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I can't help but think of the whole talk Dean and Sam had in the end as something-that-goes-way-deeper-than-brothers thing. Usually I refrain, preferring to take in a scene as it is, as a legitimate family relationships, familial feelings towards each other before I really put on my wincest goggles, but somehow that last talk came out as something way more than familial, even without the need to put a wincest feel to it. I was interested to know how it came off to you, your opinion about it.

Well, in my opinion

The conversations Sam and Dean have, the really meaningful ones? They go way deeper than familial. That one especially. I totally see how you picked up something there because SHIT. Did you see the actual heartache in their faces? In their voices? That’s how they tell each other how much they love each other and that’s obvious to anyone who watches even remotely closely. 

What puts it in perspective for me a lot of the time is my own sister. I love my sister more than anyone else in my life. And I could never imagine having that heartfelt of a conversation with her. I could have one, but it would be different. 

There’s something about that exchange that really portrays how insanely co-dependent they still are, and exactly how far past family their bond runs. 

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