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Tropes:  ABO, Soul Markings, It’s a Terrible Life ‘verse

Summary:  Dean Smith, finance manager at one of America’s best mattress companies, has a problem. Namely, an unintelligible mark on his arm that won’t disappear, no matter how many times he tattoos over it. On top of sleepless nights and less than pleasant days, a new intern is dropped in his lap without notice, a man with cobalt eyes and rain-drenched hair and a scent Dean can get lost in.

This may be a bad, bad idea.

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arianakristine  asked:

Tavern Meeting headcanons :D

Ah, yes, Tavern Meeting, aka Colleen writes time travel and tries not to pull out all her hair, aka time travel is simultaneously my most favorite and least favorite concept of them all (okay, that’s a lie, most favorite is ghosts, but time travel is in second when it’s not making me want to cry)

#4 is kind of a spoiler for that part ten i’m still working on, so, ye be warned

1. as per usual, my “Graham and Belle are siblings” headcanon applies (you will pry it out of my cold, dead hands, okay) - and when they find out, it is weird, at first, but does ultimately strengthen their friendship. Graham never acknowledges Maurice as his father, though, because even if he could look past being traded away thoughtlessly in a desperate deal (which, yeah, no. that’s a pretty big obstacle right there), he couldn’t look past finding out that Maurice tried to send Belle over the town line to erase her memories because he didn’t approve of her choices.

2. the town’s reactions to Graham being alive again are a bit of a mixed bag. some people are happy. some people are upset, because dead is dead - and yet. Others throw hissy fits about not being forgiven despite pouting for five seconds (we all know who i mean, let’s be real). the whole situation takes a lot of adjusting. a lot of life has moved on without him. but he and Emma do their best to make it work (and those who throw hissy fits and pout are no longer held above the law, since quite a few of the other former royals are fed up with Snowing giving out four-thousandth chances to no change, so, there’s that too)

3.  Since the curse was undone and re-cast, the roles at the Sheriff’s department are a little up in the air. After all, Emma was elected, but Charming’s been filling the position since they got back from the Enchanted Forest, and now Graham is alive again. since the people have faith in the Savior, Emma ends up with the title of Sheriff, with her father and Graham as her deputies (though she insists that she and Graham are equals, because she never would’ve wanted the position in the first place without him having chosen her back when she got to town).

4.  Graham and Emma’s daughter, Sylvia Rose, is born nine months after Emma returns from the past. They’re pretty sure she was conceived during the time travel, although it can’t be proven conclusively (and most of the town, including Emma’s parents, aren’t in on the fact that they even met back then - it’s hardly anyone else’s business - so they do keep that theory to themselves).

5.  The next threat comes, as next threats always do, in Storybrooke.  But at least they can face down whatever’s to come together. As a family.

For perlukafari, as a reward for all the end x terrible life verse lately.

Dean Smith working so hard for months on end that he actually has a fucking breakdown, of all places in the yoga class he seldom even gets to attend anymore, when his instructor Castiel doesn’t even do anything more than to tell him that he’s doing really well on a fucking yoga pose. And Dean can’t even keep it in anymore long enough for Castiel to at least step away until he already collapses in on the very pose he was just complimented on and begins to pathetically sob into his yoga mat. And Cas is such a nice guy that instead of freaking out or laughing at Dean, he immediately pulls him up and away and out of the room, in passing giving away his command to Meg, his best student and a demon through and through.

And Cas brings Dean into his private little office, where he gives Dean a bottle of juice and has him sit down on the nice and comfy lilac sofa, despite how gross and sweaty he is. Worst of all, Castiel sits down next to him, and as soon as he does and as soon as Dean feels the warmth of another human body closeby and hears Cas call his name in a soft, caring voice, it’s like a dam breaking. From one second to the next, he’s got his face buried in the tunic he is grabbing for, his whole body shaking and shivering, all of him pathetically reaching out for Castiel, the unforeseen lifeline he is clinging to.

And Castiel, good and gracious Castiel, just lets him. He continues speaking in a soft voice, cooing all kind of non-sense that doesn’t even register into Dean’s ear, puts his arms around him and squeezes gently, rocking him forth and back in a way that should probably anger Dean but actually soothes him, and Cas does nothing else than to let Dean have this, a good cry.

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I’ve decided if, 20 or so years from now, I write a financial self-help book, I’m going to publish under the pen name, “Dean Smith” and title the book something like, “Exorcising Your Financial Demons: A Guide to Surviving the Recession Because Now Sucks.”

The bonuses in sales are always ridiculous, especially around Christmas time. A case of champagne, a new car, tickets to sold out shows have all featured at one time or another but this is a new extravagance all together.

As far as Dean is aware, no one else has ever sold so much that they’ve been brought their own personal angel as a reward.

It seems like a dream but Dean knows it isn’t. He’s got the paper work in his hands to prove that Castiel - blue eyed, dark winged, confused looking - is all his.

“Merry Christmas, Dean,” Zachariah Adler, his boss, says, reaching out shake Dean’s hand. Dean doesn’t think he’s ever seen the man smile so widely. It’s unnerving. “I hope it will be a good one.” His eyes slide past Dean to land on Castiel and his smile grows lecherous. “I’m sure it will be.”
Always Greener

“Suddenly appearing at the computer desk would be just like waking unexpectedly from sleep, if Castiel had any idea what it was like to wake up. ” (“It’s A Terrible Life”-verse, Dean Smith/Castiel - Castiel wakes in one of Zachariah’s illusions as Dean’s secretary)

Author: Anythingtoasted (pastrymisha)

This basically inserts Castiel into the episode and gives him some more character development and time to sympathize with humanity.