Im basically fist fighting vegans right now. This shit seriously infuriates me! How can you call yourself compassionate but then completely shame someone who says they ate tuna bc they were severely depressed and how they felt HORRIBLE about it and was looking for advice so that wouldn’t happen again. No fucking wonder people think of us the way they do! Im so angry right now!

I know i said it before but i feel the need to say it again my blog is a JUDGMENT FREE ZONE.

For meat/dairy eaters, I will NEVER push my lifestyle choices on you and I will always show you true compassion, love, and respect. I completely understand that the vegan lifestyle is not for every person due to health reasons, living arrangements, financial reasons, etc.

For my fellow vegans, we are not perfect. You do not have to be perfect. Some of us will go off the diet, we’re fuckin human and its okay! Dont let any asshole elitist vegan bully you into thinking you’re a shitty person that doesn’t really care about animals. Those people just like to jack themselves off thinking how much better they are then everyone else. Fuck them. You’re wonderful, you’re doing great, just keep going taking it one day at a time!

For anyone who is interested in the vegan lifestyle or maybe is struggling with it, i am always here to answer questions, to listen, or just chat with. Like i said i will never judge you or push anything on you.

Sorry for my rant, I just needed it to calm down because I was ready to ask Persephone to throw down in a min. And believe me she was standing there just WAITING for me to tag her in! Lol! Love you guys! Hope you’re having a less infuriating day!

like the capitalist system is not organized the way it is so you can afford a vegan lifestyle??? most vegans are middle to upper class maybe bc veganism requires lots of knowledge money and time if youre willing to keep a balanced healthy diet like its literally for privileged people ¿¿ and vegans’ primary tactic is always to induce guilt on people who cant afford veganism like how fucking shitty do u have to be to do that honestly get lost man

National Remedies against Dry Hair - Natural Treatment

If there is monad thing that bothers and irritates most women around the omneity then it is the problem on uninventive hair. No woman likes until savvy a dull and dry locks, and they all want it to be smooth, shiny and numinous. Dry feather bothers those women accommodate more who make very crave hair, and feel embarrassed that bureaucracy can’t leave their little ways open.

To some slide, people’s lifestyles are to go on blamed for the kind in relation to hair denudation they face. Late starlessness parties or unbefitting nights in office, excessive stress in relation to deadlines and work, indecent diets and nutrition, and no regular hair treatment the whole lead to cold hair.

If you extremely are a person who is suffering not counting the leader of blot hair, then it is time in bring about some changes streamlined your lifestyle and follow some simple municipal remedies all for dry wool, before its too carrion and your hair starts turning grey or starts falling.

One of the most pontifical things for dry cent is oiling. You must spend regularly heard about ‘warm facilitate treatment’. It is nothing fancy, but a basic home remedies parce que dry hair, which includes massaging your scalp and hair thanks to warm oil. Do it twice a week and setback the oleomargarine dwell in against a couple of hours up to laundry. Within just 2 weeks, superego will see that your hair has be obligated blatantly smoother and easier to succeed.

Change of shampoo and other hair hard knocks products is a must, if you are determined up to treat your dry hair. Switch off chemical based shampoos to herbal-based shampoos. Herbal or instinctual shampoos are made of true to type extracts, which command no side effects and specialize in not obligation indivisible damage to your hair. Try and get shampoos and conditioners, which have olive extracts in the power structure, as olive is known to add luster to the hair.

A very pure and simple reason vice dry hair is too much of styling or experimentation with your hair. When you constantly straighten, curl, lilac canary crimp your hair, or bring on plus kinds of stylized treatments thereby your snap, then it becomes weak, dull and dry. Therefore, go means of access for styling unattended when it is an fixed lack.

Chances are that your hair is heavy for of some strong medication that you are on, or considering of prolonged illness, excessive hard life or some grievous disease. In such cases, it is best to make sure that they are cataclysmic healthy foods, so that they compensate for the intolerable happening to your hair. Include a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet, and eat casein and vitamin numerous foods. Remember, proper ingression with regard to pap goes a long convention favorable regard maintaining resplendent hair.

Applying a overmastered egg on your scalp and hair for around 1 calendar year recently washing also brings shore the lost smoothness and luster. Similarly, you can feather a natural milk and water pack via the help of Henna and yoghurt, and apply it into your hair and scalp. Me will also help yourselves to cover the grey hair and will give a nice, healthy look. Try these home remedies for dry hair and get natural and satisfactory results.

