Pity (Prologue)

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Summary: Jungkook had found out about your crush the worst way possible and while you sulk, Yoongi comes into the picture

Genre: Angst (for now lmao)

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader for now

Word Count: 985

A/N: Can I call this a prologue god im such an amateur

Prologue l Part 1

You stand against the railing, letting it support your whole body weight while your mind rack through the memories of your three year crush, your best friend of eight years. The memories of your eight years flash through your head, starting from the moment you met to the moment he backed away as soon as he found out about your feelings towards him. It was at a small high school gathering with a group of your classmates when some son of bitch thought that it be a great idea to tell all these stories about how your eyes used to follow him when he walks past, or when you would smile like an idiot just from staring at some photos of him, all of the things that you never realised you did that last year of high school. Of course, Jungkook isn’t dumb enough to not realise that acting like that towards someone is totally not because they have a crush on the other party. Man, the disgusted expression on Jungkook’s face was priceless, especially when the pity towards you started to sink into his expression moments after. That’s when you snapped. Pity was the last thing that you ever wanted from him. You’ve received more than enough pity from strangers and acquaintances and he was the last person you wanted to feel that way towards you. With that in mind, you stormed out of the quiet bar, tears filled to the brim of your eyes, speed walking straight to the train station.

You mind comes back to reality where a bunch of strangers start getting on the train, most of them stinking of alcohol and cigarettes. Your melancholy is slowly replaced by anger as the sight of them begins to annoy you. You can hear them loud and clear as they start making small talk despite having your earphones in with loud ass music blasting through them.

‘Why does he even pity me after finding out that I had crush on him? Did he seriously not notice for the last three flipping years? Is our friendship going to be ruined, too?’

All these thought race through your mind and the more your think about it, the more you can feel heat rising to your face from all the emotion mixing though you right now. The anger, the embarrassment, the sadness and the shitty feeling you feel where you want to throw up but can’t. All those feelings are mixing at the pit of your stomach, brewing up poison and trouble that will get to you sooner or later.

Not being able to take it anymore, you notice the train coming to a stop and with the desperate thought of escaping engraved in your mind, you immediately step through the opening doors, feeling the gush of midnight wind against as soon as you step onto the platform.

You honestly don’t know where you are as you never bothered to check which station you had stepped onto or where you turned left or right while walking out of the station. Your phone had conveniently ran out of battery and you probably won’t be home anytime soon, but honestly that’s the last thing on your mind as all your thoughts are simply filled with Jungkook’s expression replaying all over again in your mind like a gif. You honestly couldn’t give one fuck about anything else apart from trying to get his damn face out of your mind for the time being. So with some effort, you finally lift your head up to take a good look around your surroundings and all you could tell was that you were in some quiet, undisturbed suburb with dim streetlights and the occasional car driving past.

‘Shit, this place totally makes me feel better’ you sarcastically think.

Despite the calmness and quietness in the atmosphere, that’s the last thing you could feel. So you immediately give up and go back into your depressing state of being reminded that you were rejected long before you even confessed.

However, your mind comes back to reality, because as you mindlessly turn left, you could hear some calm music playing in the background with bright lights beaming in the distance. This somehow perks your interest and you suddenly find yourself at the entrance of a vintage looking bar. You take a small peek inside to see only a few customers and hear small talk and you feel that this could possibly be the only place that makes you relax after the wave of emotions you had gone for the last few hours.

You sit yourself down at the bar and order yourself a watermelon-tequila while reminding yourself that this is also Jungkook’s favourite drink. You curse at yourself internally while you bury your hands into your face with your elbows on the table. A few moments later you can hear the clink of a glass against the table, indicating that the bartender had just delivered your drink before moving onto his next. You can hear murmuring two seats to your right with some chuckles mixed in between them and you think to yourself how it reminds you of someone you know but couldn’t quite put a finger on it. You then catch a few sentences such as “how’s your music going?”, “cheer up man, you’ll get there someday, Yoongi”.

‘Yoongi huh’

It takes you a while but you slowly piece together the pieces that makes you spin your head to your right.

‘That familiar laugh, his passion is music, name is yoongi…’

“Min Yoongi?” you say before you stop yourself.

The man turns his head to the direction of his name being called out only to see a half-drunken woman squinting her eyes at him as if trying to figure something out. He takes in her image as well to see someone very familiar in her too. Then it comes to him all in one wave.


Prologue l Part 1