“Wings of Desire“ [Der Himmel Über Berlin] (1987), dir. Wim Wenders

Marion: Schau, meine Augen. Sie sind das Bild der Notwendigkeit, der Zukunft aller auf dem Platz. 

Damiel: Etwas ist geschehen. Es geschieht immer noch. Es ist verbindlich. Es war in der Nacht und es ist jetzt am Tag. Jetzt erst recht. (…) Sie hat mich heimgeholt und ich habe heimgefunden. Das Bild, das wir gezeugt haben, wird das Begleitbild meines Sterbens sein. Ich werde darin gelebt habe. Erst das Staunen über uns zwei, das Staunen über den Mann und die Frau, hat mich zum Menschen gemacht. Ich weiß jetzt, was kein Engel weiß.

(Marion: Look, my eyes. They are the picture of that need, the future all in place.

Damiel: Something has happened. It’s still happening. It’s binding. It was at night, and now it is in the daytime. Right for the first time. She took me home, and I found home. That picture we witnessed will be the accompaniment of my death. In that I will have lived. Only that astonishment, astonishment of a man and a woman, made me into human. I know now, what no other angel knows.)

[the scene after angel Damiel gives up his immortal existence so that he can experience human life and human love with all its colors]

“[‘Wings of Desire’ is] a great movie that actually, I think Castiel was based on. […] Um, and, the movie is about an angel who basically falls to earth—falls in love with a woman—and then has to give up being an angel and learn what it’s like to be human and goes through the process of, um, sipping his first cup of coffee and tasting his first food and falling in love and all that. And that’s, I think that would be fun for Cas to go through. I kind of thought that’s what they were gonna do with him in season 5. But they went kind of dark on the other side of things where it’s like all the bad stuff about being a human. Like getting horribly drunk, feeling helpless and lost in the universe, and all that stuff. Wouldn’t it be nice if they did some of the other side of being human the next, um, so.”  -  Misha Collins, JIBCON 2012

Just want to add, that Damiel gives up his grace willingly, he doesn’t have to - he wants to. He is as happy as a child that he can experience colors, bleeding, eating, drinking, loving. This is him after he wakes up human:

And drinking coffee for the first time:

Yep, I really would like to see Cas being a happy little ex-angel.

Also, since it’s a huge theme in the show:

Kim Minseok Dragon AU

“Stupid picture. Stupid photography. Stupid school. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.” You mumble to yourself as you hike up the cliff.

You were salty as salty could get.

Your teacher had pointed out to the whole class that you were short a photo. But he say it in a nice way?


He had to make you look like a complete idiot for being short one- ONE- photo.

Not to mention that this cliff overlooking the city wasn’t exactly your first choice, but your car decided that this was as far as you were getting.

You could feel the tears sliding down your cheeks.

And on top of all that, you had caught your boyfriend cheating on you. Unfortunately, you already had the feeling he was.

So today was definitely not your day.

You tried your hardest to not let everything get to you all at once, but the fact that you were alone and everything that was going to go wrong went wrong, it all hit you.

As you reach the top of the cliff, you trip on a small tree root.

Luckily, you held your hands out before falling and thankfully your camera was in your backpack.

A backpack you were not wearing… and was sitting in the passenger side of your car…

You bowed your head, letting yourself cry and scream.

Suddenly, the cliff begins to shake and crumble.

Oh, God! This is how I die! You think to yourself while physically preparing yourself to literally fall down the cliff side.

And as sudden as it began, the shaking stopped.

You laugh to yourself.

You begin to stand up when the ground under you bursts open.

You scream as you feel yourself begin to fall.

There was no point.

You stopped screaming and closed your eyes.

Your body makes contact with something hard but soft?

Your hands touch around you.

The floor feels… scaly?

Heavy breathing hits the back of your head. Your body feels numb.

You slowly turn.

Its looking at you with its golden brown eyes.

You quickly slide off its chest and back away from it.

“I’m sorry!” You apologize to it.

“Oh my god, I’m apologizing to a giant snake!”

It growls at you and begins to move towards you.

You hold your breath.

Its body is long, at first glance it does look like a snake, but looking again, its head is more square and its snout sticks out. Plus no snake you’ve seen in tv or at the local pet store has whiskers?

It didn’t have any wings and it had only two front arms, the claws slightly scared you, the nails were long and pointed. But the color it was, it literally took your breath away.

