When know about it, this time Budokan concernt is getting more exiting, right?
  • Ruki: We think about it little by little and what should we do to make its...suprising. In 2014 year tour we almost played all old songs, when re-look that list we found out there is a song we never play again or some rare song which bring a different feeling, or how we should play to make the live more explode, interesting. We have been thinking alot to make the best concert.
  • I: whatever it is, it suppose to be a speical gift to the viewers, doesnt it?
  • Ruki: Maybe. Not sure we will do this again again later (laugh). The fact that its about the song which we never have chance to play.
  • I: By the way, when was a kid, have you ever been to Budokan to see the concert?
  • Ruki: Yes, i have. When Luna Sea released "Style" tour. On the way to go back, during the hall we even delivered our band's leaflet (laugh) To me, Budokan is really huge stage where i stand there i always feel nervous. Its not like the feeling of arena being speard further and further in front of me, its about mysterious feeling which i even dont know what it is.
  • I: Isnt it being holy feeling?
  • Ruki: Maybe. I have that feeling when go inside from the back stage. A very special feeling. i always bow once before i get inside. (laugh)
  • I: And what make me curious is what next after concert
  • Ruki: Of course we will release album. We also have to re-think in some aspect but i guess it will be probaly changing year, including the part we made creation in liveshow 2014
  • I: does it mean the band no longer release the original music again? dont you miss the work in studio?
  • Ruki: Of course not. We always creat the music/song, thats why there is no "miss" here (laugh) But its scary when go inside the studio, specially the rule of how to fit the schedule. its been a while when we do recording, we also know that which we want to reach toward, and the fact of during working make is different. When we want to meet the expectation, probably it needs time. And the thought of making a music which get the lisenter's respecting is always strong.
  • to be continue....
  • (This is my personaly translate lol sorry for my poor English XD)

reverie |  5600-4787-9460

reverie, a little forest town in the french countryside, is one year old today! come explore and see all that it has to offer after a year of development. camping in a thunderstorm isn’t the wisest of decisions, but i promise you that it’s safe. and when you’re done putting up with the earth’s atmosphere, head over to mayor lynne’s house spaceship for some space exploration. this town has been a labor of love for me and i’ve enjoyed every [non-plot resetting] minute in it, so i hope you do too. please tag any pictures with girlsguidetopowertools :)

100th video of superfruit next week!!

I hope its-sup3rfruit are going to do a special video, because it’s their 100th video next week! Maybe a livestream or an extra long video. Or maybe we can send them challenges instead of questions and they have to do the challenges. Or maybe try not to laugh with helium, that would be funny. Spread the word people, reblog! I’m just suggesting things. Maybe some people have better ideas and maybe superfruit sees this!! Byee! (Maybe Scott and Mitch already know something for their next video, but still: it’s kinda awesome that it is their 100th video!!)☺