• us government: *gerrymanders everything*
  • us government: *creates voter ID laws forcing people to pay to vote*
  • us government: *bars those who have been to prison from voting*
  • us government: *makes voting as difficult as possible*
  • usa: so the popular vote goes to hillary, the majority of people voted for hillary. people wanted hillary. not trump. hillary won the popular vote.
  • us government: trump wins
  • dems: the real people to blame for this are the stupid poor rednecks who did this to us.
  • dems: and not u know... the functionally unsound system we live in
  • dems: its also third party voters fault too lol
  • dems: because like the government is an innocent cinnamon roll and this totally wasn't rigged from the start.
We can't emphasize it enough: the tyranny right-wingers claim to oppose is already here and has been here since the founding of capitalism.

Capitalism is tyranny by the rich – by the capitalists, by the production autocrats, by the politicians who help facilitate it all. This system began through state violence and widespread expropriation of indigenous land, leading to the vast accumulation of property and capital in the hands of a small caste of elites. Capitalism today and all its problems and injustices cannot be separated from those original sins of systematic conquest. 

We are fighting for a world without this top-down bullshit, where people aren’t forced to sell their labor to powerful property owners or starve. We believe in a socialist system of economic democracy, where people come together and self-manage their workplaces and the larger economic goals. We presently have the capacity to free people from a bulk of the menial jobs capitalism forces on us – through automation and the active rejection of jobs that don’t provide for a tangible need in society, we could expand leisure time for all people, each person, by leaps and bounds. This is not just about cutting down inequality; this is just as much about human freedom and liberation. These values are two sides of the same coin. 

Now that Trump is president, we must abandon the neoliberal Democratic Party and move leftward towards ideas and solutions that can actually transform society away from all the aforementioned injustice. We must bring those disillusioned with the political and economic system into our fold – provide answers, organize, build a movement.

omgcp characters as things I've done
  • Inspired by @mrcrappyknight
  • Eric Bittle: Drunkenly stumbled into Williams Sonoma and cried about how pretty everything is
  • Jack Zimmermann: Stayed up until 4 in the morning watching funny moments in hockey games
  • Shitty Knight: Got high and vandalized all the stop signs in the neighborhood so they said "Stop Trump"
  • Larissa Duan: Ditched her friends mid-sentence because she got an idea for a painting
  • Adam Birkholtz: Stood on the table in a karaoke bar belting "Surfing USA" at the top of his lungs
  • Justin Oluransi: Threatened to murder his friends that keep trying to whip in public for no reason (read: Holster)
  • Chris Chow: Started crying when a cat he was holding put its paw on his face
  • William Poindexter: Got into a 3 hour argument of the correct pronunciation of the word 'caramel'
  • Derek Nurse: Got blackout drunk after senior prom and woke up wearing someone else's shirt (read: not his date's)
  • Whisky: Went to a frat party and said "no" to every boy that approached him
  • Tango: Walked around asking every person he came across if bears eat cows.

USA. California. Berkeley. 1971. At a Panther school. In 1970, in Oakland, David Hilliard created the idea for the first full-time liberation day school. This school, and its attendant dormitories in Oakland and Berkeley, was simply called the Children’s House. This school concept, directed by Majeda Smith and a team of Black Panther Party members, became the way in which sons and daughters of Black Panther Party members were educated.

Photograph: Stephen Shames/Courtesy of Steven Kasher Gallery

If I’m going to vote for a female candidate for president. Then I’ll vote for a serious female candidate for president. NOT voting for a warmonger who got a party nomination through a rigged primary.

So Maxime Bernier (A Conservative Party of Canada leader contender) used a symbol overlayed on a pride flag, which is frequently used by the NRA and its supporters in the USA who advocate for loosened gun control and open carry of fire arms. He posted this less than a month after the Orlando mass shooting.

Intentional or not this looks bad.

The American Dream (Team)

I pledge allegiance to the flag…
And to the holy trinity of America. 


Happy birthday to Steve! And happy birthday to America’s freedom though I am how many days late. OTL

Better late than never!
*Spreads love, freedom, and some fireworks*

Hope you guys like this!

Now that #HillaryClinton is a step closer to becoming president. There’s no doubt that State Department would be turn into fracking marketing agency. Since she loves fracking so much. Can she count the amount of money she gotten in bribes from the frackers while breathing contaminated frack water and polluted air from fracking?

Petition for the cast of Hamilton to reenact the party scene from I Made America s1

tbh like i see all this stuff for spooky season in the USA but like no stuff for other cultures, and its like lowkey bugging me so this post is dedicated to mexico spooky season 

like seeing this shit in the bakery always makes you feel hungry, screw cheap af cupcakes this is the real shit

and like forget fucking starbucks pumpkin lattes this is the good stuff to drink

and like y’all have your cheap lights and shit but like everything is covered in this

and while you gringos are having fun being sad and shit every fucking day is a party for the dead, like hell yeah lets get some skeleton parties up in here, but like still respect the dead 

fucking skeleton parades everywhere

a mix of 70 songs Michael has tweeted about at some point.