The way the black faded into green. How from different angles, the spikes down its spine looked purple, blue, green, magenta. Looking at its face once more, you knew what it was.

“I m-meant dragon…”

It pauses, looking surprised that you knew what it was.

“But you’re not supposed to exist!” You blurt out, instantly regretting it.

You could’ve sworn it shrugged at you.

It turns away from you.

“Hey! Wait help me find a way out!”

It looks at you and shakes it head.

“No? Like no you won’t help me or no there’s no way out.” It taps you with its tail.

Its tail circles around you and brings you closer to it.

Its cuddling with you.

“If you’re going to eat me, do it now! Don’t play!” You squeeze your eyes shut.


Instead there’s light snores.

“You’ve got to be kidding me…” you try and break free from its hold, but stop when it growls at you.

Why wasn’t it trying to kill you? Why is it cuddling with you?

You asked yourself too many questions, letting sleep consume you.


You woke up to your hand being too sweaty.

Your eyes flutter open.

You look to your left and scream.

There was no dragon, but instead a very naked man.

He wakes up with a jolt.

“What’s wrong?! Why are you screaming?” He stands up and looks around like he’s going to protect you from danger.

“What do you mean what’s wrong?? You’re naked! And… and where’s the dragon??” You were hysterical.

He looks at you and laughs.

“What’s so funny?” You glare at him.

“I’m the dragon.” He beams at you.

You roll your eyes.

“I’m being serious!”

“Yeah, sure.”

He grabs you by the shoulders, his soft brown eyes turn golden with black slits in the middle of them.

You gasp.

“Now do you believe me?” He says, quietly.

You nod.

He steps away from you.

“I’m y/n.” He looks at you. “I-if you were wondering…”

“Minseok. But I was known as Xiumin.”

You couldn’t help but stare at his face. How it looked so innocent and beautiful. And his hair was the same color as his scales, black roots that faded into green.

Minseok catches you staring at him and smiles.

Your heart skips a beat and your face begins to feel hot.

“Y/n?” He suddenly says.

“Could you maybe cover yourself first?” You look away from him and waved your hand, pointing to his cock.

“Oh, right! Sorry, I haven’t talked to anyone in a thousand years.” He jogs to where he was sleeping and find a pair of loose, dirt covered pants.

“Why were you crying?” He asks.

You look at him, dumbfounded.

“H-how did you know I was crying?”

“You woke me. I don’t know why but I felt hurt and angry that you were crying. I can’t explain it…” Minseok explains.

You tell him everything and he sits in front of you and listens to every word, only interrupting to ask little questions.

“And now I’m here with you.” You give him a weak smile.

“You don’t have to leave…” Minseok whispers.

“Minseok, I literally just met you and living in an underground cave isn’t really-” he cuts you off by pressing his lips to yours.

“Then I’ll come with you. I don’t want to be away from you. I don’t know like it feels like I shouldn’t be away from you, it doesn’t feel right.”

You wanted to push him away and tell him that he’s crazy, that none of this was real, that you hit your head on the way down and you were dreaming.

Dragons weren’t real, well at least not anymore.

But instead you nodded your head.

You didn’t want to be away from this man.

Dragon or not, you felt connected to him.

Suddenly, Minseok falls to the ground, covering his ears and screaming.

“Minseok! Minseok!” You try and hold him. “Tell me what’s wrong so I can help you!”

Minseok looks at you, his eyes were back to dragon state, and parts of his skin were turning into scales.

He stops thrashing.

“We… need… to leave…” he says in between heavy pants.

“Why? What happened to you?” You push his hair out of his face.

“They know I’m awake. And they’re coming.”

“Who’s coming?”

“Dragon hunters and probably other dragons. We have to leave.” He takes your hand but you pull back.

“My family and my friends. Minseok, I’m in school, it’s halfway through the semester!” You argued.

He takes you in his arms and holds you, tightly.

“I promise you when it is safe, I will bring you back to your old life. But for right now, I have to protect you. Y/n, you’re literally everything to me and I don’t even know why! But dragon hunters will kill you to get to me and other dragons might know why we’re connected or-”

“They’ll kill me or the both of us…” You finish for him.

Minseok nods, sadly.

He lifts your chin so you’re looking at him. He places a sweet kiss on your lips.

“I’ll keep you safe.” His forehead touches yours.

“I believe you, Minseok and Xiumin.”


“What do you mean you’re leaving?? Y/n, it’s literally the middle of the semester! Midterms!” Your roommate and close friend yells at you.

