I visited the Democratic National Committee with Peter Mandelson the following year. In a long, rambling and not very successful meeting, Peter turned to me and said in his typical stage whisper: ‘Do you know what the best thing about this meeting is, Philip? I will tell you. The best thing is the doughnuts.’
—  Philip Gould, The Unfinished Revolution


my antidepressants/anti anxiety medication has really started to show its positive effects, and honestly I’m feeling so good.

The only downside is that every day near 6pm, until about 8pm, I get dizzy and a bit sick.

But the positives are so nice. It’s much more quiet in my head, I have much less aches and pains because I’m not tensed up all the time,I’m really enjoying things like eating and sunshine again, 

and I’ve been able to read books again, properly, for the first time in at least 6 years. And you guys will have noticed that I’ve taken full advantage of that!!

I’m so glad!

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Sorry if you already answered this question before, but what are some good options to use as a vessel? As in, for spirit companion/binding sort of stuff...

Whatever you like really! Crystals, jewelry, objects… most people choose gemstones and jewelry because its easy to carry around if they so choose, but you can use pretty much anything as long as its sturdy enough to last for awhile. For example, I wouldn’t use a piece of paper because its easily destroyed or lost, but you could use a book instead. Some people like to use stuffed animals as bindings, or keys, or paintings… whatever really! :)

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ok so a few days this really cute person on my bus, they were reading but kept looking up to make eye contact w me (real significant eye contact) and smiling, and they had this super sweet smile! gosh it was exhilarating and real flattering anyway I had to tell someone. but Ive never had a connection w a stranger before and I dunno if I could catch the same bus next week? what if theyre on it what if theyre not what if they are but dont talk to me? what if i dont want to? buhhhh also Im real shy

THAT SOUNDS VERY PROMISING ANON …u should try ur luck and take the same bus again ! and if u really see them again u can probs see on their reaction if its a good idea to talk to them or not~ but if someones looking up from a book to make eye contact w a stranger then thats..idk but that seems like a Very Obviously Positive Sign to me

So the poetry press that was taking my third book abruptly closed its doors today.

(Well, not all that abruptly if you had been following the messy disintegration.)

Mostly it’s a relief. I had been considering pulling my manuscript since October when they defended one of their authors who had published some indefensibly racist work through the equally indefensible Rattle lit journal. And then there were other messes and I just kept letting my book move through the editorial process. So, really, relief. I am proud of this book–like, shamefully proud–and I want it to have a good home.

So this sucks. Obviously.

But! Within minutes, I watched the community of indie poetry presses come together and extend a hand to those of us with forthcoming work and those whose already published books are looking for new homes. It’s all so lovely.

And I have an invitation from two of my dream presses to send along work outside of regular publication cycles because they like my title. So.


@klanced you called?

also don’t look at it too hard cos the more you do the more you realize how much I screwed this up

I’ve just kind of had this idea floating around in my head all day about Cas owning a cozy little bookstore. He keeps it open 365 days a year, because he wants it to be a safe space for people. He knows first hand that, especially around holiday season, not everyone has somewhere to go. And he’s made it his mission since he opened two years ago to make sure everyone has somewhere to go if they don’t want to be alone.

So when Dean, a frequent customer the past few months, (and a frequent star in Cas’ day dreams) offers him a chair at their Thanksgiving feast tomorrow night, he politely declines, and advises Dean he will be working.

‘Can’t be working on Thanksgiving Cas! What the hell are you gonna eat? That’s the best part of the whole day!’ Cas just shakes his head, and apologizes. When Dean persists, questioning why Charlie can’t run the place for the day, he explains that Charlie is meeting Dorothy’s parents, and he doesn’t mind working.

Thanksgiving morning, Dean stops by to try and convince him one last time to close up and come to Sam’s with him, Cas states harshly, 'Not everyone has a place to go for the holidays, Dean. I didn’t have a place to go for twelve years after my parents kicked me out. I NEED to be here so no one is in that situation if they don’t want to be! NO ONE should be alone during the holidays.’ And while Dean is taken aback by the tone, he mutters an apology and leaves.

