so this is probably a whole new level of ridiculous Star Wars behavior for me and I hope I’ve conveyed that with the utter dismay on my face

after hopelessly lamenting my lack of such a shirt in the wake of shorelle’s amazing hipster obi-wan art, I jumped into stenciling the design because I have no self control and I never wore this off-white crewneck anyways. basically THANK YOU SHORELLE for making such hilariously incredible star wars shirt slogans in your art, it was impossible for me to resist…. 

sufiab asked:

Hey hey, firstoff I want to say that I love your art. Its amazing how little sketches and dash of colors brightens up one's day. I've always wanted to be able to do what you do in this blog but some how I got stuck into becoming a writer. So can you do a quick tutorial or just tell us how you make your art. What's the process? What softwares do you use? Thanks Good luck :).

Thank you very much! I think being a writer is just as cool and challenging as being an artist but if you want to become better at painting and drawing then the most important thing is to just do it, even if it’s only half an hour a day. I consider myself an amateur at best and I am still very insecure about my art (posting it online frequently is a bit like therapy, haha) so I don’t think I could put together a tutorial at this point. There is a lot of experimentation with different styles and techniques, some studies and even more mindless scribbling. There is no real process yet. But as soon as I build up my confidence I will definitely consider a tutorial :)

I use SAI for sketching and Paintstorm or Photoshop for painting, btw!

Naoto Hattori “The True Vision Of Art”

We recently caught up with this amazing well known painter/artist Mr.Naoto Hattori.He is one of the most well known artist of our generation,his work is displayed in museums all over the world in different countries.His work speak for itself , even his background was a amazing story in its own way.After this interview you will know way more about Mr.Naoto Hattori.

Tuc:Why do you love what you do so much Mr.Naoto?

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It makes me really sad that I can’t see color and art the way other people can. I love creating art and I feel I’m good at it to a degree but I hate my eyes and brain when it comes to colors. Some people in my art class can do such amazing things with different colors and make their art look so creative and spontaneous. Like how an animator can see something in their head and just draw out every frame and create exactly what they saw in their mind. Vah Gogh could see colors and shades in such amazing ways and make the his paintings look like they were moving. I feel like i just SEE color with my eyes and not my heart and mind. I want to, I really want to, and I really try but I just can’t see it and it makes me feel like a fail artist sometimes what I can’t do color and even movement the way I want to. its like my hand has its own mind and own way of seeing things than my ideas and my hand just does what ever my eyes do. and it makes me sad that i cant be good enough to reach my own standards