top five writing (fic) tips
  1. Just Do It: a bad idea put down is literally infinitely more useful than some imaginary perfectly executed concept. writing is a process, everyone starts with crap and then builds up from that. if you have to, start with “Once upon a time…” because what’s important is that you start
  2. Begin at the End: every time you write a story you should know vaguely where you want the story to end. you don’t have to know how to get there, just know where you want to go. picture the final shot in the movie of your mind, and make it your goal
  3. Motivation is Key: the most important aspects of your characters are always their motivations. when character motivations clash, you get dramatic conflict, and the resolution of a dramatic conflict is the essence of storytelling. each of your characters must want something
  4. Read Away: you are what you eat, and you write what you read. be sure to branch out periodically, but just never stop reading, be it stories, poetry, essays, articles, or textbooks. all words have writers behind them
  5. Practice Makes Perfect: the most obvious, the most essential, and the hardest of them all. be kind to yourself with this one, and don’t give up

I was tagged by @torrents-of-alabia to post a lock screen, a home screen, a selfie and the last song I listened too. Lock screen on my phone, and home screen on my iPod. I’ve already posted this selfie, but apparently it’s the last one I took, so have this duck face from January lol. My hair is not that color anymore, and there’s a lot more of it lol. Last song I listened to is Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams by The 69 Eyes, because I’m working on a painting vaguely inspired by it. (Trashy 90′s originals are clearly better than later remakes that are not as trashy)

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