You continued to pack your clothes, making sure you had your charger and portable charger.

Do I really need my headphones?

You think to yourself.

Yeah, probably.

“Can I at least know why?” She says, quietly.

You stop packing, her words hit you like a train.

You couldn’t tell her. She’d think you’re batshit crazy. Because telling her you were running away with a one thousand and twenty-six year old dragon because you guys were somehow connected is totally acceptable.

“Remember how we did the no questions asked pact?” You bit your lower lip as she nods her head. “Well, I’m finally using mine.”

Her jaw drops.

“I promise you I’m fine, no I’m not pregnant, yes it might involve a man, but trust me if I was in danger, I would tell you.” You hated lying to her.

She nods her head and gives you a tight hug.

“Bring back a souvenir wherever you’re going.”


Minseok waited for you outside your dorm building, wearing regular clothes of this century.

“Where did-”

“I may or may not have stolen them…” he interrupts.

He leads you back to his cave.

“What exactly are you looking for?” You sit on the floor, watching him pace around looking for something.

“My necklace, it has a charm that will call my brothers. I’m pretty sure they know I’m awake even if they are sleeping themselves. And a book.” He explains while searching.

“A book?”

“It’s a book of spells, I don’t know how to use it, but if my brother, his dragon name is Chen but his human name is Jongdae, is awake, he’ll know. We’ll put a charm on you that eliminates my scent if dragon hunters find and the eliminates your human scent if other dragons find you.” You nod your head.

“Do you and your brothers all have dragon and human names?”

Minseok pauses and laughs.

“No, just a couple of us do.” He smiles at you.

For a moment, you forgot all about needing to leave.

You really wanted to kiss him and by the looks of it, Minseok really wanted to kiss you, too.

He bit his lower lip and you gulp.

A roar from above the cave snaps you guys back into reality.

Minseok grabs you and hides you behind him.

“Whatever happens, stay behind me.” He growls.

You nod, furiously, as he begins to shift.

It looked painful, shifting from a human to dragon. He was breathing heavily and his bones cracked, you didn’t want to look but you couldn’t look away. Minseok’s human skin began to turn transparent as the dragon scales morphed underneath.

Another dragon, slightly, smaller than Minseok- or Xiumin- enters the cave.

The colors it was reminded you of a bruise, the greens, yellows, blues, and purples. Almost like it couldn’t decide what color to be. It teeth were sharper than Xiumin’s, but you noticed that its claws were completely dull. Its eyes were all black, and its wings had holes in them, like it was shot at or burned.

How could it fly?

You wondered to yourself.

It charges at Xiumin.

You crouch and attempt to make yourself as small as you could.

Xiumin’s screams fill your ears, the other dragon’s teeth sink themselves into his neck.

Xiumin’s tail whips around and hits the dragon in the face, making it release its hold on his neck. Xiumin clawed at its face, attempting to blind it.

It screeches at Xiumin, lunging itself at him, knocking him to the ground. It places its claw on Xiumin’s face, exposing his neck.

It’s jaw begins to elongate, you knew it was going to kill Xiumin. Panic set in. Xiumin thrashed around, but to no avail.

“No!” You scream, Xiumin looks at you, fear completely covers his face. It finally sees you and lets go of Xiumin.

It had you in a trance, all you saw was that dragon. It picks you up with one of its claws, nails digging into your stomach and arm.

You didn’t even notice Xiumin get up, he yanks it backwards, catching you with his tail before you hit the ground.

Xiumin grabs it by the snout and neck, it struggles to break free.

You look at Xiumin and he looks at you as if to tell you to look away.

You, slowly, turn around, your eyes shut themselves and you shudder when you hear the sound of the dragon’s neck being broken.

You begin to cry.

Minseok had to kill someone- another dragon- to keep you safe. As much as you appreciated it, you didn’t like it.

A life was taken because of you.

You felt Minseok’s arms wrap around you and turn you around to face him.

He holds you tightly, you don’t even care about the pain in your stomach and arm.

“I-I’m s-s-sorry.” You cried into his chest.

“Why are you apologizing? I should be apologizing to you!” He kisses the top of your head.

“You had to kill that-that person.” You hiccuped.

Minseok shakes his head.

“He wasn’t a person anymore.”

You pulled back.

“What do you mean?”

He sighs.

“I’ll tell you once we get out of here.” He promises, that’s when he takes a good look at you.