Cas spends most of the day by himself, a teenage girl comes in around ten, and then he doesn’t see anyone else until four. The older gentleman leaves around four thirty, and though neither of them make a purchase, he’s still glad he was here. When the bell at the door rings again around seven, Cas is happy to see someone else in need. However when he turns the corner from the aisle he was reorganizing, he sees Dean, arms full of bags. From their transparency, he sees a bag of dinner rolls, what he believes is several Tupperware containers full of mashed potatoes, turkey, gravy, and stuffing, and the unmistakable circular outline of a pie tin.

'What is this, Dean? Shouldn’t you be at Sam’s?’

'You were right, Cas. No one should be alone on Thanksgiving.’


d a y f i ve
spring is coming really soon so here are some green things🌿im reading the book “mosquito land” and its so good aaa!! ive also begun planting lavender seeds, the second picture is what they look like after a month or so of being planted. im going to need to repot it soon… today was v chill v productive and the weather is lovely :)

P. 81 of A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab

(Can you guys tell I love this chapter, quoting it two days in a row? Yes, yes I do)

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things maybe those other novelization posts missed

there’s been a couple of posts about the novelization highlights going around but whatever the world needs my thoughts right????

really just a rehash of my livetweeting sometimes direct copy and paste but whatever. LMAO THIS IS LIKE 5 PAGES LONG WELP SORRY FRIENDS. 

  • Even the excerpts from the rogue one novelization have not prepared me for the utter DRAMA that is cassian andor in this book omg
  • everything about bodhi rook made me cry. HE DOUBTS HIMSELF. THE ONLY THING HE’S SURE OF IS THAT HE’S NOT GOOD ENOUGH.
  • Hi. Just wanted to let you know that after Cassian said like 10 words to Jyn, she was imagining them on a date.
  • Jyn also is careful to try and shield cassian from a blast in Jedha city like you know just for safety and stuff. And standing close to each other. SAFETY THO.
  • Cassian: I’m cold, I bet Jyn’s cold. I’m tired, she’s probably exhausted. She beat the shit out of those guys, IS SHE CONCUSSED? CHILL, BUD
  • the. entire. time.
  • cassian really cannot stop thinking about jyn and how she’s fucking up his job/mission/life AND YET
  • the thing is CASSIAN IS VERY GOOD AT HIS JOB AS AN INTELLIGENCE OFFICER. he’s wildly good at it. and he’s sharp. so smart. the book constantly shows him sifting through his mental catalog of info he’s VERY SMART AND VERY PROFICIENT AT HIS JOB

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six of crows is seriously so great though like it revolves around six kids who, between them, consist of: two poc, two non-straight characters, a character with a learning disability, a character with a physical disability and symptoms of post-traumatic stress, two former sex workers, a chubby character who is consistently referred to as the most beautiful of the group, and a character whose character arc is based almost entirely around unlearning internalized prejudice

basically six of crows is just a really awesome book with really interesting and diverse characters


“He is tired of life. He has madness in his soul.”

Alexander Siddig as Mr. Shaitana, “Cards on the Table” - Agatha Christie’s Poirot [2006]

isabel’s grandfather is abusive

so these are all the books that i got while i was in america. i got the divine comedy, anna karenina and i capture the castle as presents from my boyfriend. and i got all the others, except for the emily dickinson poems, from the book barns in niantic, ct. i was really happy to find a lot of books there that i’d wanted to read for ages, and each for a really great price for the still perfect conditions they were in! oh oh oh, im happy!

people are telling me the book that home was based on is actually good which makes me sad

but i think the movie adaptation was dead from the start as soon as they cast sheldor to be the alien. then the plotline, pacing, and most jokes in the movie were a complete mess. its really unfortunate because everyone was so excited to have poc girl as a main character in an animated adventure movie but like, poc deserved a better movie than…this,,