The Artemis Fowl books advocate for the environment, deal with misogyny in the workplace and the need for feminism, and has some of the best character development arcs like ever over the span of eight books. Also, there’s magic and fairies with guns and time travel and a whole lot of sarcasm and really no downside to reading them

Life is a journey, to live is to worry, to love is to lose your damn mind. But living’s a blessing, so I am not stressing ‘cause some of friends ain’t survive. Death’s the release, but a much bigger beast is the living on limited time. Like how do you look in the eyes of a friend and not cry when you know that they’re dying? And how do you feel ‘bout yourself when you know that sometimes you had wished they were gone…not because you didn’t love them but just because you felt too weak to be strong.
—  Run the Jewels, Thursday in the Danger Room

dont talk to the fucking half life fandom about hiatuses we’ve been on hiatus for eight years its more like a goddamn coma why am i still here save me gabe newell


Sounds like someone is a little insecure about something… Can’t quite put my finger on what it might be though…

Reading Your Comments #1

Valentine Fandom Ask Meme

Disclaimer: these are not my questions.

•Your favourite non-canon ship?

•Is there a ship you didn’t like at first but ultimately started shipping?
—oh yeah, YamaIno

•What is the rarest rare pair (that you ship)?

•Name a popular ship you don’t get the appeal of.

•What is your most fluffy + happy ship?

•What is your most angsty ship?

•A non-canon ship that should be canon?

•Your oldest ship; the one you’ve shipped for the longest time?
—ShikaTema, definitely, absolutely, what a good eight years its been.

•What ship represents the kind of relationship you’d love to have?
—MinaKushi, man they’re so fuckin cute

•Is there a ship that makes your skin crawl?
—SasuSaku, I used to like it but now it just twists my stomach in knots and fills me with dread. I never thought a fictional ship can inspire such negative emotions but I was wrong.

•What is a character you can only imagine in one particular ship?
—Temari, I can only imagine her with Shikamaru

•What is your favourite canon ship?
—ShikaTema all the way

•Name a ship that deserved more content.
—MinaKushi, absolutely

•Is there a ship you feel gets undeserved hate in fandom?

•What is the first ship you had?
—I think it was SasuSaku, but Kishi ruined that

•Is there a ship that made you realise something about yourself?
—I’m not sure. Shipping KakaSaku made me realise I really don’t give a shit about age difference when it comes to love

•Is there a type of ship you always go for?
—not really, but mostly ones where the two characters care deeply for each other’s safety and wellbeing

•Is there a ship the writers have ruined for you?

•Is there a ship the fandom has ruined for you?
—dude, SasuSaku

•Have you ever created fan created content for a ship?
—yes! I write fan fiction

•Favourite thing you’ve ever created for a ship?
—a family

•Is there a ship you’ll never admit you have?
—no, I state my opinion freely

•Have you ever started shipping a ship because of the fans?
—yeah! KakaSaku partly, GenIno, KakaYama

•What is one scene you want to see happen for all your ships?
—a kiss I guess? Or a confession?

•Is there a ship you wish you didn’t know existed?
—hahahah yes. NaruKushi, NaruMina. *shivers*

•Name a ship that ended like you wanted it to.

•Name a ship that deserved better in the end.
—well, NejiTen, but then Kishi went ahead and murdered Neji

•Is there a character you have several ships for?
—Sakura and Ino but mostly Sakura. There’s KakaSaku, ItaSaku, SasuSaku (just the fan fiction version because canon sucks ass), InoSaku, NaruSaku, ShikaSaku… lots of Saku

•What is the ship you ignore 98% of canon for?
—KakaSaku m8

•Is there a ship you like but you dislike the fandom?
—mhmmm, maybe NaruSasu? The fandom HAS some nice people but majority are just… scary

Questions by: @thevirdirthara

Nobody’s going to deny that an abandoned mental asylum known for raping and abusing its patients is going to be pretty creepy all on its own, supernatural interlopers or not. But Letchworth Village packs a double punch. Built in New York in 1911, Letchworth was considered one of the most prestigious mental healthcare facilities in the country. It was the spot where the first polio vaccine was tested in 1950, a fact which should have nailed it a spot in history all on its own—if the test subject hadn’t been a mentally challenged eight-year-old boy who couldn’t have given consent even if he’d been asked.

As early as the 1920s, rumors were already circulating of the atrocities being committed behind closed doors in the Village. In 1921, almost 1,200 patients, most of them small children, were crammed into the severely overpopulated rooms. That’s the same year the head physician, Dr. Charles Little, announced that he intended to use the patients in medical experiments. By the ’50s, over 4,000 mentally disabled men and women were crowding each other for sleeping space in the hallways. The patients were neglected; many of the women were abused. A cloud of death began to fall over the diseased grounds.

The Village closed its doors for good in 1996, and since then, reports of ghostly occurrences have made the rounds. Children giggling, desks and chairs scraping across the cracked concrete floors, towers of cardboard boxes simply marked “Deaths”—every visitor reports some unexplained phenomenon at Letchworth Village.

by all accounts I shouldn't have gotten such a great ending

I spent so many years miserable because I couldn’t put my arms around my girlfriend (then my ‘definitely not girlfriend’), or hear her laugh at my dumb scattershot jokes, or stand with her in the middle of the sidewalk on a sunny fall day sharing messy street food, or take her temperature with a kiss when she’s sick.

it was a long time. it was hard. I was so unhappy.

but today, despite an uphill battle against circumstances and the whole goddamn Pacific Ocean, I got to do every one of those things, and it keeps being better than I ever imagined.

therorryjoger  asked:

Ok on a non bb related note, I got the new Harry Potter book, ofc read the first few pages at work and I am ready to fight the whole world for Scorpius Malfoy, my tiny child must protect tiniest cinnamon roll crumb too tiny too precious my little dorkbaby

I LOVE the idea Scorpius but I’m honestly still salty about the epilogue and the fact that Drarry didn’t happen so I’m probably not gonna read the book lol. But is it good?

I’m all happy and content reading and Kyle is asleep and cuddly but then he got really twitchy so I woke him up (sort of) and asked him if he was okay and he told me he was dreaming and there was a bad guy blowing stuff up and he had to stop him and Quigley was helping him and it was like Taken but with Quigley and then he said he had to go finish the job and is now twitch-sleeping again.

Oh my goodness I love him so much.