Darling One
A one-shot, told through Jaal's perspective. [1098 words]
By Organization for Transformative Works

He understood the repercussions of falling for a human, much less someone whom people refer to as a hero. But everyone else be damned, he loved you and would proclaim it at the top of his lungs… again.

I started writing Scott Ryder/Reyes Vidal fic and I’m having a blast. 1300 words at work and counting!

and the unintentional (but not unwelcome!) reaction—

the shower thought of ‘hey wouldn’t it be cute if sun/moon got to be friends with gladion’s big dog over the years’ turned into something too elaborate to be called a doodle LAUGHS o(–<

The fact that it was Anna who made Natsu’s scarf is seriously adorable guys holy crap ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و

*sketches things to answer some of the older asks for a week*

*spoilers come out*

*draws a whole new fucking picture in a few hours* why does this happe n

StormSeason!Oikawa spoiling Iwaizumi w kisses /)*w*(\
Iwa’s taken his feet off the ground so he can’t sense where Kawa will kiss him next

i really don’t want to do that again 

- Today on: things Kirishima Eijirou pulls off