Fushimi Saruhiko - Episode 1

It’s Art Book Time! ADVENTURE TIME: THE ART OF OOO’s Author Takes Us to Ooo

You know what’d be a great Christmas present for your nutty uncle, long lost algebra teacher, or your current main squeeze, even? That’s correct, Chris McDonnell’s Art of Ooo coffee table book.

To make up your mind on the purchasing side, go here to Newsarama for Zack Smith’s (interview with Chris, who says about the series,

…the key to the show’s freshness and its longevity and its strength in moving forward is letting people tell stories that are important to them.

They might tell funny stories, silly, lighthearted stories, or deeper, philosophical stories depending on their mood – some storyboard artists were saying they were bringing ideas to the writers to turn into outlines the artists could then turn into storyboards and episodes. There’s that kind of collaboration on the show that makes them invested in making the best show they can make.

Above: “A collection of tips on how to draw Jake by storyboard revisionist and supervisor Ian Jones-Quartey.”

Companies with boy groups: we’re going to give you guys video teasers, repackaged albums, official merch, world tours, multiple sububits, music in several languages, deep and meaningful mv’s that fans spend hours trying to understand, documentary series, variety show appearances, live albums and concert dvds, deals for dramas and movies, trips to western countries to meet and perform for thousands of international fans
Companies with girl groups: lol good luck finding massive success, here are a couple of teaser pics remember to just dance cute and smile a lot we blew all of our resources on your male labelmates you gotta fend for yourselves in this market


Staged Portraits of Africa’s Contemporary Urban Scene.

Artist Statement: These are the fresh faces of the continent’s urban culture. They are black, arabs, caucasian, asian…it doesn’t matter. They are creative and ambitious, but most importantly, they dedicate their everyday lives to making their dreams a reality. In this series, the objective is to portray a generation which endeavours to showcase the African urban universe and its blossoming art production and exchanges.

The intent is to go beyond the strictly asthetic depiction of a beautiful youth… Every portrait is the outcome of a collaboration between the sitter and the photographer.

see more work here

*Diop’s work is situated within a long history of African portrait photography, in particular the work of Seydou Keita.


Doctor Who Rewatch: Rose

indulgence. | 01.

JAEBUM | smut | 3064 words | JOCK AU | SERIES | M
     ↳ he gets a little too curious, a little too frisky, and ends up having his own fun in the library.

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im so sorry


A Calvin And Hobbes mashup brings out the cutest possible side of Star Wars

From Yoda to Ewoks to BB-8, the Star Wars franchise has long had a penchant for cute characters, despite all that unpleasant space genocide going on in the background. That’s why it appeals to multiple generations. Lovable aliens and robots for the kids, cold-blooded extermination of entire civilizations for Mom and Dad. A tendency toward adorableness was in Star Wars’ DNA well before Disney took over the property.

Now a Disney/Marvel artist named Brian Kesinger has managed to take this proclivity to its logical conclusion: a series of illustrations depicting characters from The Force Awakens in the instantly recognizable style of Bill Watterson’s whimsical, much-missed comic strip, Calvin And Hobbes.

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ALRIGHT. Majority rule and its about time I started doing this. To the new followers, my name is Micah I go by NOODLES/ Lil $crunchie I make these weird mixes and the internet tends to like them. For the OG followers I’m sorry its taken me this long to actually sit my ass down and mix these songs together for y’all to enjoy on your long rides, parties, etc… So I’m going to start a mix series featuring 15-20 of my favorite songs at the moment. Mixing old songs and new shit. There will be times where the mix will be completely RANDOM, LITERALLY SO RANDOM UR GONNA BE LIKE HOW SHE GONNA GO FROM BABY BOY DA PRINCE TO INCUBUS. Yeah bare with me, just want to express my music taste with y’all to put you on or bring back memories. K! Here’s my May mix:

how bout now - bryson tiller
the pressure - jhene aiko
????? - mr. carmack
wrong - tinashe
thats my shit - the dream
in for it - tory lanez
alright - kendrick lamar
don’t waste my time - krept & konan
swerve - makonnen
touch - omarion
jealous - kehlani feat. Lexii Alijai
left alone (taku & gravez remix) - flume feat. chet falker
bruh - sam gellaitry
feel that - vic mensa
ay ay (stooki sound remix) - goldlink
blouses - mr. carmack


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Naruto Workout Series: Sakura Haruno/Uchiha

Hey everybody! so i want to start something random or maybe not so random and its a workout series for thoes of you who want to feel like your fav Naruto character

Starting with Sakura

Lets go!