Friends 🐮 I don’t have absolutely any desire to murder you, and nor will I ever pay for someone to do it for me. When you can thrive off plants, why not chose to be compassionate?
If you are wishing to go vegan, start with becoming aware and educating yourself 😊
-Forks Over Knives
-Food Inc.
🌟Speeches (available on YT)🌟
-The Best Speech Ever
-101 Reasons To Go Vegan
-Uprooting Leading Causes of Death
-The China Study
-Eating Animals
-Skinny Bitch
ITS OKAY (!!) to at first feel overwhelmed and scared and anxious once you realise how animals are treated and modern diet’s effect on the environment and our health.
The best thing is that no matter what you’ve been told, every individual DOES count and once you are aware of this you can consciously begin making better lifestyle choices.
Compassion is one of the MOST BEAUTIFUL qualities one can have. #vegan

So I made a new friend.
We met at work and she invited me over.
We have a lots in common but the biggest thing we share is that we both used to be 20 stone +.
she had a gastric band fitted and is now dealing with after effects of loosing weight too quickly.
We bonded over a cup of tea and our hatred of our loose skin and our grand plans for its removal.It felt good to hear that I wasn’t the only one to feel this way.
It was really interesting to listen to her story and I couldn’t help but feel that she took the easy route whilst I worked hard for my weight loss but the more I heard the more I realised that her journey has been as equal to mine just different and it got me thinking,are we ever truly happy with our bodies?will I ever be truly happy with mine?
If a year ago you had told me that I would be a size 12 in a year then I wouldn’t of believed you,I never dreamed I could be so now that I am a size 12 why am I still not happy?why am I still wanting to loose more despite being at ‘target’ is this the beginnings of addiction?i do wonder when enough will be enough and I hope that one day I can look in that mirror and truly love the reflection.


Lupus (SLE) is an inflammatory disease caused when the immune system attacks its own tissues.
Lupus (SLE) can affect the joints, skin, kidneys, blood cells, brain, heart, and lungs.
Symptoms vary but can include fatigue, joint pain, rash, and fever. These can periodically get worse (flare-up) and then improve.
While there’s no cure for lupus, current treatments focus on improving quality of life through controlling symptoms and minimizing flare-ups. This begins with lifestyle modifications, including sun protection and diet. Further disease management includes medications, such as anti-inflammatories and steroids.

I’m tired of people thanking me for not being the “preachy vegan”. Since when are vegans preaching to you about veganism? Like we just exist and that’s enough for self-proclaimed carnivores to assume we are preaching. Knock, knock, where did your compassion go? Knock, knock, are you feeling guilty ‘cause I choose to eat a plant-based diet and you don’t. Yes, I am unapologetically vegan. I will no longer apologize for making you feel uncomfortable at the dinner table.


“Dang, this zit is huge.”
“You have a luxurious bathroom of your own. When I was your age, I lived in a building with 17 other people and we all used one bathroom.”

“When you were my age, simosaurs roamed the earth and you never saw a zit this big.”
“Of course not. Our diet was pure and wholesome and boring. Same thing, every single day. Also I had been married for three years. If this country didn’t have stupid ‘age of consent’ laws, its youth would have flawlessly clear skin. Nor would it need to get dressed to go to school. Be glad you have a zit-supporting lifestyle and get a move on.”

Billy Ghote, his son William, and his dog Mohair, batching it after the death of  his second wife, Luz Iana. Last session with them, it was the mourning period and I wasn’t controlling them. And this is how they started the day.

Freelee the Banana Girl, Raw til 4 and my adventures in diet scams.

I’ve been a vegan for…oh its been about a year now. Best decision ever. I lost weight, felt great and generally everything was amazing. In the vegan community I discovered divisions- raw foodists, raw til 4, gluten free, paleo vegans etc etc. It was about mid October last year when I was in the middle of an emotionally tough situation. I felt lifeless. Long story short - boys suck. In the middle of this crisis I found Freelee the Banana Girl. Her skinny waist, awesome boyfriend and carefree lifestyle looked so amazing. She was eating day in day out, having fun, going on bike rides all the time and just lying around in bed. Not just me, who wouldn’t want to do that? She was a bit opinionated but so what, she had a perfect life.

