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What I truly find very funny is that when ppl discuss the bad ending they are considered a ir shipper. urm no sorry it's not like that people need to look at the bigger picture or outside the box there are non shippers out there that hate the ending, y can't they realise that. Oh dear no, they are upset becuz a huge chunk of the fandom hates bleach or have left and it's just them celebrating the worst end. Look at Japan are they rejoicing no they are not huge no. of them hate the ending

I don’t know why they fail to realize this, anon. I truly don’t. I’ve even seen accusations that IR fans only talk about the other things that don’t make sense about Bleach as a buffer to hide that they only really care about Ichiruki and their ship. Wtf kind of sense does that make? Even IF that was the motivation, it still does not change the gross and seemingly innumerable inconsistencies in the series. I just can’t. Anyone that read Bleach at face value can see that not knowing what really happened to Kisuke Urahara is a big deal, and that’s just one thing.

I kept thinking about this shirt and I continue to think I own it but I don’t ha
but while it was in my mind I figured I’d draw Crona in it cause pfff why not

I also made a lil signature for myself to put on my art now