if genji’s character arc & journey to accepting himself isn’t the biggest parallel to struggling w/ one’s sexuality then blizzard can come into my house and snap my fucking neck

“why is everyone in the community so frustrated and divided?”

idk maybe bc whenever one of us brings up our issues we get ignored, attacked and shut down so that there’s no real discussion or attempt at a solution??? mayhaps???

another coloring practice/self motivation wip thingy this time of my Natalaya Shepard! <3 

i still need to finish Mass Effect but i don’t want to say goodbye to this cutie D= 

I might try digitally drawing an actual Dragon Age companion/advisor/npc next? any suggestions or requests?

My OT -Tree 

inspired by the collab  @amazingphil@sprinkleofglitr @danisnotonfire did cause they were v adorable

~osmosis ( ´ ▽ ` ).。o♡ 


okay but the idea of steve rogers being out as bi in the mcu is very important to me

steve rogers being a huge role model for bi kids. steve rogers showing up at pride events. steve rogers kicking biphobic ass.