“You’re injured!”

You look down, there’s a large gash under the right side of your ribcage, and two large cuts on your right arm. You were surprised that your guts weren’t falling out of your body.

“I can’t feel it.” You admit.

But Minseok doesn’t listen, he lays you down and begins treating you.

“We have to leave- ow! That stings!” You whack him.

“I have to tend your wounds, dragon nails can have venom or bacteria that’s lethal to humans.” He tells you, as he continued pouring a dirty water looking liquid on your wounds.

You almost punched him when his dragon touch began licking your wounds.

“Let me guess, healing saliva?” You joke.

“Kind of. It’s more of a venom against venom thing.” Your jaw drops before you could yell at Minseok for basically poisoning you, you begin to feel dizzy.

“It’s going to make you sleepy, hopefully when you wake, we’ll be somewhere safer.” He kisses your lips before darkness consumed you.


You woke to a semi truck honking next to your car.

You rubbed your eyes and looked around. Minseok was driving, and way under the speed limit.

“Just pass me, you stupid driver! And your stupid huge truck!” Minseok shouts like the driver could hear him.

You giggle.

“Oh, hey. You’re finally awake.” He looks over at you and brings your left hand to his lips and kisses it.

“How long was I asleep? When did you learn how to drive?” You yawned.

“You were out about four hours and four hours and twenty minutes ago.” He beams. You sit up and winced.

“Hey, lay back down! Your wounds are still healing!” He, gently, pushes you back down.

“You started driving four hours and twenty minutes ago?!” You looked at the side mirror.

There’s about fourteen cars, including a semi or two, behind you guys.

“Oh my god! Minseok, speed up! Or pull over so I can drive!” You couldn’t begin to imagine how angry the other drivers were.

Minseok didn’t like the idea of you driving, especially since the serum he put on your wounds didn’t do much. Either it was too old and it expired or your body rejected it. It put him on edge knowing you weren’t healthy.

He presses the gas pedal, finally reaching the actual speed limit.

Luckily, after awhile, no angry drivers followed you and the highway had more lanes.

“Since you’re driving the speed limit, stay on the right lane unless it turns into an exit.” You explain to him and he nods at you.

You laugh to yourself.

“What’s so funny?” He shoots you a small glare.

“I never thought I’d be teaching a dragon how to drive.”

“Shifter, jagiya.” Now it was his turn to laugh.

You made a what noise.

“Shifter, like shape shifter. Most popular in human movies are were- werewolves?“ Minseok thinks to himself a little and then nods to himself, proud that he got the term correct.

“You were bitten by a dragon and that’s how you turned?” You asked, confused. He laughs and shakes his head.

“Real life shifters are born human but choose the creature they want to shift into. Being a dragon is just…. rare in a way. To be able to shift into more mythical creatures, you have to be born with a certain gene. There were twelve of us with the dragon gene.”

“But you could’ve chosen being a griffin of even a tiger?”

“Yes, exactly!” He reaches over to you and holds your hand.

You smile at him.

“Minseok, what did you mean when you said he wasn’t a human anymore?”

His smile faded into a thin line, and he grips your hand a little tighter.

“I was hoping you forgot that question…” He mumbles.

You shake your head.

“Please?” You pleaded, using your best puppy dog eyes.

He groans and then quickly pecks your lips before refocusing on driving.

“When… when a shifter turns, they still have their humanity to keep them from actually turning into the animal or creature they choose.” He pauses.

You run your thumb over his knuckles.

“They- we can lose our humanity by…” You could tell that he didn’t want to say it, like it was too painful.

“Take your time.” You bring his hand to your lips and place a couple small kisses on his knuckles before bringing it back down to your lap.

“By killing a human.” He whispers.

You could see the tears forming in his eyes.

“I lost three of my brothers that way…” He swallows and wipes away some tears.

Your heart shattered, you couldn’t imagine what it would be like to lose someone that close to you in that way. You’ve lost family members and that’s painful, but losing a family member to their counterpart. Seeing them everyday, but never actually seeing their face.

“I’m so sorry, Minseok. I should’ve let it go-”

“It’s ok, eventually you would find out. It’s like once they permanently shifted, they don’t remember you. You saw in my shift, I still remembered you. But when that happens, all the memories die with the human.”

The car became silent.

“I’m sorry that was a lot to take in.” He sighs.