1. uptown funk by mark ronson ft. bruno mars. 2. drown by bring me the horizon. 3. shake it off by taylor swift. 4. hit me with your best shot by pat benatar. 5. bohemian rhapsody by queen. 6. anna molly by incubus. 7. party in the usa by miley cyrus. 8. spray on pants by kisschasy 9. vermilion by slipknot. 10. breaking the habit by linkin park. 11. i miss you by incubus. 12. echo by trapt. 13. sic transit gloria.. glory fades by brand new. 14. psychosocial by slipknot. 15. elevated by state champs. 16. famous last words by my chemical romance. 17. wish you were here by incubus. 18. bleeding love by leona lewis. 19. im lost without you by blink 182. 20. hands held high by linkin park. 21. good girls by 5 seconds of summer. 22. lost realist by trapt. 23. nothing on my back by sum 41. 24. stellar by incubus. 25. king for a day by pierce the veil. 26. are you gonna be my girl by jet. 27. lose yourself by eminem. 28. cry by the used. 29. somebody told me by the killers. 30. kick me when im high by sum 41. 31. machines by biffy clyro. 32. ocean size by goldfinger. 33. wrapped around your finger by 5 seconds of summer 34. lost in stereo by all time low. 35. disconnected by 5 seconds of summer. 36. we wont give up by the afters. 37. baby come back by player. 38. rebel yell by billy idol. 39. the taste of ink by the used. 40. work by jimmy eat world. 41. hold onto me by mayday parade. 42. what i like about you by the romantics. 43. heartache on the big screen by 5 seconds of summer. 44. bring me to life by evanescence. 45. kiss me by sixpence none the richer. 46. social casualty by 5 seconds of summer. 47. first date by blink 182. 48. the only reason by 5 seconds of summer. 49. walking disaster by sum 41. 50. amnesia by 5 seconds of summer. 51. 1985 by bowling for soup. 52. basket case by green day. 53. keep the change, you filthy animal by all time low. 54. fat lip by sum 41. 55. almost by bowling for soup. 56. girl like that by every avenue. 57. bad enough for you by all time low. 58. give me novacaine by green day. 59. (here) in your arms by hellogoodbye. 60. summer love by one direction. 61. she wants to be me by busted. 62. build me up buttercup by the foundations. 63. lost boy by 5 seconds of summer. 64. don’t stop believin’ by journey. 65. be your everything by boys like girls. 66. another girl, another planet by blink 182. 67. say anything by good charlotte. 68. im on one by dj khaled. 69. last night on earth by green day. 70. dirty little secret by all american rejects. 


“Russia under Nicholas II, with all the survivals of feudalism, had opposition political parties, independent trade unions and newspapers, a rather radical parliament and a modern legal system. Its agriculture was on the level of the USA, with industry rapidly approaching the West European level.
In the USSR there was total tyranny, no political liberties and practically no human rights. Its economy was not viable; agriculture was destroyed. The terror against the population reached a scope unprecedented in history.
No wonder many Russians look back at Tsarist Russia as a paradise lost.”

— Oleg Gordievsky, The Independent, 21st July 1998.

Year in Review - January

This will be a special that will run through the last 12 days of 2015, each day highlighting a month in Fifth Harmony’s career this year.

We start off our flashback with January!

Fifth Harmony released a cover, Uptown Funk, which promoted their first headlining tour:

They were nominated for a People’s Choice Award for “Choice Breakout Group” and attended the awards show:

They had a photoshoot with Billboard:

And of course, who could forget, this was the month when we first heard Reflection, Fifth Harmony’s debut album, in its entirety during the last week of January? All thanks to iTunes’ First play feature, we FINALLY got to listen to the girls’ debut album!

To help promote the album, the girls started a series of album signing events in malls around the USA.

Their album release party in NYC got postponed to February following a heavy blizzard in the East Coast.

It was also this month when Fifth Harmony had their first Top 20 radio hit with Sledgehammer!


I’ve legit just flown half way across the world for my girl, Tay.

I’m proud to say that I’ve considered taylorswift my friend for nine years now. There isn’t much I wouldn’t do for her since her and her music have guided me through my life since 2006. When I found out that the 1989 World Tour was missing my home city, Perth, I was understandably devastated… But hey no problem I thought- I found the positive in the situation and saved up & planned a 3 month trip to America making sure the first thing I booked was a ticket to the 1989 show in Foxborough, MA!

Can’t wait to spend Saturday night with you taylorswift !! I’ll be dancing on my own, making the moves up as I go but happier than ever because of you.

Love you,
Chels x

(Section 304, Row 9, Seat 21)