Greetingsss everyone. I can officially sssay with confidence that my tailoring busssinesss isss offically open~! I work in the ground floor of my home and am well ssstocked with ssseveral hand-made cloth goodsss as lisssted on the chalkboard outssside. If I do not have sssomething you need or you need sssomething cussstom made for you, do not hesssitate to assk. 

Doctor Who AU
  • Shiro: we've got to become stronger and defeat Zarkon! I--
  • The Doctor: -Tardis appears in control room- -The Doctor steps out- ......
  • Paladins: ......
  • The Doctor: Now that's some fancy get up you're wearing there :D
  • Keith: who the hell are you?
  • The Doctor: I'm the Doctor, pleasure doing business with you -starts fiddling with the tardis, mumbling to himself-
  • Lance, walking into the tardis: what the quiznak! ITS BIGGER ON THE FUCKING INSIDE--PIDGE ARE YOU SEEING THIS--
  • Pidge: -overheating-

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At my school every building feels like it's bigger in the inside and I can't but imagine some first year kid who is now wandering around a labyrinth totally lost. They were on their way to meet their major adviser and now they've mad 4 lefts and have no idea that they had this many rooms. They've asked for directions several times and retraced their steps but still haven't been in the same place twice. Three weeks in and they arrive right on time though not entirely the same.

This is literally the Library. And a regular occurrence.

The Doctor*excited from the tardis on the phone*: are you ready for the adventure of your life?

Molly Hooper*sounding little bit nervous*: uhmmm I am but we might have a little problem here.

The Doctor*beginning to get anxious moving around the tardis’s machines to land it faster*: what is it? are they back again?

Molly Hooper: No! no, it’s just … my foot is pinning to the floor … with heavy weight *her voice turned half amused half annoyed with the last part*

The Doctor: Clara stay inside there might be another threat.

The Doctor*hurrying out of the tardis to the morgue after landing it inside still on the phone*: heavy weight! what are you ta … ooooh.

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However weird and disturbing the scene in front of him was, he wasn’t surprised at all.

Sherlock Holmes was sitting on the floor holding one of Molly’s legs tight refusing to let her move.

Sherlock Holmes*grumbling and shouting*: I won’t let you put a foot on this ungodly box

The Doctor: Heeeeeeey! that’s my baby you’re talking about.

Molly and Clara exchanging a-how-did-we-end-up-with-these-men-look. 

Molly Hooper: Sherlock I told you I’ll be back before you even finish your afternoon tea!

Sherlock*yelling*: He’s a dangerous man! 

Molly Hooper: he brought Mary back safe and alive!


Clara Oswald: why don’t you come with us? it would be fun!

The Doctor and Sherlock*in the same time*: NO!

The Doctor: I won’t babysit him, I’ll already be doing this with two.

Molly and Clara: Hey!

The Doctor*totally done and dialing a number*: I don’t have time for this.

Mycroft Holmes: Hello Doctor.

The Doctor: don’t hello Doctor me! you said he won’t know before we move!

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Mycroft Holmes*amused*: Sorry for that, you know I can’t stop him from deducing, but I see Ms.Oswald’s suggestion could solve this problem, maybe drop him few years later.

The Doctor*searching with his eyes for hidden cameras*: I didn’t listen to you before to leave him in another dimension, what make you think I’ll agree now?

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Mycroft Holmes*before hanging up*: well can’t say I didn’t try.

The Doctor*desperately looking to the camera after finding it and begging*: MYCROFT! Myc …

He turned and looked to the three of them.

The Doctor*huffing and giving in*: he can come.

Sherlock*still holding Molly’s leg*: Who in his whole sanity would enter this crazy machine of yours?!

The Doctor: I really don’t have time for this!!

Molly: Sherlock no matter if you come or not I’m going and you won’t stop me with this childish behavior!

Sherlock tried to find any sign of bluffing and failed.

Sherlock*pouting*: FIIIIINE!

Sherlock*walking to the doctor slowly and stopping right in front of him with-I-dare-you-look on his face*: if you drop us in the wrong year like you did to Mary I will destroy your precious dear box with my bare hands and make you watch.

The Doctor*smiling and smirking*: if I was you I wouldn’t make an enemy from the tardis, but suit yourself.

Molly and Clara in the back grinned.

Sherlock*walking aggressively toward the tardis*:  How are you even fitting in this crazy thing? are you sitting in each other .. GOOD GOD ITS BIGGER IN THE INSIDE!

The Doctor*shaking his head, following him and standing in front of the tardis*: ladies first.

Sherlock*shouting*: HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE?!!

The Doctor*rolling his eyes*.

Molly*smirking and going inside*: see! he’s not that bad, you will get used to him.

Clara*following her*: this should be interesting, it was getting a little dull here just me and you.

The Doctor*offended*: Dull! How dare you?! you love travelling with me!

He closed the door, few seconds later the voice of the tardis leaving the morgue announced the start of a new journey, making Mycroft Holmes who was watching the whole time smile deeply while he remembered his golden year on it.

“Now is your time brother mine, see you soon” 

He frowned and looked to the clock “I hope”

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Can you do a scenario where Zelda is trying her darnedest to get Link to tell her the secret to his pouch (like how he can fit all the food and armor into a tiny pocket)? And all he tells her is "its bigger on the inside"?

“Please, Link! I’ll make you a cake.” He shrugged.

“I dunno whatcha want me to tell ya. It’s just… Bigger.” She pouts. He’s been giving her the same answer for over half an hour and he keeps claiming to not know how it works. How can he not know how his own pouch works?! “You can put your hand in and feel if ya want, but that’s really all I know.” She holds a hand out, and Link pulls his pouch off his belt. She sticks her hand in, and… Nothing. Literally nothing. She can’t feel the walls or any of his equipment.

“It’s empty…” He tilts his head, and gently takes the pouch back before reaching in and pulling out an apple. “How do you do that?!” He sighs. He senses that eating the apple will have to wait.


That friend that doesn't get a single fandom reference:
  • Me: it's bigger on the inside.
  • Friend: what is?
  • Me: I'm a phangirl okay? Okay.
  • Friend: did you-
  • Me: I siriusly did.
  • Friend: but-
  • Me: it's the dam fandoms again.
  • Friend: *slams fist on table*
  • Friend: I LOVE THAT PART!
  • Me: love is weakness.
  • Friend: wat?
  • Me: you will go to the paper towns and never come back.
  • Friend: I'm don-
  • Me: Josh Dunn?
  • Friend: wait who?
  • Me: don't speak out loud, it lowers the IQ of the entire street.
  • Friend: I don't under-
  • Me: yer a muggle
  • Friend: I hate Harry Potter..
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • *2 days later*
  • Police: so she just "accidentally" got strangled by a boa constructor cuz the glass "accidentally" disappeared?
  • Me: sounds legit.