“It’s fine, I’m really glad you could open up to me and trust me.” You say, honestly.

He squeezes your hand, gently.



“Where exactly are we going?” You asked, trying not to panic because you guys were literally in the middle of nowhere.

He pulls his necklace out from his shirt.

The crystal began to light up in a beautiful lilac color.

“One of my brothers in near.” His face scrunches up.

“What’s with the expression?” You laugh.

“I wish it told me what brother.” He groans. “I hope it’s not Chanyeol.”

“What’s wrong with Chanyeol?” you looked at him, curiously, tilting your head.

“He’s a literal fire hazard…”

You look to your right, an empty field of dried up apple trees whip by.

You squint and lean forward, your nose almost touched the window.

“Um.. I think it’s Chanyeol…” you point to the fire that’s blazing in the middle of the field.

“Well fuck.”

anonymous asked:

are you really trying to say theres no threat coming from people who are suni muslim? that its all right wing politicians "fear mongering" making these things up and not the sheer amount of rapes, sexual assaults and terrorist attacks committed nearly every day now? its funny how its all right wing politicians faults and not the fucking terrorists.. because people are so equally """phobic""" of sihks right?

In terms of proportional threat - yeah, the ‘threat’ is minuscule and the fear that exists is considerably inflated by right wing politicians using acts of terrorism to push their agendas.

In the west you are far more likely to get murdered by someone close to you than be a victim of a terror attack. You are far more likely to be killed in a road traffic collision. You are 260 times more likely to be struck by lightening than to be killed by terrorism committed by an immigrant. In France, which has seen its fair share of terrorist attacks, your chances of being killed in one are less than two ten-thousandths of one per cent. It feels like it’s constant, it feels like it’s a huge risk, because of how it is portrayed by our media and by our politicians. But the reality is that the risk of international terrorism is exceptionally low. 

In fact Islamic countries have far more to fear from the western world than we do of them - considering the United States and Europe are the biggest perpetrators of international terrorism, and have supported, funded and developed islamic terrorism in other countries for their own agenda.

The tragic thing is that Islamic countries have far, far more to fear from Islamic terrorism than the west does, and yet we vilify entire nations who are suffering as a result of our own actions. We should remember that western intervention is responsible for the development islamic terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda and ISIL. We should also remember that ISIL is ravaging Syria and Iraq in a way we probably can’t even begin to comprehend - and yet because those victims are muslim and not western we do not bat an eyelid. We are the ones who are apparently at risk, not the innocent civilians we have left behind after we’ve destroyed their country’s infrastructure. 

And personally, yes, I would extend the ultimate responsibility to western governments because of the huge role they have played in creating the situation in the middle east. They funded the groups, they destroyed governments and left vacuums that ISIL was able to fill, they have created an environment that is toxic, that leaves people feeling frustrated and disenfranchised - and ultimately leads to the radicalisation of those responsible for terrorist attacks. It’s far easier to blame ‘muslims’ and ignore any and all context, than accept your own government has a history of funding and fuelling terrorism for it’s own agenda, and has devastated the lives of millions of innocent people.

Letting Go [Extended Version]
Letting Go [Extended Version]

Paul McCartney & Wings - Letting Go [Extended Version]

Fun fact: Paul McCartney wrote this song for his wife, Linda McCartney, when he saw that he needed to give his wife more space to pursue her own interests and hobbies. He goes on in the song about the admiration and love he has for her but that he “feels like letting go”, meaning giving her more freedom of her own. McCartney biographer Peter Ames Carlin claims that the song “traced the thin line between love and obsession”, with “passion in all its unhinged, dangerous glory.”

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Rey Camelot!AU please. I just want her wielding Excalibur

This is another one of those AUs that I could spend entirely too much time playing with, because for all its x-wing battles and robots, Star Wars has a heart of high fantasy, and all high fantasy always wends its way back to Camelot at some point:

  • Sir Pavus (called “Poe” by his fellow knights) questing to the remote monastery of St. John, where it is rumored one of the brothers managed to secret a map to the Isle of Avalon
    • The great wizard Skywalker is said to have retreated to Avalon after one of his apprentices rose up and destroyed the castle and killed all within it.
  • Of course, Sir Pavus’ quest is cut short by the knights of the First Order, with the fearsome Black Knight at their head. 
  • It’s said the Black Knight has certain powers, given to him by the devil, and compel even good Christian men to speak ugly truths. He too is after the map to Avalon, so he can kill the last of the great sorcerers that might challenge him.
  • But Poe is clever, and before he can be taken captive he gives the map to his squire, a young man named Babatio, tells him to run.
    • (Babatio had his tongue cut out for blasphemy, and mostly communicates in whistles and hand gestures—Poe had mercy on him, when he was found begging outside Camelot, and so took him on as a squire. He is immensely devoted to Poe.)
  • Rey—a young novitiate abandoned as an infant by her family at the monastery of St. John, waiting for them to return—finds Babatio hiding in the garden, and sneaks him into the priory.
  • Meanwhile, Sir Pavus is being held by the First Order, tortured (on the rack, probably) by the Black Knight—except! 
    • FINN
    • ………..his name is probably not Finn in this scenario, because Finn is a super celtic name, but nevertheless HE IS FINN
    • (If you try and tell me that there weren’t any black knights running around, have Sir Morien and Sir Palomides, canonically there were black knights)
    • Anyway, he’s done with the First Order, he helps Poe escape and then gets stranded at St. John
      • The Jacket is a coat of mail, because that amuses me
  • Lady Organa was the sole ward of Bail Organa of Aderaan, and even though the Kingdom of Alderaan was largely destroyed; she is known to have a great deal of influence within the court of Camelot
    • (She’s also scandalous for making a….somewhat reformed thief the head of her knights, and then never marrying him despite a very obviously shamelessly carnal relationship)
    • Plus also imagine Sir Solo—though he still flinches when he he’s called that—and the tall hairy Celt who follows him everywhere. No one understands him. He’s a deadly shot with an arrow.
  • Maz Kanata is the owner of the sleeziest pub in England, she’s adorable and tiny and no one will ever mess with her—which is probably why Excalibur is entrusted to her
  • Why she entrusts it to Rey, though….
sara bareilles lyrics meme
  • 1. "Something always brings me back to you."
  • 2. "I didn't mean to be so predictable."
  • 3. "Here's a simplification of everything we're going though; you plus me is bad news."
  • 4. "I learned my lesson, love you a little at a time."
  • 5. "But I'd settle for an honest mistake in the name of one sweet love."
  • 6. "It never takes too long."
  • 7. "But I blame it all on who made you irresistible."
  • 8. "If I stay, it ain't gonna be easy."
  • 9. "Hold me responsible, it's all my fault."
  • 10. "No ordinary wings I'll need, the sky itself will carry me back to you."
  • 11. "No matter what I say or do, I'll still feel you here 'til the moment I'm gone."
  • 12. "It'd be a shame to stop now that I've started to make really good mistakes."
  • 13. "We both just tired of the whole thing."
  • 14. "I can't change you when you won't change yourself."
  • 15. "You may be my final match."
  • 16. "Maybe nobody loved you when you were young."
  • 17. "'cause I don't care for your fairytales."
  • 18. "But all honesty knows, I wasn't ready, no."
  • 19. "I'll be alright, just not tonight. Someday."
  • 20. "I am aiming to be somebody this somebody trusts with her delicate soul."
  • 21. "It's not me anymore."
  • 22. "Only thing I ever could need, only one good thing worth trying to be."
  • 23. "So could you kindly shut up."
  • 24. "I'm just one more tortured heart."
  • 25. "I don't need it articulated."
  • 29. "But I don't want the next best thing."
  • 30. "The angels said I'd smile today. Well, who needs angels anyway?"
  • 35. "But the story needs some mending and a better happy ending."
  • 36. "But I want you to say you are sorry."
  • 37. "I'm not the one who went and made a mistake."
  • 38. "Oh, but, baby, you'd be charming if you'd come undone."
  • 39. "Will you try it once?"
  • 40. "Can't take no more of your fairytale love."
  • 41. "I'm not the kind to try to tell you lies."
  • 42. "Who cares if you disagree?"
  • 43. "You are not me."
  • 44. "You swear you know best."
  • 45. "This is no broken heart, no familiar scars."
  • 46. "This is not my choice."
  • 47. "I'd take all these secrets in me."
  • 48. "I didn't want to tell you you were right."
  • 49. "All I can do is get me past the ghost of you."
  • 50. "I dare you, darling, just you wait and see."

The Manorian tag has been filled with a lot of negative stuff lately. Here’s a fic I wrote to at least make it a little less cringe-inducing.

Title: Disobedience
Word Count: 3,664
Rating: T 
This fic takes place during EoS

EDIT: There is now a Part II!

