When you make mistake after mistake, its easy to forget that you’re a person deserving of love and respect. It’s easy to lose oneself to guilt and responsibility. Share the responsibility where it is due, because things are hardly entirely one person’s fault. But do not push the blame around, and create an unhealthy, delusional response system to the mistakes - shoulder the responsibility and move on. This is yet another lesson learnt.
—  odetojoeyy

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Hi! I don't really watch the naruto anime but I do follow the manga. Can I ask for a list of SasuSaku episodes? Or at least where Sakura or Sasuke is the focus? Thank you very much!

There are two anime series, Naruto Original, and Naruto Shippuden. This is hard to answer because anime episodes often cover 2-3 chapters at a time, and the SasuSaku moments are scattered all over the place. Kishi’s art is better anyway. So I’ll focus only on the most important.

I made a list of SasuSaku manga moments for part I on this post, in which I believe I haven’t missed anything up to the time skip. Sadly, I didn’t get around yet to finish Part II, but it’s coming.

Here’s a short chapter to episode list:

  • Ch. 3,4,5,6 (Sakura’s crush, the first “you’re annoying”, “what I love is… *stares Sasuke*”, Kakashi’s genjutsu tricks Sakura into thinking Sasuke is hurt, etc.): Naruto 3, 4
  • Chapter 30, 31, 32, 33 (Sasuke “killed” by Haku and Sakura’s tears - compare to the tears form the genjutsu): Naruto 17 (end), 18, 19
  • Ch. 34 (Sasuke to Sakura - you need to improve - inner Sakura crushed): Naruto 20
  • Ch. 36 (Sakura’s depression and Sasuke’s words that cure her): Naruto 21
  • Ch. 38 (Sakura catches Sasuke as he falls from the fight with Rock Lee): Naruto 22
  • Ch. 47 (Sasuke saves Sakura and himself from Orochimaru): Naruto 28
  • Ch. 53, 54 (Sakura blossoms, cuts her hair, protects Sasuke & Naruto)Naruto 32
  • Ch. 55, 56 (Sakura halts and reverts Sasuke’s curse mark): Naruto 33
  • Ch. 66 (“I won’t forgive even you if you take that away from me”, Sakura’s advice to Sasuke): Naruto 38
  • A lot a lot of Sakura worrying in all the episodes post curse-mark.
  • Ch. 129 (Sakura risks her life protecting Sasuke’s unconscious body from Gaara): Naruto 75, 76
  • Ch.133 (Sasuke’s “take care of Sakura” and “I won’t let those dear to me die before my eyes again”): Naruto 78
  • Ch. 138 (Sasuke makes sure Sakura is alright): Naruto 80
  • Ch. 172,173 (Sakura rejoices after Sasuke wakes up at the hospital from Itachi’s encounter): Naruto 98,99
  • Ch. 181 (Sasuke defects Konoha, “I love you with all my heart”): Naruto 109
  • Ch. 257 (Sakura resolves to protect and save both Sasuke and Naruto): Shippuden 13
  • Ch. 267 (Sakura is startled to know of Sasori’s connections with Oro, hence inquires aggressively about Sasuke): Shippuden 21, 22
  • Ch. 286 (Sakura punches Sai for insulting Sasuke): Shippuden 36
  • Ch. 305-307 (Team 7 finds Sasuke): Shippuden 51
  • Ch. 453 (Sakura cries because Killer Bee’s team has come to kill Sasuke): Shippuden 197-198
  • Ch. 469 (Sakura’s fake confession, in which Naruto says “I hate people who lie to themselves”, cause he knows Sakura is still in love with Sasuke): Shippuden 206
  • Ch. 474 (Sai and Naruto discuss Sakura’s feelings): Shippuden 208
  • Ch. 483, 484, 485 (Iron Country, mutual murderous attempts, Sasuke’s darkness): Shippuden 214, 215
  • Ch. 540 (Sakura refuses a love letter cause she’s still in love with Sasuke): Shippuden 278 
  • Ch. 631-633 (Sasuke’s return, “it’s your turn to watch my back”, “the smirk”) Shippuden 372, 373

There are some sweet OVAs and fillers, but as they’re not canon, they’re akin to fanfiction, if you’re interested.

its in all of my abouts???? and said abouts go to a link describing it if you’re unfamiliar w/ what it is?????

like. i wasnt getting upset at you i didnt condemn you i just said ‘please dont call me a girl’

all you have to do is say ‘sorry, i wont next time’ and thats it!! thats all u hav to do!!! no excuses, no nothin, its simple, its polite, + its a lot more respectful than going ‘well i didnt MEAN to make u upset how could i have known??/??????’

im not trying to be condescending or rude im just. saying that if you misgender someone/someone tells you to not call them something, literally all you need to do is say ‘sorry wont do it again’ and Not Do It Again, nothin else! thats it!

You and Seamus have been dating for a year and a half and due to his constant explosions you’ve taken to carrying wet wipes and burn cream in your book bag at all times. 
In potions after that unfortunate potion bomb you sat on the stool beside Seamus and gently wiped the ash on his face and hair. Using your make up pencil to draw on the parts of his eye brows that weren’t there at the moment and kissed his nose.
Applying the cream to his soft cheeks he huffed, mad that this always happened to him. 

“Sea, its alright to make mistakes”
“Easy for ya to say, you don’t burn your eye brows off every week”
“i don’t but i still love patching you up”
“Eh, why?”
“Because your absolutely adorable when your frustrated”

He rolled his eyes as he let out a sigh and folded his hand into yours and put the other hand on the back of your neck and pulled you in for a short but slightly rough kiss. You ran your hand threw his singed hair and rested it on the wool gryffindor sweater. Pressing foreheads together you smiled at each other, Love meant being there when the other was hurt, even if it was for a silly reason.
You loved him, burns and all.