Doctor Who AU
  • Shiro: we've got to become stronger and defeat Zarkon! I--
  • The Doctor: -Tardis appears in control room- -The Doctor steps out- ......
  • Paladins: ......
  • The Doctor: Now that's some fancy get up you're wearing there :D
  • Keith: who the hell are you?
  • The Doctor: I'm the Doctor, pleasure doing business with you -starts fiddling with the tardis, mumbling to himself-
  • Lance, walking into the tardis: what the quiznak! ITS BIGGER ON THE FUCKING INSIDE--PIDGE ARE YOU SEEING THIS--
  • Pidge: -overheating-

*doctor who and the x files would make a great tv series together*

*dana and fox meeting the doctor*

*mulder finally seeing aliens*

*Dana still explains everything by science*

*Doctor gets angry because Dana didn’t tell ITS BIGGER ON THE INSIDE*

Hey guys small PSA it’s very important to still allow yourself to like things even though tumblr has a nasty habit of finding something problematic about literally everything and blowing it out of proportion!  It’s okay to like Megan Trainor’s music, it’s okay to like TV shows with no PoC as main characters, and it’s okay to be Christian.  I promise.  While it’s still very very important for you to be aware of all the problems and not dismiss them because of how much you like the thing, it is okay to like the thing!  Nothing is unproblematic and if you don’t allow yourself to like anything problematic then you’ll never enjoy anything!

121. We are not allowed to curse the Slytherins to yodel all day.

Never again. - JP

And I thought Sirius attempting to sing was bad. This was just awful. - RL

C’mon guys, it really wasn’t all bad. - SB

It really was. - JP

My ears are still ringing in pain. - PP

It WAS the Slytherins. What were you expecting? - SB

credit to its-hella-bigger-on-the-inside