Dorian was on his couch in front of a warm fireplace with a book on his lap and tea on the ornate table next to him when he heard it. A loud screeching noise reminiscent of a shrill scream which made the book fall right out of his hands and for him to stand up in shook. Wide eyed, he turned to the covered glass next to his bed that led out to a spacious balcony. It was dark outside and there was heavy patter as rain fell in big clumps unto the balcony floor.

A groan, animalistic and desperate, resounded from behind the door. Honing unto his magic in case some sort of creature burst through the glass, Dorian slowly moved the silk curtains out of the way…only to curse as a chill went through him. There was a huge hulking beast outside, one with scars peppered all over its face and wings the size of a horse. It took a moment for Dorian to realize what, or rather, who it was.

Abraxos. It was Abraxos, and the beast’s eyes were so wide the whites were visible. When he spotted Dorian, the wyvern groaned again, close to a mewl and scratched at the glass with an iron claw, making the sound again.

Without thinking it over twice, Dorian opened the glass door and stepped into the rain. “What is it? What are you doing here?” He gasped, wondering where Manon was and-

“By the Wyrd.”

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Fade to Black - Part IV

At first I want to mention that I changed a bit the piece in Part II about Warren sitting in the window and getting attacked with the ball as I had to rethink thoroughly the current state of his wings.

It’s a tiny part but I need to clarify this to avoid confusion.

It’s again too late and I know someone who has to get up tomorrow at 6 am for work. ==

This ship is ruining my carrier (if I had any).

If there are any errors, I’m sorry, I will deal with them tomorrow.

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taylor, i have a confession to make to you. I have been following your blog for a while now and the thing is, i know nothing about infinite. I don't even know the members names except myungsoo, because hes always making these weird faces in their vids. and i also know hoya because his name reminds me of this spanish food company called goya. and he seems like the type to be bullied. so if you could do me the favor of introducing me to infinite i will be forever grateful :)

i feel so bad for u how did u struggle w following me, the biggest infinite trash, for all this time…goya tht is a new one im gonna have to write that one down but also u have come to the right place here we go heres infinoodle:

ok here are the members ill start out them i guess in age order?? oldest to youngest yee:

sunggyu: leader & residential old man i dont know how he escaped the nursing home but he did & he’s here to revive his old emo/scene band days (he rly was in a screamo band & has done screamo recently) but a good guy @ heart & is always looking out for his members even if they give him a hard time!!

dongwoo: !!! DINGLE!!! MY LIL ANGEL….. hones tly a the most precious human bean there is every time u blink hes laughing at some new stupid thing one of the other members or doing… or laughing @ himself tbh hes in his own world sometimes??? he also farted on national tv while he was on a show with his mom so yeh theres that„ also dressed in drag multiple times i luv my gf dragwoo     ….hes actually so caring towards his parents & a beautiful dancer & despite being a rapper has one of the best voices imo (listen to DIAMOND… HIS ADLIBS U WILL DIE…AS I HAVE MANY TIMES BEFORE) also has the weirdest hair colors but he looks so hot in them LIKE TH E BLUE HAIR DURING CHASER ERA MY ULT FAVE & PINK DURING INFINITE H    theres so much more abt him i can go on about but    i will spare u  OH ALSO HE IS S O SO OO OOO SHORT HE HAS TO WEAR INSOLES ALL THE TIME RIP (in subunit with hoya called infinite h)

woohyun: a sad lil man (hes p short too) um but he is honestly s o??? cheesy to the point where u wanna chase him down the block with ur steel-toe shoe & beat him bu t it grows on u i cant lie….he tried to be a model predebut & the pics are so o ooooo funny borderline mullet look & also appeared on this show dressed like a girl & was in this cf(?? idk what it is jsut so funny) infinite cares about their fans so much & they always say it but this guy he has to go to the extent of calling us his li ke….gfs (meanwhile sunggyu friendzoned us!!! smh) but as the main vocal he has a rly powerful voice & his last verse in the chaser makes u feel like ur looking into the eyes of god!!! he was in a subunit last yr called toheart with shinees key & has act/ had the lead role in hslo this past year as well (bonus clip of him trying to act mad lms if u cried)