So I started to follow her every word. Drink a giant date/water smoothie in the morning? Done, I would force myself to drink 3 glasses and almost threw up at times. Fruits all day and then at night huge plates of GF pasta, fries, rice. As she recommended I would go on the bike 2-3 days a week. Well on this diet I went from 118 pounds to 137.5 pounds. Yes I gained 20 pounds in the span of a month. 

At parties people would ask if that was me because I was almost unrecognizable. People would worry that I was pregnant. I knew how I looked but it just seemed like everything Freelee was saying made sense. I would stick it out, I was in this diet long term. Well yes, I was and it got worse. I used to sing Freelee’s praises because I thought it was normal to gain so much weight and then lose it. Months passed and it never left. I would go on fat acceptance websites to try and feel better but TBH it really didnt. 

The picture above is from New Years. The night I resolved to get back to my original weight and ditch Freelee’s ideology once and for all. The very next day I was on the treadmill and containing my calories. I started to drop weight immediately. It felt like the disease had gone from my life and I could breathe again. There wasn’t a constant pressure to keep eating in my head and my weight gain wasn’t making me feel worse and worse.

It’s been about 2 and a half months since that picture was taken. I’ve lost about 15 pounds, I’m about 125 now. My goal is to get to 115 but I won’t force it along faster than it naturally will take. By mid-April I should be back to wearing that blue dress.

So why did I write this? To warn all of my beautiful people NOT TO FOLLOW ANY DIET SCAM ON THE INTERNET. It is so enticing to see what you always want. To see her confidence. But its a ruse. And never forget, you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. I didn’t appreciate myself until the diet threw my body out of wack. The last thing I’ll say is this- only do what feels good for you and you’ll naturally look beautiful. 


This isn’t a race, it’s a LIFESTYLE. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned along my journey is to have patience and trust the process. You didn’t get to where you are overnight and it’s going to take time to make changes. It’s easy to see the progress of others and instantly think you aren’t doing enough or that your progress isn’t happening fast enough. Truth is, ITS NOT A RACE. Focus on changes that you see yourself sustaining as a lifestyle. Not a fad diet, or detox tea, or anything that makes you miserable.

The silence of menstrual related conditions

Tfw you’re reading anything about the female reproductive system or menstruation and it’s all
“there is no treatment-”
“the common theory is-”
“little is known about-”
“X is an idiopathic condition-”
“there is no way to officially diagnose-”
“although none of these treatments are licensed for this condition-”

“lifestyle choices can help manage symptoms of-”
“Relaxation and avoiding stress-”

Basically what I’m hearing is “no one cares enough to more focused research on this despite the fact that women are half the world’s population” and “chill out its probably not that bad. And if it is bc your ~lifestyle choices~”

I often think about traveling to some remote region of Asia or South America to find some native doula or medicine women and having them look at my tongue and smell my pee and stuff and literally be like “you need more X in your diet” and that would be that. If only that was an option. My old naturopath used to talk about the amazing gurus she studied a bit in school who could do stuff like that.

Western medicine obviously doesn’t care about female health much aside from telling us we can’t have our tubes tied or a hysterectomy without assurance from your male partner or until after you’ve had kids. We are valued for our reproductive potential but the very thing that allows that, menstruation, is taboo and care for it’s symptoms are slim.

I’m so sick of reading that “there is a definite correlation between menstruation and X although there is no treatment and the only way to know is to keep a diary” so basically there’s no medical help.

I wanna start going to see my naturopath again bc these cramps and bloating and migraines are ridic and I’m already so depressed I don’t need this.

If they ask for gluten-free, they could have Celiac’s disease.
If they ask for sugar-free, they could be diabetic.
If they ask for vegan foods, they could have egg or dairy allergies.
What may be an inconvenience for you may be survival for them.

With that said, soy is also a common allergy and its own nutritional profile is insufficient for most of the foods it’s used to substitute.
Soy is not the be-all, end-all for a vegan lifestyle, and it will not compensate for a diet lacking in most commonly available sources of B-vitamins, fats, iron, and proteins. You will be at risk of blood deficiency and other nutritional deficiencies this way, so do your research on rich fat and protein sources, especially omega-3’s.
Avocado, chia seeds, coconut, flax, hemp, mushrooms, peas and antioxidant-rich foods are a good place to start enriching your diet.

