Sansa in Every Episode - 1.01 Winter is Coming


He wanted me to do this? Why didn’t he just tell me? Because he wanted you to choose it for yourself. The same way he did. 

                                                  That’s what makes a hero, Kara.


I was tagged by miasanmia4ever for the 20 beautiful people thingy! Thank you so much lu!!

well, two fresh selfies bc #selfiefriday, but i’m really sorry for u guys because my face has been appearing on your dashes too much lately…

I tag oficialmuller meowiogotze badmuller txrquoiseocean kyapii mulleister mulleritover dergoldeneschuh koninklijkefootball mgoetzinho sterndesuedens and anyone who sees this and want to do it! You are all so beautiful i swear! ♥♥

Why I'm Thankful for Torrenting:

Because I get to download Muse’s live album before it comes out. I’m going to buy it and everything so I can get the DVD so I’m not like, stealing from them or anything (attn: RIAA) but I just can’t wait to hear it.

Listening to music and relaxing in bed. The music is just lab glassware being clinked together rhythmically, but that’s okay because that’s my favorite genre.