Delirious: Welcome to the Delirious Cooking Show!


Delirious: Thank you! And today, we will be roasting this nice young owl here.

Vanoss: *tied up with an apple in his mouth* -_-

Delirious: Hopefully he comes out well done! He seems hard to roast! XD

Moving On

My favorite pie is key lime pie. I love it. It’s not always in stock though, so whenever it’s gone, I don’t bother to eat any other pies available because in my opinion, if it’s not key lime pie, it’s not a pie worth eating. But it’s been awhile since it has been restocked. I didn’t think it would ever come back into stock.

It had been so long since I’ve had any pie, and I missed eating pie, so I decided to try one of the other pies in stock. Dutch apple pie. It was delicious. It was just the right amount of sweetness. And even though I swore off any other pies while I waited for key lime pie to be restocked, I couldn’t help myself but slowly, sheepishly, develop a soft spot for Dutch apple pie.

Then out of the blue, key lime pie was restocked. I was elated. Of course I jumped on the chance to enjoy it again. But it didn’t taste as delicious as I remembered. It was somehow, just less. I felt shocked and a little sad about it. For the first time while eating key lime pie, I wasn’t loving it. I wasn’t sure if key lime pie was my favorite anymore. I found myself craving Dutch apple pie instead.

-Maybe it’s too late for you to come back & fix things (I’m not sure I love you anymore) 5:58pm 16 August 2017