Gokuto Jihen Official Twitter Translations Part 1


Looks like the gokusostsu are talking with each other about the upcoming manga release! 
Judging by the way it’s been posted, it seems like there might be continuations, so I’ put a part 1 up there ww 
(warning ; my Japanese is by no means perfect (or polished LAUGHS) but I’m just putting this here mostly for my own convenience until someone can make better translations) 

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So here’s a translation of Carla’s BB short story, taken from the latest B’s Log magazine. Credits to Hime, a friend of mine from Twitter for sending me the transcription! Carla seems to be speaking in a very educational/difficult way (kinda like Reiji).

Sentences with asterisks have notes at the bottom of the post. Thanks to villain-queen for proofreading ROFL

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its a fun trick where dave picks him up with only his toes. i dunno. im blaming anything feet-related on sizeshenanigans.

im not saying that this morning i found my gilmore girls soundtrack in my sock drawer and im not saying i listened to on my way to work and im not saying that i sang the theme song all day at work and im not saying that i listened to it on repeat all the way home and im not saying ive been singing it for the past hour

but if i am saying that, i am not ashamed

look up.
see the stars up in the weathered skies, see the centuries passing you by in the blink of an eye, see the deaths of galaxies millions of years ago.

look up.
realize that this is not the end, realize we will still be there tomorrow and know that just because they died, we don’t have to as well.

look up.
maybe we’re all just broken galaxies, destined to implode and take everyone with us into the darkness. maybe we all get swallowed up by our own light.
(tell me again how you feel small.)

look up.
know that i will still love you, even when your light turns dark and you burn out.

look up.

—  (darling, we are astral.) // s.z


anonymous asked:

this world really sucks bc u have to be tall and pretty to model but ur so pretty (prettier than any model) but ur a lil sprout and not a giant vine so they won't let u model :-((

its okay!!!! haha thats flattering but i dont want a career in that anyway, so its all A OK

I’m still recovering from the awesomeness that was the Vanity Fair photoshoot for The Force Awakens, and the fact that Kylo Ren’s character design is 100000% everything I love……

the sith trash son vibe is strong with this one

Title: Inconspicuous

Author: Mod. Grunge

Words: 521

Pairing: aou!Pietro x Reader 

Prompt: Things you said when you thought I was asleep.

Trigger Warnings: Some swearing.

Genres: Some fluff, mild angst.

Comments: I have confused the Maximoff twins and thus, have used this prompt on Pietro instead of on his sister, but fret not! The moment I wake up from my nap, I will do the one the anon has requested of me to and will continue on working on all the other ficlets. I am terribly sorry for my mistake and hopefully, this won’t happen in the future! Thank you!

It isn’t like you are a light sleeper or that you have troubles getting the knocked the fuck out. It’s just that there’s a knot in your shoulder that doesn’t disappear and is making your life much harder than it ought to be and also, Pietro is dragging his fingers absentmindedly across your face, often stopping on your lips and pressing against them, chuckling when you wrinkle your nose.

The bad part? He thinks you’re asleep.

You can’t exactly blame him. Besides the occasional expression you make when he’s playing around with you, you haven’t been given him any signs you’re not off and deep into the dreamworld. It’s just so peaceful, being in his arms and listening to the static sounds coming from the TV that Pietro didn’t even bother turning off when you decided that taking a nap with your head in his lap would be a much more entertaining and fun activity to do. He didn’t protest, not at all. It seems as if he’s trying his hardest not to wiggle his leg or move around, even if every atom in his body is screaming at him to do so.

You just look so peaceful, he thinks. The way your chest goes up and down and your nostrils flare with each breath you take is so entrancing, nothing else in the room has succeeded in capturing his attention for the past 40 minutes or so.

You are tempted to open your eyes, just so you could see the expression he’s making while gazing at you like that; it makes your skin burn and you feel like you’re swallowing liquid fire, but god, you wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

“Sometimes, I wake up in the morning and am afraid to step out of my room”, he says so softly, that you wonder if he is really talking or you have finally fallen asleep, “I am afraid that you aren’t real and that none of this is, and God. God, I pray that it’s real.”

There’s a pause and you realize it’s because he has problems breathing normally. You want to put your hands on his face and bring it down so you could make your lips meat his and devour all those painful words he’s letting crash on the walls of your soul like waves.

“I’ve never been skilled at making good things last. Wanda stays with me because we’re family and really, she doesn’t got any other option other than standing me. But you,” he gulps, Pietro’s fingers now in your hair, “you’re not tied to me in any way. It’s terrifying.”

You wish you could have the guts to wake up and wrap your arms around his being, push him so far into you nobody would be able to tell the two of you apart, but the moment feels private and you don’t think you have the right to interrupt, to make your presence known. Not when he’s this vulnerable, not when he’s this bare.

So you wait and wait and wait, until he’s ready to show this side of his to you willingly.