hoya: h to the o y a i go top of the world u know my name… the usher luver of the group & literally never stops fc ukgin dancing like if u tied him down with titanium steel he would break free & dance…. he left school to pursue becoming an idol & his dad was kinda mad but they r good now… he was in dance groups predebut (sporting a jordans shirt & bedazzled jeans amazing) but he is very passionate about what he does & is so dedicated to his work… to the point of overworking himself like he got hurt (his foot) this past summer bc of dancing during a show & if u look @ the vid he gives 120% the whole time i didnt even know he got hurt during that perf until he said thats how he got the injury?? he had a solo in which he had a snapback rise from beneath the stage, puts it on, then later rips off his shirt what a guy…. is in the subunit infinite h & has acted on dramas before!!! aka sad gay doctor hoya in the drama reply 1997 (RLY GOOD even if u dont like ifnt) & was on my lovely girl with myungsoo as a grade a asshole idol (random clip of him hitting a girl in the head w a ball on accident)

sungyeol: literally kool guy when he wears sunglasses bc long tall & slender but he is honestly a child whether he is pranking the other members or doing rly … interpretive (skip a lil to around 3 min)… dances. did a special stage with sungjong in which he dressed up as a girl & sung troublemaker a classic tbh. one time jokingly wanted to rap for fun then they actually had him rap in the song cover girl?? sickest bars ive ever heard. hes actually rly insecure about his talents bc so many ppl only equate him to the tall guy :-( but hes so much more & has been improving vocally with each comeback!! hes also an amazing actor (he originally wanted to be an actor) starring in many dramas i recommend love potent also hi!school:love on!! this past november him, sungjong, & myungsoo debuted as infinite f!!! the cutest group    I ALMOST FORGOT HIS SEXY BACK PERFORMANCE

myungsoo: his stage name is L but honestly wtf does that even mean its just an excuse for his weeaboo trash ass to talk about anime more!!! but no rly at debut they kinda made him put on this cold front & act all mysterious as “”L”” but he is the complete opposite…. he is so weird i d ont even know where to begin. he laughs at everythgin just like dongwoo & is actually SOOOOO CLUMSY RIP  he falls all the time its so tragic but i love it…. hes so into photography!!!!!! its rly his passion & has published 2 photobooks. he’s the visual of infinite but he said he doesnt want to be seen as just this?? he plays guitar too hes done it in tons of stages & acts a lot too!! (this one was the funniest role) also in infinite f

sungjong: ETHEREAL SMALL BEAN OF INFINITE….. H E IS UNREAL AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL he should rly model (he’s recently been sooooo into fashion & models) but hes basically the ruthless maknae?? hes not afraid to say what he wants to the other members despite being younger but in public events i find him to be eloquent & composed?? hes rly close with all of his members & has vocally improved soooooo much since debut im so proud of him!! he has the best airport fashion….he has rocked pink hair….there is nothing this boy cant do!!! he also plays piano too & used to dance to girl group songs a lot (perfect i luv) hes in infinite f

so thats basically all them members im gonna go into shows/mvs/songs now??


  • sesame player this is prob my fave one they are ruthless in this (this is very early on in their career)
  • ranking king this is just them being dumb and getting wild trying to beat each other in various competitions (this is recent like 2012)
  • this is infinite them being dumb yet again while dragging each other (this was this year in feb/ march….the first show i watched and i fell in love now im too deep)
  • you are my oppa so they get stuck with some stranger and they have to treat her like their younger sister…long story short sunggyu loses tablos credit card and mithra gives them sex ed im serious (this was them predebut)
  • birth of a family they have to raise puppies in this and they make sungjong pick up all the dog crap rip scenejohn (this was 2011/2012)
  • more here

mv: (not including dance ver)


um wow this was a lot i could add tons more but here is a playlist of my fave infinite vids  i feel like i am forgetting a lot but i hope this helps this is infinoodle

Lucas was by no means a virtuoso at the piano, but he had a good ear for music and could still remember most of what he’d been taught in the lessons he’d taken all those years ago. As usual, when he first sat down, he was a little rusty – and then he found his rhythm, and his fingers moved more gracefully across the keys. He was unaware of the footsteps approaching behind him, and didn’t look up when someone entered the room. 

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It's actually hilarious watching all these right wing people and media outlets jumping on the proportional representation bandwagon after Tuesday's election.

Yeah, I saw someone at the National Post whining about it. There was nothing at all from these outlets in 2011 where Harper government got a majority through a minority of the vote but now that First Past the Post actually hurt right leaning parties all of a sudden its the worst thing to ever happen to democracy.