[A Little Chaos] had to be very much fed and watered by Kate, who did a phenomenal amount of research… and then I was able to say ‘what do you think?’ But interestingly enough she said once, ‘I’m not used to being asked my opinion.’
She’s so smart. It’s a loss to any director that just sort of moves her around like a Kate Winslet Object.
” - Alan Rickman

Happy 40th Birthday, Kate Winslet  (October 5th, 1975)


Happy Birthday dearest magic-in-us! Here is your last gift—a cake just for you! <3

Merlin put the castle cook to sleep using a tiny enchantment, in order to commandeer the kitchen for the night to bake Arthur a birthday cake. Arthur’s wary of Merlin’s cooking (and rightly so), but he knows that it’s the thought that counts, so he’ll eat every last bite. :)


Just in case there was any doubt about how amazing Bradley James is, I’ve recently started putting my Female!King Arthur Halloween Costume into motion & even with this non-steel chain-mail, I wasn’t able to go a full two hours before I wanted it OFF! It’s hot, uncomfortable, pulls at any clothing (and hair) you have and weighs your entire frame down. Having to wear this in the heat, day in and day out, & still be nimble enough to do fight scenes, chase scenes and all number of other crazy things he did…. Seriously, RESPECT.

We didn’t give him enough credit, by far. We salute you, Bradley James

(Yes, it’s the wrong sword. I know. Working on the rest of the costume!)

“He’s really hard to read, isn’t he? A man that’s always smiling, never seems to become flustered in any situation…. I’ve been taught people like him are dangerous. And I’m suure he is, but… he’s proven to be extremely kindhearted. Kindhearted and generous… those two words feel foreign when I describe him, and yet here they are.”

“I wish him the best in life.”