“There is no such thing as a free wish”
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Pls help me

I’m so upset. oh my god. I don’t know if anyone remembers that really old komahina fanfic Little Captain of the Stars but it broke my heart. A lot. And I just found this great visual novel? It’s called Voices from the Sea. Playing through it broke my heart and made me so sad, it’s so similar to that fanfic [that is basically gone{LIKEFUCKINGSTARPEOPLE}] and i am going to cry why can’t i find this fanfic it’s tearing me apart i know it was a real thing

This was a real thing, right? Little Captain of the Stars was a real fanfic, right?
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Chapter 8 summary:

Makoto studies for his upcoming exams, and Haru doesn’t approve.

Relationships: Nanase Haruka/Tachibana Makoto, Background Hazuki Nagisa/Ryuugazaki Rei, Matsuoka Rin/Yamazaki Sousuke
Additional Tags: Fluff, Engagement, Haru knows how to tease his man, Makoto is adorable, Bridezilla!Haru, Breathplay, Dominant!Makoto, Seductive!Haru, Wedding Planning, Rin/Rei/Nagisa are the wedding planning squad, possessive!Haru, model!Haru, the reigisa and sourin are in the background for now :D, Comfort/Angst, needy!Haru, Pet Names
Summary: Haru and Makoto are engaged and living together in Tokyo at the young age of 21.

I’m gonna wait to hear the full album before I make any concrete judgements about Zayn’s sound.

All I can honestly say after day one of exposure therapy for my OCD is that it sucked ass.

I had 5 panic attacks. 5. Which is more than I’ve had in a WEEK since I started my new meds.

I really fucking hope this works, because it’s a long ass process and it’s really taxing both emotionally and physically.

I need a hug.

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I’m glad I’ve been single this long bc I’m getting to know myself and loving everything about me and yes its been years since I’ve had a significant other but I’m a-ok cool w it bc i need to be complete and whole on my own before I can carry on in life w another person

#2: Done

I don’t really write poetry as a hobby
But when I do, it’s very expressive. 
Maybe too expressive.
Emotions take control. It’s scary.
Hands tied, heart melted and spread,
Mind blanked out completely.

Damn it all.

Damn your obnoxious laugh.
Damn your shallow tears. 
Damn your oblivious mind,
Blurred by that one single person
you always chase after.
Damn you. 

I’m done. 
I’m so done. 

I’m done with your cute stupidity.
I’m done with your calming words
that soothe my mind whenever I’m down.
I’m done with your constant rants;
Your oh-so-sweet affection
that keeps me calm and sound every once in a while.

What is it that you want from me? 

I’m done. So done. 
Stop saying that you care. 
Stop saying you love me.
Stop comforting me.
Stop giving me hugs and reassurances.
Stop it…

Or I’ll find myself falling for that same old trick again.