Warm up:

30 sec high knees

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30 sec jumping side to side

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5 min jumping rope

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40 Punches

Quick tip: keep your core tight

20(each side) long leg lifts 

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20 Triceps and leg rises (10 each side)

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10 up and down plank

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15 plank twist

30 Eagle crunches

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Stretch/Cool down

20 sec bow pose

Downward dog and cobra

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Side leg stretch

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And we’re done!

 Let me know if you like it and message me which character i should do next

  • ok but andriel and forehead kisses 
  • the first time neil does it they’re not even kissing. it’s been a long hard day of routine practices and that night on the court with kevin andrew just gives it his all, going that extra mile despite how exhausted he is, despite how exhausted they all are, leaving even kevin speechless at this out-of-the-blue finesse. 
  • andrew doesn’t think neil should notice, but ofc he does, it’s neil & he has a third eye; one that devours andrew’s every move. anyway as kevin ambles on ahead of them to go change, neil just presses his racquet against andrew’s back, leans in and kisses him on the forehead. he doesn’t say anything then, just shoots him a small smile and jogs on ahead. a show of support, or appreciation. 
  • andrew has stilled, he can still feel the ghost of neil’s lips against his temple. he just stays frozen there for an entire minute bc wtf was that?! did that idiot junkie really just do that?! what does this mean going forward? and why did that feel so good? ??
  •  he’d never been kissed like that before of course, he’d never given such a chaste notion any thought at all, how aloof and alien that gesture was. how strange. a forehead kiss was humble, it asked for nothing in return and andrew simply didn’t understand the mechanics of something that didn’t ask for anything in return.
  • andrew’s left confused but he shakes it off & moves on bc whatever.
  • the next week, neil does it again after class, and then again when andrew drives over to pick him up, and then again when they’re kissing. andrew knows that neil knows he shivers everytime.
  • this once he does it in front of nicky at eden’s twilight and nicky spills about it to roland. “oh, so they’re that far gone, huh?” roland says, smirking suggestively. “head over heels.” nicky agrees, with a grin. “i’d never thought i’d live to see the day.” roland mutters, contemplatively.
  • ofc, andrew then quietly threatens to rip nicky’s larynx out.
  • but internally, he thinks head over heels is a dangerously accurate expression. there’s this sense of vertigo he gets from being around neil, and for a boy who fears heights, that’s as troublesome a thought as any.
  • finally, andrew says, despite the way it makes his skin crawl, that neil needs to quit it bc andrew doesn’t know where to place this notion of respect, this warmth. he isn’t familiar with either.
  • “no,” neil says, pointedly. when andrew shoots him a deadly look, he just brings andrew’s chin up with his knuckles and smiles. “you like it.”
  • “i don’t.”
  • “you’re still a terrible liar.“
  • so andrew gets a little defensive and pushes neil off of him, but neil’s having none of it. "okay goalkeeper, for once in your life stop deflecting.”
  • “i’m not a fan of curveballs.”
  • “i was a curveball.”
  • “not a fan of you, either.”
  • “keep lying like that and you’ll have to change your name to nathanial.”
  • “194%” then andrew envelopes him in another kiss and this time, when neil presses a kiss to his forehead, he closes his eyes to the gesture and allows himself to face the fall. when he pulls back, he asks, almost tentatively, “what is it?”
  • neil runs a finger down andrew’s collarbone, “a reminder.” he doesn’t elaborate and andrew doesn’t ask him to, he thinks he understands.
  • this wasn’t supposed to be this fracking long, ffs goodnight. xD

Watching season three of Buffy is so weird sometimes because whenever I see Angel and Wesley in the same scene, all I can think is, “Ohhh, you boys have no idea what kind of ride you’re in for together.”