The Hunter and the Frog :Closed RP:


Dean woke up with a start, his eyes flicking around the dark room. Immediately he realized that he wasn’t in his room - in fact he wasn’t in the bunker at all! He sat up and looked around the room before shifting out of the bed and making his way toward the doorway, finding the light switch and turning on the lights.

It took a few moments for the lights to flicker on, but Dean couldn’t see to recognize the room he was in. Cautiously, he stepped over toward the window and peered out. The only thing he saw was trees upon trees and looking up it was obvious that he couldn’t even see the sky with how large the trees were. Was he in a forest? A cabin?

He turns back toward the room and begins to explore. Unfortunately, he found nothing of interest. There was nothing out of place in this tiny little room, and as he moved to turn the doorknob and see if he could find a way out of the cabin, the knob turned itself and the door pushed open.

Dean stepped back, his eyes widening as he spots none other than Lucifer standing in the doorway with a wide smirk. “L-Lucifer?? I thought we got rid of you after Amara! Where am I??” he glares.