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Nobody is actually gay in Tolkien, friend.

not with that attitude 

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The wait is finally almost over! 

It’s been a few months since the announcement of the project, however I am happy to announce the launch date for the fundraiser is April 26, 2015. Get ready!

Thank you to everyone who has been waiting for this project to pick up the pace, and thank you to the artists who have agreed to participate in this collaboration//fanbook project! Artists, I will be contacting you in the coming month to check up on how you are doing with your art pieces. (Just a reminder those pieces are needed by late-June/mid-July!)

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For my newer followers who may not be aware, a few months ago I announced the Art & Analysis project, a charity event in which selected fan-artists and myself will pour in our efforts to create a fan book like no other–featuring new ZnT fan works from some of the best artists in the fandom as well as re-written and NEW analyses from yours truly! All proceeds will go to Children International Charity–specifically their HOPE fund.

For more information, please visit the following links:

Artist List

HOPE Fund Information

Want to apply to be an artist?

Art & Analysis FAQ

Upstate NY Gothic

You could have sworn you were in a town just a moment ago, but all you see are the rolling green hills, and all you feel is the jerk in your stomach and the pop in your ears as you go up, and down, up and down

you drive for hours, past the towns, past long lakes and through vast fields, and you leave. it is easy to leave, though few do.

and when you say where you came from, people stare blankly and speak of a city. it’s not the city, you explain patiently, and you name the towns you know are large enough to be cities but that somehow seem to shrink when you speak their names, and you gesture with your hands to indicate the reaches of the land, the scope of the scenery. they nod and smile politely, not comprehending. they think they fooled you, but you know. they will never know.

  • People have lived here for generations, but there are no clear explanations. no famous history. we went to this school. my parents went to this school. this is the way it has always been.
  • This is a good school. This school is different from the others. So, so many others. They brush against each other, overlapping and yet they circle like vultures, viciously competing over tender, dying prey
  • We’re in New York State, we are open and accepting. Look at the Diversity poster, look at our anti-bullying assembly, look how talented our students are, don’t look behind that door, don’t ask the students if they are happy. They are. Don’t worry
  • (perhaps some truly believe the lies, but the rest of us know and bite our tongues out of fear)
  • You’ve heard about the sun. You know it exists, from movies and secondhand tales of those fortunate enough to leave, but all you’ve seen is steely grey clouds
  • The only time it is light is autumn, when the hills turn from green to vivid orange and bright yellow and blood red, and the apple orchards are open for picking. You stand on the hill, the bag of apples heavy on your arm, and breathe in the sweet scent of the dying leaves and rotten apples in the air, holding your jacket against the chill wind that promises that this light cannot stay and the grey must return
  • You have almost hit a deer. Everyone has almost hit a deer. “It just jumped out of the woods, it was like it almost hit me”. You laugh, but later you wonder what it was running from, what instinct led it to flee towards death, and what chance spared it, and spared you
  • (it can’t be the coyotes - those were killed off long ago, they say with sad eyes. yet, sometimes you hear a howl.)
  • You know where you are, but the labels mean nothing - You say you are upstate, up north, yet the spector across the border is not the Canadian wilderness but the fracking trucks of Pennsylvania, the constant low rumbling, always going, always a reminder that we could be next
  • You’re in New York, aren’t you? But you aren’t in the city, are you? Is that New York? If that is New York, then where are you? 
  • You once heard someone say Wegmans was not the best grocery store. You never heard from them again, and why would you want to?
  • You are going to a SUNY. They are such good schools, and so close. You don’t need to leave. Why do you want to leave? There are no other schools
  • We are so much nicer than those pretentious assholes from New York City. WE ARE SO MUCH NICER THAN THE PRETENTIOUS ASSHOLES FROM NEW YORK CITY IF YOU SUGGEST A CONNECTION TO THEM I WILL KILL YOU. we are so much nicer than those pretentious assholes from new york city.

Drake edit


baby makoharus


Birthday gift for scribblykimbree  ♥

okay so i didn’t know what i was gonna draw for ya but i knew i wanted it to be sul and i wanted to make it personal so??? this happened? i like to call it au where kim is a barmaid and sully is shamelessly flirting with her (and then instead of being really smooth, he buys too many drinks and then barmaid kim has to take his keys so he doesn’t drink drive home and kill everyone). i wasn’t sure if you’d find this creepy or awesome but its too late now because it is done. if you don’t like it, I AM SORRY. 


yeah when i think of romance the first thing i think of is A HOMICIDAL MANIAC THAT’S FUCKING OBSESSED WITH ME

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