M!A Bender || Open(ish)

Elle sat in the middle of her..well his bed pouting. Once more she had been the target of some sick anon. The female she had once been was gone replaced with the body of her familiar male form. Something in the back of his mind was screaming that Athene had something to do with this, but he was far too kind to even openly suspect her.

So now he just pouted, sitting in bed, in a now overly tight shirt and a skirt, having been too stubborn to get up and get changed. He yelled out of frustration and fell back on the bed, staring up at the starry ceiling. “Three days… I can’t do this. I’m just fresh meat for Athene.” he spoke to himself, still not use to the new voice. 

This sucked. 

Look Before You Leap | Closed

Her feet landed for only fleeting seconds on the branches, before they were off again. Kaniehtí:io was versed in the ways of the branches, weaving and ducking and twirling out of the way of branches and leaves. She avoided the trees’ dangerous arms in favor of open air.

But somehow, in her flight from one tree to the next, her foot slipped. Nothing of the sort had happened for many years, and so her mind was not quickened with experience. Desperately, she grabbed for the branch, but her fingers fell short of their mark.

She went down, landing sharply on her leg. At first, she could feel nothing. Then came the white-hot pain, streaking sharply from her legs, up every inch of her body. Without thinking, the native screeched in pain; it forced her to curl, to try desperately to block the pain, though she could do nothing.

Vamp Troubles || themadamsotter

Elle tossed her phone on the bed and glanced around at the mess. She had been followed back to the motel room by a couple of Vampires. Luckily for her she knew how to take care of them, unfortunately taking care of them led to their blood on her favorite white dress. 

Now naked she stepped over one of the bodies as she headed to the bathroom. There she began to scrub the blood from her dress in a mixture of bleach and water. “Never wearing white again.” she grumbled to herself as the smell of bleach and blood filled the air. A strand of her currently blonde hair fell in front of her face and she groaned as she saw the blood on it. “Seriously?”