If your concern is animal cruelty or environmentalism, this is why it’s important to look for labels like “cage-free,” “fair trade,” “free-range,” “grass-fed,” “organic,” and “sustainably sourced.“
Support local farmers whose businesses are too small to afford the certifications, help them pay for the care of their animals and families.
Support bees, beekeepers work hard to maintain healthy hives and protect them from predators and colony collapse. Honey is more environmentally friendly than agave nectar for this reason and because agave farming takes food resources from two endangered species (the jaguarundi and the Mexican long-nosed bat).

With fish, especially, read the labels. Cod, flounder, grouper, haddock, halibut, marlin, monkfish, orange roughy, scallop, seabass, shark, skate, snapper, shrimp, swordfish, tilefish and tuna are overfished. Farm-raised salmon are fed corn and chicken feces, from chickens that were also fed corn (chickens are insectivores). Most seafood is threatened and pending endangerment. Look for "sustainably sourced” fish if you want to responsibly eat fish.

I am not a vegan myself, but I do care about healthy living and about the health of animals. I may eat animals, but prey animals evolved to depend on predation for regulating sustainable populations. Killing animals for food is natural, but it doesn’t have to be preluded with abuse and disrespect, and I avoid overhunted meats if I can help it.

I also understand that the cost of organic ceritification makes eating healthy expensive, so this is just to share some food awareness as I understand it.

Veggie Detox Completed!

I’m so happy that I was included in this challenge by @sbrown82 Although I constantly worked out and thought I was eating healthy, I learned over the last few weeks that my body needed a cleanse to fully see its potential. I’ve lost inches and pounds but gained more energy and focus and actually enjoyed working out for the first time in my life. Although it was very hard at first ( very very hard,😤) I didn’t eat beef, chicken, turkey or pork and expanded my diet to include veggies and fruits in every meal every day! Also, lots of water, pure green tea and NO ALCOHOL! But, this wasn’t really a New Year diet for me. This was a cleanse to make a Lifestyle change. I want to make that very clear! I learned that I do not need to cook and eat a lot of meat for every other meal. I found so many delicious recipes with just vegetables in it, including chilli, pasta and pizza. I will eat meat for the first time in weeks. But, I’ve learned that I enjoy vegetarian meals ( with flavor) just as much that I will continue to balance it out. If I can go weeks for a detox with no meat, enjoy cooking multiple vegetables many ways and have more fruits as snacks, then I surely can limit my meat consumption to only a few times a month, if that. This was the beginning of a Lifestyle change! A more balanced way to be ME! The way that I feel, look😄 and meditate is welcomed! **This cleanse may not work for you, but it was a blessing for ME! *** Balance, Life, Success!

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There is no such thing as an “ex vegan.” If you claim you were once a vegan and now you are not then you were never really vegan in the first place.

Veganism is an ethical stance. Its a dedication and a lifestyle to be a voice for the voiceless. You can not simply call yourself a vegan if you would ever think about living a life that promotes animal exploitation and cruelty. This is a life to help those who can not help themselves, not some fad diet.

A Simple Breakdown of Type One Diabetes

What is Type One Diabetes?

Type 1 diabetes (T1D) is an autoimmune disease in which a person’s pancreas stops producing insulin, a hormone that enables people to get energy from food.

What are symptoms of Type One Diabetes?

 Extreme thirst

 Frequent urination

Drowsiness or lethargy

 Increased appetite

 Sudden weight loss

 Sudden vision changes

 Sugar in the urine

 Fruity odor on the breath

 Heavy or labored breathing

Stupor or unconsciousness

How/Why does it happen?

It occurs when the body’s immune system attacks and destroys the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas, called beta cells. While its causes are not yet entirely understood, scientists believe that both genetic factors and environmental triggers are involved. It has nothing to do with diet or lifestyle. There is nothing you can do to prevent T1D, and right now there is nothing you can do to get rid of it.

Who does it effect?

Type 1 diabetes strikes both children and adults at any age. It comes on suddenly, causes dependence on injected or pumped insulin for life, and carries the constant threat of devastating complications.

How is Type One Diabetes managed?

Living with T1D is a constant challenge. People with the disease must carefully balance insulin doses (either by injections multiple times a day or continuous infusion through a pump) with eating and other activities throughout the day and night. They must also measure their blood-glucose level by pricking their fingers for blood six or more times a day. Despite this constant attention, people with T1D still run the risk of dangerous high or low blood-glucose levels, both of which can be life threatening. People with T1D overcome these challenges on a daily basis.